Surge Credit Card Application, Rewards and

What is Surge Credit Card? Life would not be as easy as it is nowadays due to the credit cards around us. They give us so many benefits and security of all, we prefer them over all the cash systems in the world.

These credit cards make sure that we don’t face any major problem in our monetary needs. They are very easy to use and provide us with awesome benefits as well. Solve all of your financial issues using credit cards issued by many companies these days.

Many such cards are giving cash back and other offers to their customers. They have a point system on the basis of which all the cardholders are given rewards and cash backs.

The best thing about these cards is that they are very easy to carry. You don’t need to keep them in any separate bag. They can be accommodated in your wallet and carried anywhere in the world.

They are fully secure as well. You can trust the card issuing companies and they will make sure that in case of any theft or other such issues all your balance is freeze and then released upon your request.

One such credit card is called Surge Credit Card which we are going to discuss in this article.

Surge Credit Card

Surge Credit Card
Surge Credit Card

Well, this card is issued by Celtic bank which further increases its reputation in the market. They are having a long history in the banking sector and you can avail their services without any doubt.

  • Prominent features

Well, let me first highlight some of the features of the Surge Credit Card which makes it one of the best in the market right now.

They are accepting the applications from all type of people with any track record so you don’t need to worry much about your credit type.

They will accommodate you within their system and make sure you avail of their services as you wish to.

This credit card is having a system which makes sure that it reports all the incidents and the transactions to three major credit bureaus of the country.

A strong check on the credit card company further increases its credibility and security. You can avail the card and don’t have to worry about how they operate or who keeps a check on their services.

You don’t need to worry about the credit limit as well. They are offering pretty good initial credit limit to their cardholders. You can keep a good limit right at the start but this is also subjected to your current available credit.

  • Application process

The application process is very simple and it makes sure that you get the result from the company within the next few seconds of your application.

What else can we expect from a credit card in this advanced world? the application process is very transparent and gives you result very quickly.

You have the option to use the card anywhere in the world where the master credit cards are accepted.

This means you can use this card almost all over the world and complete your needs.

They will also provide you with online access to your account which comes as an additional benefit. You can have access to your card and perform any editing to it if needed. You can also send money and receive as well using the online account of the company.

There are some requirements as well for this credit card which you need to fulfill before becoming their permanent member.

You need a checking account from before applying for this credit card. Your checking account can be of any bank in the country.

They will analyze your checking account and then allocate you the credit card as per your needs and the limits of the checking account.

Surge Credit Card Application

The application form of this credit card is very simple like the others in the world.

You need to provide the simple information regarding yourself and all the business transactions or the checking account record to them.

Well, you must be thinking why they need your checking account for this credit card? They need to analyze that which card of the company is more suitable for you.

They also check the limit till which you need to use the credit and then decide whether to issue you a card or not.

The card is specially designed for people who don’t have the best credit and still need a card for their personal needs.

While other credit cards are rejecting you for low credit they will accept your application and provide you with an opportunity to use the credit card.

They will ask about your mailing and payment address as well and inquire about the years you have spent on that location.

You also need to provide them your mail address and phone numbers for security purposes.

All the people who have the US citizenship can apply for this credit card of the company. There is one more condition by the company.

You need to be above 18 as well to apply for this credit card by the surge.

  • Submit an application by phone

You can also submit an application for this credit card by phone as well. all you need is to call the customer care of the company on the number which is given below.

  • The number of the customer care is 866-449-4514

The customer care of the company is available for all the people from Monday to Friday. They are also available on Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM. The timing for other days is from 7 AM to 10 PM.

You need to keep some of the information in your hand before applying using this way. They will ask about your personal information which includes the date of birth and social security number.

All the information related to your employment is also needed by the company. Other types of income and financial information are also needed by the company.

They will also ask about all the housing information for the payment processes.

They have very good approval rate because this card is specially made for all the beginners. You can expect a good turnaround from them that too within the next few seconds after you submit them the application.

When the deposits are taken from your account the card is on its way. It can reach you within in the next 10 days.

Surge Credit Card Annual Fess

When it comes to fees they do charge very high fees from their customers. This is not the case with other credit cards in the country.

But then they also provide a very high rate of approval as well to all of their customers which justifies their credit score.

They will charge you $125 for the very first year as annual fees.

The free is decreased for the coming years but it is very high right at the start. You need to pay them $96 after the first year as the annual fees.

  • APR for purchases

They have an APR for purchases as well as all other cards on the market. The APR rate of the company is variable but you need to pay them 29.99% APR for all of your purchases.

  • The rate for cash advance

There is a rate for the cash advance as well when it comes to their APR. You need to pay them 29.99% and it is also variable and can change with the changing market rate around it.

  • Fee for cash advance

There is a fee for the cash advance as well. The fee for the cash advance is 5$ or 5% of the total amount. Whichever amount is greater will be deducted from your account as the cash advance fee by the company.

  • Foreign Transaction Fee

The foreign transaction fee is also applicable to this credit card. You need to pay them 3% of the amount which you are using for the foreign transaction.

This is not too high and you can pay easily.

  • Interest-free period

There is interest on the cash dealing with the company but they will provide you interest rate after 25 days. If you are ready to pay them the dues in the 25 days then no interest will be charged to your account.

After 25 days you need to pay the interest rate as well which is above mentioned in the article.

  • Minimum interest rate

The interest rate for the credit card are mentioned above and the minimum rate for the interest rate is $0.

There is a fee for late payment as well which is applicable to all the credit card holders. You need to pay $38 as late payment fee to the company.

Make sure that you pay all of your dues on time to avoid the entire late payment fee by the company.

  • Returned payment fee

There is a fee for the returned payment as well. You need to pay them $38 for all the payments which are returned back to the company.

  • Additional cardholder fee

There is an additional cardholder fee as well on all the accounts of the credit card. You need to pay them $30 as an additional fee for the credit cards.

Surge Credit Card Rewards

There are quite high charges of the credit card when it comes to the APR and all other things but when we look at some of the other features which include high approval rate then these are fine.

They report to all the three bureaus which are also a good sign and increase their credibility as a credit card company.

You can surely use this credit card to build a very good credit score and then get approval for other credit cards in the market.

They have flexibility when it comes to the payments, they will provide you limit of the credit card ranging from $50 to $500 which is a good point for the credit card.

The annual fees for the card are something to worry about right at the start. The annual fee is decreased the very next year from $125 to $96 but then you need to pay the additional charges which are called maintenance charges by the company.

Now once again when we combine all the charges it becomes $106 as a fee for the credit card.

The APR of the card is also high so make sure that if you go for this card then never leave balance at your side. Always pay them on time to avoid all such issues from the company.

  • Good for starters

The high approval rate for the card makes it one of the best option for all the customers. The flexible limit offered by the credit card is also good for you at the start.

It is good for starters and all other people who have bad credit scores. You can use this credit card to increase your credit card and then you can shift yourself to other cards later.

At the end of each billing year, they will ask for the payments from you. You need to pay them all the charges at that time. We are mentioning again and again that make sure you pay all the charges to the company on time to avoid all type of interest.

In short, this card will act as a good starting point for the people who are denied by other credit card companies. They can have a good start from here and then increase their credit score as well by paying on time.

This card would be great with such high fees and APR as well if it had a good reward program or other sign up bonuses as well for the customers.

However, you don’t any such thing from this credit card. This card is good when you pay all of your dues on time, otherwise, this can result in a very expensive credit card for you.

What to Do After Receiving Surge Credit Card

If you are approved by the company then you are likely to get the card as well within the next few days. It’s time to use your card and get all the benefits from it. Make sure you increase your credit score using this card.

  • Activate it

The first thing you need to do after getting the card is to activate it by calling the customer care of the company. When the card is activated you can use it without any problem and enjoy all the perks as well.

  • Make payments

The next thing which you need to do is make all the payments to the company on time. you can always pay through your online account and use the mail as well to pay the payment to the credit card.

If you don’t pay your dues on time to the company then interest charges will be applicable on your account on all the purchases you made using the card.

  • Auto pay

You can also set the option of auto pay for your credit card. This will avoid all the unnecessary fees and interest on your credit card. Auto pay will monthly automatically withdraw payments from your account.

  • Customer care

The support of the credit card is always available for all the customers. You can contact them using the phone services and the mail service of the company as well. The mail can be sent to the company using the online account with the credit card.


Well, now you have the complete idea about all the pros and cons of this credit card. They are not offering good cash back and rewards to the customers for sure.

Make it your last choice if you are not getting approval for any other credit card in the country. There are other secured cards which are offering much better rewards to their customers.

The best thing about them is that their approval rate is very high and you can get it even if you have bad credit. Beside this feature other cards are much better with lower fees annually.

They are the best option for you if you are not getting approval for any other card in the market. They can get you a good start and you can make your credit better.

The only concerns people have about this credit card is their high-interest charges and beside all the high annual fees and other maintenance charges which are applied to all other accounts.

However, you can take a good start using this credit card and then get approval for other credit cards in the market and enjoy their perks.

Well, you must have used other cards which are available in the market. Why don’t you tell us about your experience with those credit cards in the market?

They have an A+ rating on the market as well but that is not the only thing you need to care about. People are facing some troubles in their customer service as well. If you are using this card, did you face any such problem?