The Customer Service And Handling Expenses In The Ezcardinfo Website

The EZCARDINFO WEBSITE Is an useful online banking for credit cards and hence most of the financial instituitions or international banks have provided the service of the ezcard to its customers to avail the maximum benefit from the website.

The ezcardinfo website helps in online bill payment, viewing the transactions and other helpful data. In addition to this, there is always frequently asked questions about the website. An user might be going through a rough patch while accesing his or her ezcardinfo account.

To help it’s users at any time, the customer service provided by the ezcardinfo website is excellent.

Ezcardinfo Website


It provides 24/7 service, all days of the week in addition they give you a contact number to call them in case of any issue or query regarding the ezcardinfo account.


To navigate through the service provided, go to the customer service tab on the websitewhich takes you to the customer service page


There are number of options from which you can avail your service from.

  1. Contact Information: Once you click on this, it opens the CONTACT US page which provides the contact information for your financial institution or bank.
  2. Online Requests: If you need an account change, then this option of an online request is to be used.
  3. Inbox: With plenty of messages piling in your account, tis option gives you the power to view, send, delete and archive all the messages in your inbox.
  4. Sent Items: This option helps you to view, send and archive the already sent messages from your Inbox
  5. Archived Items: If you have saved any messages that will be for future use. This option must be used.

For the assistance in viewing the contacts page.

Most of the users opt for the Contact us option if they are stuck in one of the below scenarios

  1. For assistance with your online account
  2. For questions that pops about your account contact information
  3. To report about a card lost or stolen
  4. To send written inquiries to contact information
  5. To send payments to the contact information.


There are many good things that come with the owning of the crediut cards, one such thing is the buying things. We all live and earn to spend and lead a good life. Yo need to know how much expenses are going out. How much still stays in your pocket and many such things. To make things easier for the users, The ezcardinfo website has an expense report page where you can create one and give it a title regarding the type of items you put in the expense category. There are many categories that can be created depending on the stuff the user buys.

Creating you own Expense report starts with opening a New expense report on the website.

Next select a particular transaction and add it to the related category of the expense.

To create an expense report:

  1. From the side menu bar select an option of Expense Report
  2. Select New Expense Report.

The NEW EXPENSE REPORT page appears.

  1. Complete the fields as specified in the New Expense Report topic.
  2. Do one of the below :
  • To submit the expense report for approval, click the Submit button.


  • To save the expense report for submission for another time, click the Save for Later button

Now lets study the Different fields that needs to be filled while creating an expense report.

NAME: In this column, enter the purpose or the particular subject of your new expense report.

REFRESH ITEMS: To update the items on the page, select this option and refresh so that every time you refresh, the recently saved items are shown.

COST CENTER: Select a cost center to associate to the Expense Report from the drop down list.


CHECKBOX Select the checkbox on the row of the transactions you want to include in the expense report.

DATE this column displays the date of the transaction, or date the item was created.

TYPE this column displays the type of transaction. Example: Finance Charge

DESCRIPTION This column displays a description of the transaction. If you click a link, more options appear. See the Transaction Item topic.

EXPENSE CATEGORY This column displays the expense category. Example: Miscellaneous 109 Cardholder

PAYMENT METHOD This column displays available payment methods such as cash, check, or credit card.

AMOUNT this column displays the amount of the transaction. Transactions can display as credits or debits.

OUT OF POCKET Select this button to create transactions made by cash or check to include on this expense report. The Transaction Item Detail (Out of Pocket) section appears. See the Transaction Item topic.

MILEAGE Select this button to create a transaction for mileage to include on this expense report.

SUBMIT Select this button to submit the expense report for approval. The Expense Report Detail page appears. See the Expense Report Detail topic.

LOCK FOR EDIT This button appears after you click the Submit button. The Submit button disappears. You can edit your expense report when this button appears on the page.

If you click this button, the Lock for Edit button changes to Resubmit, and the expense report is removed from the Approver’s view.

RESUBMIT This button appears if you click the Lock for Edit button. You can complete your edits, and click the Resubmit button. The Approver can view and approve the expense report.


SAVE FOR LATER Select this button to save the expense report without submitting it. IMPORT “SAVE FOR LATER” This button appears if you lock the report for editing.


You can save transaction items for an expense report for later on the New Expense Report page by selecting the check box for the items, and clicking the Save for Later button.

And thus you create and organize your expenses in a format that is easy to analyse and pay. Ezcardinfo website offers an exceptional way to handle your expenses.