Bank of America Credit Card Login, Payment and Customer Service

How about Bank of America Credit Card? The bank of America has been lead to offer banking services in America and other countries. The use of credit cards forms an integral part of their banking services since credit cardholders can seamlessly manage online accounts.

To seamlessly get banking services, apply for Bank of America credit cards depending on what credit card befits your needs.

Bank of America provides different credit cards. One should conduct research to get the best credit card offer, then proceed to the credit card application process. Commence your application by understanding how to create a bank of America credit card login.

Bank Of America Credit Card Login

The Bank Of America Credit Card
The Bank Of America Credit Card

After a successful credit card application, you will receive credit card credentials. – Credit card number, security card number etc. The credentials will be part and parcel of the credit card login application and will be sent to your email.

Visit the bank of America official credit card page. First visitors will register for online banking services. It’s a four-step registration process and you will input correct data to proceed to next stage.

For the first stage, input the last six credit card or account digits. Choose to use either your credit or debit card number. Proceed to fill your complete social security number or Tax identification number.

Proceed to the second stage to create your login passcode and user ID. Set strong passcode possibly combining numbers, symbols, upper and lowercase letters. However, there is an additional bank of America security set up that are must-complete before activating the credit card login.

Bank Of America Credit Card Payment

Credit card login smoothen credit card payment. However, credit card login creation can give access to other banking services.

Notably, not all customers will be adept using credit card login to making payments. Some will prefer other credit cards payment channels like mail, phone and email. Other will not even apply for the credit card but will use different means to make payment.

Online Bank Of America Credit Card Payments

Successful online payments can be made using the bank of America savings or checking account. Commence the process by logging into online banking portal. Proceed to select the payment bill tab-conspicuously located online. Follow the instruction and seamlessly make credit card payments.

Furthermore, the online credit card payment is customised enabling one transfer funds from either bank of America checking or savings account to one’s credit card. And since there are a lot of the credit cards, the transfer tab will allow the addition of multiple transfer accounts.

Bank Of America Credit Card Payment With Different Financial Institution.

Not all credit card payments will emancipate from the bank of America accounts. Non- Bank of America clients who operate other accounts with different banks will sign in for online banking services to make credit card top-ups.

You will navigate to the pay bill tab and select payment from the different bank account. Set-up a credit card payment account to fund the transfer. The credit card account set-up process will need a bank routing and account number.

Bank Of America Credit Card Payment Using ATM

There are three ways one can pull this through. You can use your bank of America Credit Card, Cash and cheque. Of course, you have to visit Bank of America ATM centres. From there, contact your credit card chip and select payment option. The bonus part is you can view other account information while making payment- account balances, print banking statement etc.

Bank Of America Credit card Payment via phone, Mail and E-mail

The above methods are privy if you risk jeopardising your online bank account login credentials. To make credit card payments via phone call the number 1-800-236-6497. The latter call operates on 24 hours and 7-day basis.

Making credit card payments via mail, address the mail to consumer credit cards, P.O. BOX 1509 Willington DE – 19850-5019. For business credit card payments, send mail to the bank of America business credit card, P.O.BOX, Willington DE-19850-5110.

However, it will be vital to note the different payment chosen determines how fast money will reflect on your account. If you want the money to reflect immediately, go for online or ATM payments. Sending credit card payments via mail and email will take some while.

Vital Points to Note Before Making Credit Card Payments?

If you want to make payments and immediately reflects on your credit card account, schedule to pay before 11.59 p.m. ET. Don’t miss on the time even by a single minute.

If you abide on the latter time, the same day you will make payments, it will be the same day the amount will reflect into your account.

You can retrieve credit card statements seamlessly. Login to view credit transactions, check if money has reflected into your account and overall manage your account.

Bank Of America Credit Card Customer Service

With their vast area of operation, offering credit card and other banking services to U.S residents and in other 35 countries, the credit card customer service is an integral part of making credit card payment.

Their different methodologies to get in touch with the credit card customer care service like calling, sending email, using online banking, social media platforms and their website pages. Whichever method you choose, be assured to get help. However, some methods will keep you waiting for sending email and mail.

When you experience a credit card account accessibility problem, send an email. For other credit card queries, call using Bank of America credit card customer service number and have your account number.

Bank Of America Credit Card Customer Service Contacts

Other vital contacts include 800.432.1000, 800.288.4408 and for Spanish speakers 800.688.6086. The latter’s numbers can assist get deposit account and accessible banking services.

Contact numbers for mortgage account and home equity accounts are 800.915.802, call the latter number when you need to apply for the new mortgage loan. Mortgage customer service numbers are 800.669.6607, 800.300.6407

Other credit card numbers are 800.222.7365, and the word point credit card clients can call 800.346.3178. For business credit card queries call 888.500.6267. If you accidentally lost your credit card or it was stolen, call 800.732.9194., for debit card, call 888, 635, and 6000.

Don’t panic if you have just lost your credit or debit card as the customer service is available for 24 hours 7 days. However, if you are calling from outside the U.S, remember to input the international access code- 800.

Bank Of America Secure Credit Card Review

There are a lot of American banks credit card, and if you are to consider the America secure credit card, you should comprehensively understand the credit card pros and cons.

The secured credit card implies your credit limit will be equivalent to credit deposit. However, there some adjustments which make the credit card to be partly secured. But when you qualify for the credit card and meet all prerequisite conditions, the credit card will become fully secured.

Bank Of America Secure Credit Card Pros.

Some of the secure credit card advantages include;

Some secured credit cards can’t help rebuild credit card score. The credit cards will not approve an application for an individual with a bad credit card history.

However, the bank of America secure credit card approves credit card application from individuals with a bad credit card score. They report credit card activities to three credit card bureaus.

The latter can keep you under pressure to pay for your credit cards revamping credit card score. Still, customers get overdraft protection, shopping protection and online banking services.

Some secured credit cards charge exorbitant annual fees. The average fee range from $ 50 to $ 100 comparing latter to a $ 29 charge, its seams affordable to individuals wanting to build their credit card score.

Furthermore, they charge a minimum deposit of $300 which is non -comparable to the charge by most secured credit card of at least $500.

The pros cater to customers of different diverse needs. New customers require minimum deposit amount and pay a minimum annual fee. Still frequent American credit card users can take advantage of the latter’s offers.

American Secured Credit Card Cons

Despite the credit card peaks, there some areas where clients don’t get the maximum credit card benefit. However, this is common with majority credit cards. They have advantages and disadvantages. Some cons include;

The credit card charges a regular APR ranging from 11.40 to 21.40. There are no Intro balance transfer charges, but if you look closely, people with a bad credit card score may end up paying a regular 21.40 APR.

The secured credit card favours individuals with a bad credit card score who can’t manage large initial deposits. Furthermore, one can link the credit checking account utilise it as an overdraft security protection.

These are customisable features benefiting individuals with a bad credit card score. Still, the credit card can be used to handle other credit card obligations making it suitable for first time and frequent users.

Bank of America Credit Card Phone Number

The credit card number is 000 1 757-677-4701 gives access to Bank of America credit card services. Call to check credit card application status if you aren’t comfortable checking the same online.

Call to make payments and get summary of your credit card accounts, credit card balance transactions and get updated on current credit card offers.

If you suspect any malicious activity in your account, possible hacking and phishing messages, the credit card phone number can remedy the situation.

However, it will be prudent to understand the bank of America and the affiliates will never ask for your credit card and personal information online. And if it happens, is upon your authorisation.

Bank Of America Credit Card Sign In

Creating a bank of America sign -in enables access to a lot of banking and financial services. Once done with signing –in, create your sign in user ID and password, one can access a bank of America financial services like;

Transferring funds to different accounts, scheduling for bill payments, scheduling f appointments, manage cheque pay, activate a credit card and open new credit card account. It’s adamant to keep account sign-in credential safe.

The credentials can give safe passage to your account. Making sure the same doesn’t fall in unauthorized person will guarantee credit card signing in benefits and security.

Bank Of America Mobile Credit Card App

This is a better application that manages all Bank of America services in one arena. The application is compatible with plenty devices- IOS, Android and windows providing secure and fast banking services.

Download the application to manage the bank account and finances, replace credit cards, edit travel notices, order check copies and completely manage all banking information, credentials whenever you deem fit.

The app provides mobile money transfer. One will send and receive money needs to have a mobile number, email address to register. Successful registries will be able to move funds to the different bank of America accounts.

If you are pissed waiting for long time to get credit card customer assistance, the app can smoothen communication with customer care desk representatives. You can instantly reach a customer representative with minimum hustle, use the app to schedule an appointment. Locate ATMs and bank of America centres near you.

Types of Bank of America Credit Cards

The bank of American runs plenty cards carrying different interest rates depending on the purpose they serve. There are credit cards that help individuals build their credit card score, and other are curtailed to give frequent users good shopping experience. Some of the different credit cards include:

Bank Of America Cash Reward Credit Cards

The card charges no annual fee and after spending of $ 500 within three months, shoppers get $150 shopping reward bonus.

Furthermore, if you spend a cumulative amount of $ 2500 at the grocery store, wholesale club and gas purchases, you will get 1%, 2%and 3% cash back respectively.

The offer is excellent for individuals needing to build credit card score and make frequent purchases.  The card has no introductory APR and balances on purchases for 12 months. Afterwards, the APR charges will range from 14.49-24.49

Their other cash back offers that one must earn. The 10% customer bonus when you chose to plough back the cash back offers into the saving and checking account and there’s room for preferred reward cash clients to increase the cash bonus to 75%.

Bank Of America Travel Reward Credit Card

Signing in to this credit card, to earn 1 points for every dollar spent on purchases. There are no annual credit card and foreign transaction fee charges. Make $1000 purchases to earn 20,000 online bonus points equivalent to $200.

The earned bonus point will not expire and you can use the same whichever way you deem fit. The credit card charges no Introductory APR rate for 12 months and variable APR rate range from 16.49% – 24.49.

Receive 10 % consumer purchase bonus you registered for American checking and savings account. The credit card balance APR charge range from 16.49-24.49.

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card

If the latter credit card offers are not what you are looking for in travel category, this credit card has some of the best travel offers. Take advantage of the special introductory offer buying one airline ticket to get bonus points.

Spending $1000 will guarantee you 30,000 miles an equivalent of around $250. If you travel with Alaska airlines, spent $1 to earn 3 miles worth of travel. The card doesn’t charge the foreign and annual transaction fee and earned bonus point don’t expire.

Bank Of America Business Reward Cash MasterCard

The credit card holders will receive $200 statement credit after spending $500 within two months. The credit card doesn’t charge annual fee and no time limit that one should redeem the earned bonus points.

Cardholders choose the mode to redeem earned bonus points. One can redeem the points for cash rewards as the statement credit, cheque or redeem the points as cash. There is also room for the cash reward bonus to escalate from 25% to 75%. Unlock the bonus by becoming a business advantage reward client.

The above bank of America credit cards is just a tip of the icebergs. There are other credit cards that suit different client needs. Understand your needs, check APR rate and bonus package before applying for particular credit card type.

Online Credit Card Security Tips

Generally speaking, credit card has become prevalent means of payment via banks, organisations and almost all departmental store. With the buzz in technology, cases of hacking /phishing into online credit card accounts are on a rise.

Be safe, by creating strong passwords, update your credit card login password periodically within three to four months. Don’t save your password on public computers and if you are using the mobile app for making payment, ensure to log out. However the most credit card security set-ups will shun possible security threat.