U.S Bank Credit Cards Reward and How to Apply

Looking to apply for one of the many U.S Bank Credit Cards? There‘re possible credit cards that you could apply for. And with the different cards carrying multivariate perks, it would be vital to choose one that will accord you the most benefits.

And the good news is that these credit cards offer different rewards. Whether you are hunting for travel, business, cash back, and one for students, you’ll have that you are looking for. The drill is to check for those which you qualify to apply and then proceeding to apply.

About US Bank.

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If you’re going to apply for one of the US bank credit cards, you must first understand about it. This way you’ll be able to know what’s needed to qualify for one of their cards. The bank has stringent conditions for new credit card applicants and you must be worth it to get accepted.

The U.S bank established in 1863. At the time it was a regional bank named ‘’ National Bank of Cincinnati’. As of late, the U.S bank has managed to establish outlets in plenty United States.

It has a large working force and has employed more than 70,000. It’s estimated worth is $462 billion. The bank offers multivariate services and it has different varieties of the credit card for different groups.

Whether you are searching for a student credit card, business, and one for people with a poor credit, you won’t miss out on your selection. The bank runs savings, investment and checking accounts. Offering variant services like online banking, credit card services, investment, financing, and it offers loans, among others.

Checking For a Prequalified US credit card and Offers.

This is a vital matter as you don’t want to apply for these cards. , there are different US bank credit cards that carry different perks, others are good for students, and some for those needing to revamp the credit cards score.

But checking for one that suits you and from their website will put you in a better position to get accepted when applying for one. To check for the latter, you could visit the credit card official site. Fill in the required details.

This will be inclusive of your names, home address, city, state, email, and your social security number. You will proceed to choose if you are applying need updated for some travel rewards, retail rewards, and credit card offers, among others.

Once you submit your application, you’ll get notified via email if you prequalify or not. Also, you‘ll be able to receive the notification on offers. But it’s vital to understand that this process is not for a credit card application and it will not have an effect, of whatsoever kind, on your credit card score.

Applying For A U.S. Bank Credit Cards.

Since there are plenty of these cards, which you could choose based on a particular criterion and set conditions, its vital to understand how you could apply for one. Of course, if you’ve checked if you prequalify, you’ll have it easy.

All of the application is done online. However, you could apply for some by visiting the bank premises. This should not be an upheaval task as there are plenty of these banks and there is the credit card app that could make you locate one that’s near you.

Once you visit the official U.S bank website, you‘ll proceed to choose the cars you are after, of course, if you haven’t done that. And there is the “ find a card section’’ where you could browse multivariate cards and choose your preferred one.

You‘ll proceed to click the apply button, where you will need to provide your personal data and more information that will enable your application process. And the good news is that this is a simple process that can get done online with no hustles.

U.S. Credit Cards Reward Programs.

When it comes to availing reward, there are some of the U.S. bankS credit cards that you should consider. And before we venture into a particular credit card, it’s vital to understand some of the vital reward features.

First one can redeem the reward anytime! Likewise, they don’t have an expiry date and they are best for those that need to use one of the U.S. credit cards to revamp credit score. Some of the eye-catching redeemable programs include. Redeeming 30,000 points, convertible to $450. Also one can redeem as little as 1000 points for any brand of merchandise.

Benefits of Having U.S credit card

Besides the latter and more redeemable offers, there are other benefits to having a U.S credit card. First, the U.S bank, a provider of the credit cards, reportS credit card history to the major United States lending bureau. This way, you will be able to grow your credit card score.

They also offer a stealer customer service. And when you need to inquire about one of their services you‘ll have various contact options which you could turn out to. You could reach out via mail, phone, and on their website, and even inquire more credit card and other related issues.

You’ll get fraud protection. This offers to enable you to receive compensation in instances when the their unauthorised transaction in your account. This is a good offer that will ensure that you only pay for what you authorised.

Also by having a U.S. bank credit card, you will be Able to control your budget, there are tools for that, get the free TransUnion credit card score, and be able to use spend analysis, among other tools.

Best U.S. BankS credit cards.

Having understood more details about the U.S credit cards, their bank, and checking if you qualify for one, one, its vital to venture into the different credit cards. Some of the are for travel, business, and students, among others

U.S. Bank Altitude™ Reserve Visa Infinite® Card

If you need to improve your credit card score, by earning lots of benefits, this card is a worth to consider. Its rates and other perks are something that anyone could look forward to. And the card seems to suit those that are fond of travel, dining at restaurants, and using one credit card for all your purchases.

  • Why This Card Is Perfect

The credit card is perfect for the avid travellers and If you happen to travel a lot you‘ll get the most of it. Also for those that are seeking luxury benefit and are no fond of some minimum rewards, they‘ll find this card to be perfect.

In terms of rewards, the first-time applicant will earn some enticing offers. And every time you’ll a dollar on Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Pay, or Microsoft wallet, you ‘ll earn three points. And there is much more to the bonus categories.

Get the $325 worth of travel credit annually that’ll be billed on your credit card. And regardless of the card having an enormous annual fee of $400, some of the latter fees and benefit will marinate it.

Benefit from the autopay offer and online banking.  The former will help you avoid accruing interest, paying the late penalty fee, and you could have control of all your payments.  Likewise, you could choose your payment due date.

  • Other Important Benefits to Note.

You‘ll get a complimentary flight Wi-Fi pass per year. And this will enable you, family, or date access the interment while on travel at an affordable cost. Likewise, this offer is approximated to be worth $228 annually.

The card will provide you with a 12 month VIP access. This will enable you to to get VIP services in a number of Airports worldwide. This is a huge benefit marking in mind the cost of this VIP treatment.  Adding this to the above benefit, you’ll see this cost to be like a bubble.

And this is one of the credit cards with an impressive sign-up bonus. This‘s something that most people look out for in a credit card. You’ll get 50,000 points after spending $4500 within the first period of account opening. This is a worthy offer and will end up marinating the annual fee that seems enormous.

  • How to Get the Most from This Card.

Remember there’s a $400 annual fee. This’s a worthy amount that one could use to apply for other secured credit cards and revamp credit card score. But if you are to benefit from this credit card, you will need to use the wallet payment.

Also, Also, make sure that you spend at least $4500 worth of travel within the first three months of account opening. The 50,000 reward points for the latter re enormous and redeeming that could earn you plenty of cash.

  • Card Features.

The card comes with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR ) of 17.49, which is variable. This is a fair rate and not so many credit cards do offer this. The latter rate is similar for APR for cash balances.

The APR for a cash advance is pegged at 25.79% that varies based on the market prime rate. The card has an annual fee of $400 and caries an additional card fee of $75. There is also the 3% balance transfer fees of either 3% or a minimum of $5.

The card has a late penalty fee of $38, returned payment fee of $35, and carries no over limit fees.

U.S. Bank Flex Perks® Travel Rewards Visa Signature® Card

Looking to get the best travel card? Do you want to earn rewards anyplace you go? If so, better apply for this card. And of the many of the US bank credit card, this one is perfect for travel and it has the best rewards too.

And to make this card to be even perfect, you‘ll get a Flex extra points. You will earn double points If you choose this card to be the one you use for shopping in other joints, especially, in the households commodities.

Needless to say, if you are an avid traveller, this card will suit your needs. First, you will get a 4%back on ravel fare. This is an enough welcome offer and adding to its redeemable points, you will end up getting better card rewards.

  • Card Features.

First, think of getting this card if you have an excellent credit. For those that have a poor credit card score, or are applying for a credit card for the first time, look for some other credit card to apply as their U.S. bank have a tendency to reject an application that does to meet their criteria.

One of its most interesting offers is its 0% annual fee for the first year. Thereafter you’ll have to pay a fee of $49. This is something that could save you a lot of money , and by the end of the first year , you ‘ll have accumulated maximum benefits to soak up the latter fee.

Also, the card doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee, making it one of the best cards for students and people with a poor credit card score. Also, the card has the EVM chip technology and its acts as an added security for those making transaction abroad.

You will also get airline allowance of up to $25 that comes with every award ticket. You could use this to pay for baggage fee, ticket fee, and for drinks, among others. However, the latter offer is subject to approval

And by the fact that this card carries a Purchase APR ( variable ) of 13.99%- 23.99%, you will get the best out of the offers and you won’t end up paying more interest.

With this card in your wallet, you could choose to travel from thousands of airlines globally, dine at wondrous hotels, and get some of the best car rentals at an affordable cost.

U.S bank Platinum Visa Card.

This’s also a perfect card for travel that has many other benefits.   With this card in hand, you will get smart chip technology and fraud protection cover. You‘ll not be liable to any purchases that are made in your account without authorisation.

You will also get a $25 reimbursement or charges towards baggage’s, inflight food, and drinks. This will ensure that you get perfect travel benefits and enjoy your travel.  Some of his other benefits include earning credit card points that are redeemable. You will need to fill your gas using this card, pay for the restaurant, and hotel bills.

But the big question is that this card requires one to have a perfect credit card score. A score of 720 will do. But if you need to revamp your credit card score, then this is not the card for you.

With the above advantages, of course, not having much cash back rewards and sign up bonuses, the card, has one limitation, huge balance transfer fee. A 3% fees enormous putting into consideration its calibre.

Also, there are many other cards out there with a lower balance o transfer fee and better cash rewards than this one. But its limelight is the free credit card score. You will be able to build one with the card.

U.S bank Platinum Visa Card Key Features

The card offers a 0% purchase APR or the first 20 months. The rate is similar to the transfer intro APR. This is a good period that could enable you to pay your credit in time. Thereafter there is a variable APR of 11.74%-23.74%. And the good news is that this card carries no annual fees.

If you do not pay credit in time, you will pay a late penalty fee of $38. There is no maximum over limit fee, but a cash advance fee of 25.74%. It’s a matter of utmost importance to note that the 0% APR on balance transfers must be requested and within a 60 day period of account opening.

But one could avoid a majority of interest rates fees through the setting of automatic payments. This way you will not have to accrue other penalties and this could lower your balance of transfer payment

Get cell phone protection. This will be when you pay your monthly bill with your phone. You will receive the cover and you will not be eligible for any unauthorised payments billed on your account. This cover plus the fraud protection one ensures you don’t lose your money.

U.S bank Platinum Visa Card bottom line.

This is a perfect card if you are going to use it alongside others. The fact is that is not the best for students, those needing to revamp credit card score, and those applying for a credit card for the first time.

One of its major limitations is its annual fee that most credit card personnel will be unwilling to pay. And by the fact that this card is not perfect for earning cash back rewards and bonuses, you‘ll not get the most out of it, if you need to revamp credit card score or get rewards.