Toys R Us Credit Card Login, Payment, Application and Customer Service

What is Toys R Us Credit Card?

Keeping cash with you is not an option anymore. The world is changing a lot and the modern technology in the world gave us the freedom to keep the cash in a card as well. Different companies of the world keep on introducing such credit cards to help their customers.

Many stores in the world are also giving special card to help pay on their stores. Similar to these cards Toys R Us credit card is a card for the benefits of the people.

The card is a great option for all those who spend quite a lot of their time on the “R” Us stores in the country. Customers of the Babies “R” Us stores can also benefit from this card of the company. The card not only helps you to shop but also earn rewards from it.

The card will not cost you any annual fee and give you some of the best rewards and offers as well. All the offers and rewards can be redeemed on the stores of the company and in dollars as well. You can use these dollars to shop from these stores of the company.

There are other cards out there which are giving awesome benefits but the “R” Us credit card is suitable for all those who shop a lot from the “R” Us stores. One of the great specialties of the card is that it helps you shop for the babies all type of stuff like toys as well.

They not only help you to shop but also earn rewards from them in result of the shopping.

Toys R Us Credit Card Application

If you think the card is suitable for you and you shop quite often from the toys R Us stores then apply for it from their online resource or by visiting one of their stores physically.

The application for the card is quite simple and all you need is to provide them your personal information which will be kept confidential. All the information and the passwords of the customers are stored in an encrypted form so you don’t need to worry about the leakage of the information.

They may ask for your previous credit history in order to decide which card suits you the most of the different cards they are offering. This also enables them to decide whether you are applicable for the credit card or not.

Apply for it and you will get a reply from the company within the next 7 working days. The chances of the approval are quite high if you have good credit score in the past years and paid all your dues on time.

Toys R Us Credit Card Login

After becoming a member of the card you will be given a resource from where you can manage your account easily. This online resource is a central platform of the company.

You can log into this resource and easily edit all of your information as well. You can view all of your transactions after logging into your account. They will also provide you paperless statements which are very important at times.

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In short this log in will help you completely manage your account from with the help of a single click. You can also make different purchases using this log in provided by the company.

You can also check all the rewards you are given and how many points you have which can be redeemed for the rewards and dollars. They will update you regarding all the news from the company and help you manage your account as well from the online resource of the company.

Toys R Us Credit Card Payment

Toys R Us Credit Card
Toys R Us Credit Card

The card makes the payment process very easy for you. They will also offer special financing offers to the customers and in short the customers can get all the benefits and enjoy cashless shopping from different stores of the company and from their online portal as well.

You can shop and at the same time get different offers as well from the stores and get awesome rewards from them as well. The payment process is very simple and the APR of the card is also mentioned in the article.

You can buy different things and then pay for them later. However you need to make sure that you pay all your dues on time otherwise the interest rate is going to hurt you a lot.

Toys R Us Credit Card App

You can also download the app of the credit card and then manage your account from the app directly. The app also lets you pay all your payments. You can completely manage the account online from the app as you do from the log in of the company.

The app also tracks all your transactions and keep you update regarding the transactions history of the payments. You can also have your statements from the app. The app is like your management store and lets you pay and manage the account easily from here.

For all the purchases from the card you are given exceptional benefits especially of you are there for the Toys and babies stuff. The other stuff of the store is also very economically when it comes to the rates.

Points System of Toys R Us Credit Card

You will be given 8 cents for spending a single dollar on any store of the country or even on their online store. The return which they are giving to the people is much better than many other such stores in the country.

In case you are looking for other purchases then the toys and babies the reward is 1% which is quite less looking at the current circumstances and offers from other cards.

  • Good for Frequent Shoppers

The card is best for all the people who are constant shoppers from the “R” Us stores. If you are looking to earn rewards from the company even then this is a good choice for you.

In case you are eyeing for a card which can help your daily purchases this is not the right card from you. The rewards and other redemptions from the company are also not flexible so you should look for some other cards.

Toys R Us Credit Card Rewards

All the rewards which are earned from the card can be used for making future shopping from the stores. This is somewhat a limitation for the shoppers that you cannot shop from all over the world. You cannot use these rewards for the purchases of gas and other groceries.

They also need some optimization as well before the expiration of the point system of the card. All the card holders are given some offers whether they want to earn the reward in sense of the dollar or in sense of the buying from the stores.

They can set an amount which they can credit after a week or two. The dollars which you get from the company will also expire after 60 days so you need to use them before that.

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If you are not conscious about the card your rewards and the profits will expire very soon. Your certificates will also expire if you don’t pay attention to the rewards of the card.

Sign Up for Toys R Us Credit Card Rewards

You also need to sign up for the rewards to avail them. If you get the card from the company and don’t sign up for the reward you will not be given any reward of offer. All you need is to enroll for the rewards online and via the stores as well.

You get the partnership from the company after becoming a part of the reward system. You also become a part of the earning program of the Geoffrey’s Birthday Club.

You can become part of this program and earn half points which then can be redeemed in the form of dollars as well from the company.

The card only suits those people who think they are going to shop from the store consistently. At least two times in a year on your birthday and during the holiday period. The rewards rate of the company which is 8% at this time is amazing and can give you a lot in return.

While we look at the other reward option which is 1% for all other items then toys and babies stuff this look poor. You can think of some other card when you look at the cash back system of the card for other purchases.

How to Use Toys R Us Credit Card Reward?

The rewards which are earned from the credit card can only be used at the stores for the purchases of Toys “R”Us or for the Babies “R”Us only. These rewards cannot be used at other places such as for the shipping or any other handling charges of the product.

  • Additional Benefits

Some of the benefits of the card are discussed above but there are many others as well. When your credit card gets approved from the company you can get 15% off for your first purchase from the stores and online resource of the company. This offer is for the first 90 days only.

Some items cannot be purchases using this offer of the company. They include tablets, video games and laptops.

The card holders can get benefits for their children’s as well. They can enroll their children in the Geoffrey’s Birthday Club. The kids will then receive gift and a call from the Geoffrey until they are 10. This option can be obtained by all the people no matter if you are member of the company or not.

After getting the card you also become eligible for the endless earning programs of the company. This lets them earn rewards for their babies as well. The people who register for this offer can get a lot from it. They will get a 5% off when they are spending up to $300 and if the spending increases this limit they get 10% off from the company.

They will also receive different gift cards from the company calculating the earning of their last 12 months. The purchases made using their own registry are not liable to this offer.

Toys R Us Credit Card Benefits

Like all other cards in the world they are also using a point system for the rewards. You can earn 2 points for shopping at the toys R us stores and babies R Us stores in the country. Rest of the members of the company can also earn a single point for their spending of a single dollar on other items of the store.

These points are then redeemed and can be used for shopping in the country. You are rewarded 5$ for 125 points. We can say that a single point of company actually stands for 4 cents. If the account remains inactive for a complete year the points will expire and they cannot be redeemed anymore.

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Annual Fee and Apr of Toys R Us Credit Card

We discussed it in the beginning as well that the card is not charging any annual fee to its customers which means they can use it for free during the whole year.

There is a set purchase APR for the card which needs to paid at all costs. The APR of the card is 26.99%. You can also choose special financing offer of the card which gives you 15% off for all the online and store purchases using the Toys R Us credit card.

The choice for the reward and how they want to receive totally is in the hands of the customers. They can choose it in dollar or direct cash in their bank accounts. Every two weeks the members of the card can earn up to 20$ from the company. The reward certificate of the company also has expiry date which expires after 60 days.

In case you are banking the points you get from the Toy R Us credit card you can earn up to 200$ from the company.

Toys R Us Credit Card Customer Service

there can be problems in the services of the company at times but you can solve them easily with the help off the customer care of the company. They are always ready to assist you in all the possible ways and check your queries.

You can contact them using different methods like phone number, email address or write them using the mail address of the company.

Toys R Us Credit Card Contact Numbers

The contact numbers of the company are given below which can be contacted during the week days. You can register your complaint to them and they will give you a solution for it within 2 to 3 working days.

Toys R Us Credit Card Phone Number

The phone number of the company is 1-800-869-7787.

Babies R Us Phone Number

You can also contact the customer support of the babies R Us customer care by following the numbers given below. The number of the customer care is 1-888-222-9787.

Toys R Us Chat Service

The company is also providing chat services to all the customers. All you need is to check the availability of the chat by seeing the green dot on the chat options. It the chat is available you can talk with the staff of the company and get your problems registered to them.

If the chat option is not available at that time then you need to call on the numbers which are given above.

Toys R Us Customer Service Form

All you need is to fill the information asked in the form and then send it to the company. They will receive your query right after you click the send button and then reply you with in the next 1 to 3 working days.

You can check the form at this address

Conclusion of Toys R Us Credit Card

Now you have a clear idea about different services of the credit card and how it can benefit you. The card is very suitable for those people who prefer shopping from the Toys R Us stores and the babies as well.

The APR of the card will also not hurt you much if you pay all of your dues on time. However, if you are not paying the dues on time the APR will cost you a lot.

The card cannot be used on all the stores in the country and only applicable at the stores of the company. If you are looking for a card for overall usage this is not the suitable card for you. You can check other master cards if you want to use it anywhere in the country.

The rewards and the offers of the card are quite attractive and can be a reason for choosing this card.

You must have used other cards for shopping and other purposes. How do you rank this credit card by Toys R Us credit card? Will you prefer this card or you think some other card is giving more benefits and is more suitable for the usage. Do mention that card as well so that we can inform our readers about that as well.

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