Synchrony Bank Credit Cards Review

Credit cards these days are a must part of our financial life. They are needed everywhere by everyone to complete all of their need. They give us the option to keep or transactions more secure and these cards are very easy to carry as well.

You can take them anywhere in the world without any problem. If these cards are lost, you can report back to the company and get full security and co-operation from them. These are some of the things which make them the best option over the ordinary cash options used previously.

You must have used many cards for your personal, business and travel needs because there are so many players in the market when it comes to the credit cards. You can look at their features and then select the card which best suits your needs.

We are going to discuss some of the cards which are issued by Synchrony bank, as you know they are a big stakeholder in the credit card world and are delivering their best to the people.

If you like their cards do sign up for them and enjoy the perks.

Synchrony Bank Credit Cards

Synchrony Bank Credit Cards
Synchrony Bank Credit Cards

Well, synchrony bank specializes in many credit cards and co-branded cards in the word. They are offering credit cards which are specifically meeting the needs of their customers.

They also have credit cards for some specific brands as well and gas stations. They are having cards almost in all the fields you can think of.

Most of the cards which are offered by this bank charge you nothing for the annual fees. The cards issued by this bank are also giving awesome rewards and offers to their customers.

If you are looking to earn rewards and benefits from a specific brand this card can be very useful for you as they are working with many brands in the country.

Best Credit Cards by Synchrony Bank

As we mentioned they have the cards for different categories. Synchrony Stash Hotel Rewards Visa is a good card for the hotel rewards. You can use this card for all of your hoteling needs while you are traveling.

The next good card issued by the synchrony bank is named Chevron and/or Texaco Techron Advantage Visa Card.  This is mostly used for gas rebates on these brands.

Another good card by the company we named as BP Visa Credit card which is used for BP gas rebates.

We are going to discuss some of the prominent features of these credit cards and how they can bring ease to your life.

Synchrony Stash Hotel Reward Visa

Synchrony Bank Login
Synchrony Bank Login

Well, this card will make sure that you earn some extra and awesome rewards for the hotels, gas stations, dining and many more. The rewards and all the other offers which are given by this card will never expire and that is the best thing about it.

Whenever you will use this Synchrony Stash Hotel Rewards Visa on any of the partner hotels of the company, you will be given 3 points by the company.

Two points are given to all the customers for using this card by the company on any other hotel in the country as well.

You can get two points on all other gas and dining places in the country. The best thing is that one point is given to all the customers in all other locations as well.

They also have cash back for the customers or we can also call it to account opening reward. If you use this card and spend more than $1500 in the first 90 days then you can earn 10,000 bonus points from the company.

  • Special discount

An addition to this bonus is that you are going to receive 10% points back to your account when you are going to redeem these points by stating or participating at any hotel in the country.

They also have an awesome fee structure as well which makes sure that more customers are attracted towards this credit card of the company.

  • Visa signature benefits

They will also offer you visa signature benefits and it also includes emergency roadside dispatch as well. You can get the benefits like luggage insurance and travel facilities as well using this credit card.

They will also cooperate with their customers if the card is stolen or lost and will replace it with another credit card.

They also have the service of vehicle rental collision damage waiver as well.

  • Audience

This card is more suitable for the people who are constantly visiting the partner hotels of Stash.

If you are looking to earn good rewards on all the dining, gas and hotel purchases then this card is right for you.

This is also good for you if you can earn enough rewards and offset the annual fee of the credit card. If your purchases are less then you are recommended to use any other card by the credit card.

The APR of the card is variable and the current APR rate of the credit card is 17.74%.

The best thing about them is that they are not going to charge any penalty APR to their customers.

Well, they are going to charge you an annual fee as well. The first year is free for the entire customer but after that, you need to pay $85 as an annual fee to the company.

  • Fee for cash advance

There is a cash advance fee and you need to pay either $10 or 5% of the total amount which is given as cash advance. The amount which is greater will be deducted from your account.

  • Fee for foreign transaction

The credit card will not charge any foreign transaction fee to their customers, which is also an additional benefit.

  • Some additional benefits

They don’t have any blackout dates which are also a big advantage to all the customers.

The points of the company never expire so you can earn many rewards.

When you redeem your points then you are going to get back 10% of your points.

Chevron, Texaco Techron Advantage Visa Card

Well, this is another great credit card by Synchrony Bank. This credit card will make sure that you get awesome rewards, cash backs and points by the company every time you fill up your car.

They come with no annual fee and the best this is that all the credit rewards are very good for the customers and they will feel awesome discount on their fuel and other stuff.

They will give you cents in order to give you rewards. You are going to get 3 cents by the company for every gallon you have used on the fuel purchase from Chevron and Texaco stations.

They have some other rewards as well for their customers. You can get 10 cents from the company per gallon in fuel credits as well when you spend more than $300 out of the fuel merchant every month.

You can also get 20 cents per gallon as well for spending more than $1,000 outside fuel every month.

As we mentioned above as well that you won’t be charged an annual fee by this credit card. They will also give access to all the savings to their customers throughout the year.

This card can be used to pay at the pumps all over the country. There are 8,000 chevrons and Texaco which are all over the country.

  • Audience

This card is best for the people who frequently fill their cars from Chevron and Texaco gas stations.

All those who are looking to earn awesome rewards on their fuel all other everyday purchases.

If you are looking to pay no annual fee then this is the right card for you because they won’t charge you anything for it.

Well, they do have APR for all the purchases and you need to pay them. The APR of the credit card is variable but the current APR of the credit card is 28.74%.

  • Annual fee

They won’t have an annual fee for their customers. You need to pay $0 for the annual.

  • Fee for cash advance

They do have a fee for the cash advance as well. You need to pay either $10 or 5% of the amount which you are submitting for the cash advance. The amount which is greater will be deducted from your account as the cash advance fee.

  • Fee for foreign transactions

Some other cards of the synchrony are not charging any foreign transaction fee but this one charges 3% of each transaction as a foreign transaction fee.

  • Some additional benefits

There are some other rewards as well by this credit card which you can enjoy after becoming their member.

You will get $0 liability on all the unauthorized charges of the company.

They are also giving online services to all of their customers. The online services of the company include account management, unbilled activity, and statements as well.

The online service of the company also includes faster payment to all the customers of the company.

BP Visa Credit Card

This is another awesome credit card by the company which is good for the gas rebates.

You can earn rewards by using this card anywhere in the world where Visa cards are accepted.

They are providing more than 25 cents to their customers per gallons and many more rewards and cash backs as well.

When it comes to the annual fee they won’t charge you anything and this is another awesome feature of this credit card.

The company will provide you 25 cents per gallon for every $100 you are going to spend at the BP stations which are located everywhere in the country.

They are also giving the discount to the customers on all other purchases as well. You can easily earn $15 from the credit card for all the groceries, travel and dining purchases up to $100.

For all the non-gas expenses there are some rewards by the company. You can get 5 cents per gallon from them.

All the savings and the points which you earn using this credit card can easily be redeemed at all the pumps in the country.

  • Audience

This credit card is good for those people who frequently fill up their cars using the BP gas.

All the people who are looking to earn awesome rewards that too for all the purchases made using the credit card.

It is also good for the people who are looking to pay nothing for the annual fee. This card will not charge anything for the whole year.

They will also give you double point system for all the purchases as well which are made using the credit card of synchrony bank.

They will not charge you anything for the annual fee. You can enjoy all the perks of this credit card without paying them anything.

They do have APR for the purchasing made using the credit card. The APR of the credit card is mostly variable but the current APR of the credit card is 28.74%.

Another good point of the credit card is that they won’t charge you any penalty in the APR.

  • Fee for cash advance

They have a cash advance fee for all of their customers. They will charge you either $10 or 5% of the amount which is used in the cash advance. The amount which is greater will be deducted from the account.

  • Fee for foreign transaction

They will charge you 3% for every transaction which you made using the credit card of the company.

  • Some other additional benefits

There are many other benefits of the credit card which will make sure that you choose this credit card for all of your personal needs.

They will give you 0$ for the fraud liability. They are also giving ATM cash access to all of their customers.

How does Reward Program Work?

Synchrony bank is giving rewards to the people who used to purchases from different brands across the country.

The co-branded credit card given by the synchrony bank allows you to earn many reward and cash back programs. It will give you a reward for the targeted brands as well.

This means that you will get the discount by using the specific credit card of the brand.  You can have a discount on the fuel by using the BP gas purchases.

The credit card is also giving much redemption offers to the customers which include the offers like cash backs to the customers on certain occasion.

The customers of the bank can get different merchandise options as well from the bank. There is much fuel credit as well which are given by the bank to the customers.

The reward of the bank which is leading all other is the one in which you get 25 cents per gallon from the company. This reward is given on the Synchrony bank Visa credit card.

Another credit card of the company named as Synchrony Bank Sam’s Club MasterCard gives you 5 percent cash back for the purchase of gas.

The values of the different redemption offer totally depend on the reward programs of the different cards issued by the bank.

  • Limits

There are some occasions on which the credit card will apply limits on the rewards earned by the customers. Like the Sam club, master cardholders can earn a maximum of $5,000 in the cash back in one complete year.

  • Expiry rewards

Some of the rewards offered by the bank expire as well. These rewards will expire right after one month.

On the other hand, some rewards of the credit card don’t expire at all.

If your account is not in good standing or you close your account then you are going to lose all the points which you earned from the credit card.


These are some of the cards issued by the bank and the different features they have for their clients.

Looking at the pros and cons of the card you can decide whether you are going to use these cards for your personal needs or not. They are offering lucrative offers to the people but on specific brands.

Some of the cards don’t have any annual fees in the first year which is a very good thing but after that, they are going to charge you some fees as well.

The bad aspect of the card is that there are some limitations when it comes to the rewards and some rewards programs of the credit card expire as well.

On the whole, these cards are good for the specific brands and if you use them a lot this is the right choice for you.

Looking at the different features of the credit card which card you think is more suitable for you and why?

Would you recommend any of the three cards mentioned above to your friends and family?

Which other cards do you think are competing for these cards and why?