Southwest Airlines Credit Card Bonus, Types and Login

What is Southwest Airlines Credit Card? Travelling is something all of us love for sure. Now we have credit cards from different countries which can be used for travelling and help us get different discount and offers as well.

This modern system of credit card is way more secure and easy to use for all of us. You can use it and get different offers and discounts as well from these credit card providers.

Southwest Airline

Southwest Airlines Credit Card
Southwest Airlines Credit Card

The card we are talking about today is brought to you by Southwest Airlines; the Southwest Credit card is responsible for the atonement of rapid reward points which could lead to exquisite services and benefits.

This airline is have some of the best names when it comes to renting a card, dining, hotels and other retails to make sure about the earning points on the physical ground as well. You can also plan different purchases through this card and earn points from them.

Credit cards come with lots of great perks. If you choose the right credit card and use it the right way, you can earn rewards that you can use for free travel. Even if you can’t travel for completely free, you can use your travel rewards to travel at a significant discount. You generally need to have excellent credit to qualify for the best travel rewards credit cards.

Bonus of Southwest Credit Card

Maybe the biggest pleasure with the Southwest Credit card is its pleasing bonus. You will get 40,000 Rapid Reward points (after you hit the spending verge of $1000 in the first three months) which can get you at least 1 round trip flight. You could barely get this kind of signup deal.

  • Companion pass

Southwest also offers immeasurable Companion Pass if you earn enough points using their credit card. These points are very valuable. If you earn 110,000 points then your partner or friend can fly free with you for up to 2 years.

Southwest offers both personal and credit cards and you can also come up with different exclusive offers towards a flight on their airline.

You can also redeem your points while using the southwest airline credit card no matter you are using car rentals, flights, gift cards and products.

You can get real value from them using the rewards of the credit card and win different prizes from them.

When you buy different things using the credit card, different points are given to the customers.

You can get a single point from the purchases made using the credit card. The best way to make sure you get the best points is using the Southwest or AirTran flights which are helping the customers.

Don’t get caught up on the initial awards like many are doing. There’s no 40,000 points bonus for the Southwest card. The idea behind this is exceptional and you will enjoy the perks of this credit card.

  • Why should you use it?

There’s a big push from airlines for you to get their co-branded credit card. But is that the best thing for you to do? It depends. If you regularly fly one airline, you should apply for that airline. When you have the credit card for that airline, you’ll receive several benefits which may be fit for your daily routines.

The company believes in their customers and customer’s means everything to them. They have everything for their customers and facilitate them in every possible way.

You can easily book your trip using the credit card of southwest. It makes sure that your travel experience is the best one so far.

  • Destinations

They have an extensive network and have a lot of sites for the customers. They have more than 100 destinations all over the world including Mexico, United States and Caribbean.

They operate more than 3,800 flights each day which also includes 500 round trips as well.
Doing things differently at Southwest.

They believe in the transparency as well and have invented the word. The staff is very open with the customer and is very open with them and is very honest with all the customers. All overrates fees is away from the customers and low fares.

If you are flying with this airline then your 1st and 2nd checked bags are totally free and that also includes golf bags and skis.

They are ready to change things for their customers in a very short notice. They make sure that maximum flexibility is offered to their customers and lets you plan your travel plans with them and do not charge the fees as well.

When you are looking to change the flight schedule all you need is to pay the extra fees which the other ticket has. You don’t need to charge any extra fee to them. In short we can say that fees are not linked with this airline.

You can easily have the reward points into your account. You have the chance to get the easier and faster rewards. They are the best for the customers and have no blackout dates and reward seats.

Your points with the company are not going to expire. You can easily plan your travel with the company.

The points are not going to expire at all when you are having activity with them in every 24 months. All the rules and regulations also apply to it.

  • Outside U.S

Southwest Airlines operates flights to international destinations in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. We’ve highlighted key differences between traveling domestically versus internationally on Southwest so you’ll have the full scoop before you fly.

  • Routes of fly



Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos


Grand Cayman


Liberia, Costa Rica

Mexico City

Montego Bay

Nassau, Bahamas

Puerto Vallarta

Punta Cana

San Jose, Costa Rica

Turks and Caicos

  • Policies at the international level

If you are looking to take undertake official travel then you need to get pre-approval from them.

You need to make sure that all the expenses are permissible and have the articulate business purpose as well for the travelling. You need to submit all the relevant documentation to them and submit everything to them timely.

This will also help you complete all the requirements for the travel planning for the specific types of expense and paying all the reimbursement as well.

This policy is applicable to all the travelers no matter what are the sources of different funds but there are some exceptions as well.

  • Baggage Policies

The first two bags of the customers are free for the customers. All you need is to make sure that the bags are not over 50 lbs.

If the bags are over the given weight then you need to pay extra charges to the company.

If the both size and weight is over than the price charged is just single which is $75.

The maximum size which is free for the customers is 50 pounds and 62 inches per the check piece of the luggage.

  • For minors and children

All the children which are under 18 are not allowed to travel alone on the international flights of the company. If a minor is even travelling with the adult then they need to be listed on the passenger list of the company.

When a child in the country is travelling with their parent they have to pay the government taxes and all other fees as well in the international portion.

There are different procedures for the customers which are issued by different countries for them and also need different documentation evidences as well.

They also need to have the permission to travel and have the legal guardian with them.

You need to follow the guidelines of the destination you are flying to if they have both legal parents and their guardians with them.

  • With pets

the company does not allow the pets to travel with them in cabin when it comes to the international flights.

The company will accept your pets by the airline on the basis of the first come and first serve basis.

The company allows carrying 6 pets on the flights. You cannot cross the limit given by the airline to the customers in the instructions and guidelines.

There are some circumstances where they can allow lower than 6 pets as well and then you need to adjust as per the directions of the flight.

Types of Southwest Airlines Credit Card

There are different types of Southwest Airlines Credit Cards with different offers and reward value. These are:

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit card

The annual fee is $99 and the 2 year Net rewards rate is 4.10% with the bonus value of $1020. The 2 year Rewards Value is $1,405.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit card

The annual fee is $99 and the 2 years Net rewards rate is 3.70% with a bonus value of $884. The 2 year rewards value is $1,269.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card

The annual fee is $69 and the 2 year Net rewards rate is 3.58% with bonus value of $782. The 2 year rewards value is $1,227.

Register with Southwest Airlines Credit Card

You have to register to enjoy the perks of this credit card. If you want to access all features of the credit card, you need to apply for it and become its member.

You have to add your personal information and add your banking details to get access to all the features.
Register and you can get the flexibility to explore the places and pursuits that matter most to you. The site has outstanding offers and top-of-the-line features and benefits. Savings, protection, and assistance are built right into your card and you will find it convenient.

Southwest Credit Card Login

The credit card gives you all the best offers in a single place. When the application of the customer is approved, he becomes a member of this community. Now they can manage their account at any time as well as username and passcode.

  • Sign up

Sign up for the credit card is easy.

They may ask for the verification code from you sometimes while you are signing up for the account. This mostly happens when you are signing up for a new account.

  • Offers

Southwest Airlines offers many pleasing offers which are very useful for users. Southwest introduces new credit card, offers 65,000 points bonus opportunity if the customer spends a minimum amount in the first year. Customers who spend $1,000 within three months after opening the account could get 40,000 reward points and if customers spend a total of $15,000 within the first year, they get another 25,000 points.
Some other perks of the card include 7,500-anniversary points and a $75 Southwest annual travel credit. Customers get 2 points per every dollar spent on Southwest flights and Rapid Rewards hotel and car rental partners.

The plus has an annual fee of $69 and offers the same 40,000 bonus points for $1,000 spent in the first three months.

Credit cards are advantageous for airlines, including Southwest.

  • Security

They provide you the best security if you come across any problem in your card and it is stolen or lost.

All you need is to report to them immediately. You must notify the company as soon as possible when the card is stolen. You need to provide them the details of how the card lost.

The site uses technology to encrypt personal information such as username, password, and account information when it travels over the internet. The web browser decodes any information. When you sign in for the first time with a device which is not recognized, the username and password will be asked. A temporary identification code will be sent via phone number or e-mail. Ig there is a suspicious activity, the site may call you.

The company uses 128-bit encryption technology to protect username, password and other account information.

The user hand over a lot of personal information to obtain credit card and in return the site makes sure that the information is always safe. It’s understandable to be worried but there is always a protection available 24/7. The information is always safe and there are no worries of credit card fraud.

  • Customer satisfaction is priority

The user always hands over information without a second thought and we make sure to be worthy and do not break customer’s expectations. The company is fully confident on its policies of security and in return they want their customers to make sure that they do not give their personal information to anyone except themselves and should always check the credit reports.

  • Fraud protection

If you think you’ve received a suspicious e-mail that may be harmful to your account. Forward that e-mail to [email protected].
To report fraud, do call
1-713-262-3300 (outside the U.S)

Southwest Credit Card Customer Service

Customer service is “everything”. If you don’t have the customer service, you’re just a booking engine. It’s the customer service that sets you apart from the Internet. You’re developing a relationship, and hopefully not just for one trip. Without excellent customer service, a travel agent will not stay in business. There are so many options for the consumer that if the company is not giving great customer service and meeting their every need, the consumer can easily walk away.

The user may call the customer care center without any hesitation if they’re facing any problem regarding their account or details. They can also send an e-mail which will be responded within 4 hours.

By Telephone

Inside the U.S 1-800-792-0001
Outside the U.S 1-302-594-8200
For other inquiries of credit card account, please call the phone number listed on the credit card statement or on the back of the credit card.

By mail

Chase Card Services
P.O. Box 15298
Wilmington, DE 19850
The mailing address is for correspondence only. Payments should be mailed to the payment mailing address.

This card is indeed a good choice to use and all the offers are worth considering. You can trust them with your account information and all your details. This is recommended because they are trusted by many customers worldwide. With every day new offers, it is easier to get rewards points.
Most of all are having the latest technology to save the user’s data from any harm or damage.
The card is for your spouse, your best friend or maybe your mother. Anyone can fly with on the points you have gained.

The card is good for the customers and will give you some of the best offers for the travelling all around the world using the southwest airline.

All the features of the card and all the offers are explained in detail. What are your thoughts on Southwest Airlines Credit Card? Should you buy it or not? Are the offers worthy enough to balance your everyday flights? Are you satisfied with the security of the card? Do they really accept the full responsibility of protecting your security details?
If you’re more interested in any other Airline Credit card, do mention them so we can provide information about them as well.