South West Credit Card Login, Forgot Password and Customer Service

The southwest airlines offer different credit cards. One has to register enabling to explore the card benefits by visiting the southwest credit card official site to create the credit card login.

There are indefinite ways one can pull this through. Visit the southwest credit cards affiliated sites or conduct Google searches. To create the credit card login credentials, you will have to self-register. Commence reading the disclosure statement highlighting the credit card usage terms and conditions.

After agreeing to the self-disclosure statements, proceed to create log-in ID and password. The self-enrolment process is self-directory. Fill the remaining parts Providing personal and credit card information

South West Credit Card Login & Forgot Password

South West Credit Card
South West Credit Card

One can easily forget credit card login password- possibly operating multiple online accounts and  retrieve forgotten password by clicking the ”forgot password tab.”

You will input either your email ID or username. Check your email to Click the link and set a new password.

The Southwest credit card recommends the setting of a strong password. Combine lower case and upper case letters, use numbers and symbols. It’s recommended for one to update the set password within 2 month period.

Notably, there are adept south-west credit card security setups updated to block any suspicious hacking and phishing problems.

South West Credit Card Benefits

The possible way to explore the southwest credit card offers – having their credit card.- And plenty southwest credit cards are up for grabs. With a credit card log-in register, one can:

Review different credit card offers. There are three credit cards- the south-west premier credit card, plus credit card and business cards. The credit card offers are, online, on their mobile app and website.

The moment one opens either of the devices, credit card messages pop\-ups will be immediate getting updated on the news feed. You will browse the offers and determine one that suits you.

One can manage credit card payments, download credit card statements seamlessly making payments. Furthermore, this can get done from anywhere provided you credit card log-in registered.

Fundamentally, one can pay bills on time. Since you don’t have to walk physically to the bank to make payments, you will pay your bills evading the late payment fines.

Their different southwest credit cards and to register for one explicitly depends on the card offer. Is it good enough? (Other factors kept constant). Some south-west credit cards include: the south-west premium credit card, plus credit card and business credit card

If you are using the credit card to fly southwest, you will enjoy a couple of the benefits that cater to the registered card members and if you are not one, register first. One earns two points for single dollar spent at the south-west airline’s flights, hotels and car rental partners. For all other purchases, one earns one point per one dollar spent.

Each credit card anniversary year, you will earn 6000 points. Also, the card doesn’t charge the foreign transaction fee, implying you will save on foreign purchases by 3%. Notably, one can redeem the bonus points any time for travel miles, gifts cards and shopping merchandise.

Newbie account holders will earn 40,000 points after spending $1000 on purchases- for all credit card payment. The card charges, no transaction fee and offers 3, 0000 points after one’s card member anniversary – half credit card anniversary points from the premium credit card.

There are the 1,500 tier qualifying points after spending $ 10,000 -$100,000. Southwest has partnered with the players in the hotel, rental car and retail industry. And one can purchase commodities at any given outlets to receive the reward point, thence redeem for cash or other goodies.

The south-west credit card has different offers.  These offers are almost similar but their rewards points vary. This is dependent on the amount and the period spent using the credit cards.

What is The South West Credit Card Companion Pass

The name may seem vague, an impossible credit card, but the companion credit card is legit providing free companion travel to the different south-west location.

What is the south-west companion credit card offer? The companion card provides free travel to one companion while travelling to the south-west. Companion term imply any friend, relative, mother, father- any human being that qualifies to be a companion.-pets exclusive.

  • The Making of the South-West Companion passes Credit Card Offer.

You need to have qualified for a companion pass. You should be a regular southwest airline user flown more than 100 one-way flights and earned more than 110,000 points in a single year.

Not so many folks will click 100 one-way flights to the southwest. It seems like an impossible mission unless you manage different businesses in the south-west. The only seamless way is to earn the 110,000 points.

Once you have sealed the companion pass, you are free to choose the person who will be your companion. With the second process done, you will receive your companion pass via mail.

You will choose to use the south-west companion pass credit card offer when booking your air ticket. All the air ticket payment option will encompass this offer.

South – West Companion Credit Cards Benefits

The card is good but could be superb if it revamped the 100 prequalifying south-west travel. However, you can override this going for the 110,000 points. Some of the other credit card high peaks include:

One can use the companion pass anytime- there is no limit as in time to use this. The credit card offer doesn’t expire, neither is this a one-time offer.

The offer becomes valid for the remaining registration time and next year. This gives one year plus time to redeem the benefits fly south-west with your companion indefinite times.

One can change the companion name three times. This favours fickle relationships guys. The

South West Credit Card Review.

The south-west credit card is an excellent air travel card offering fantastic rewards to travellers. The credit card provides free companion travel to the south-west. There is a subtle difference in the south-west credit card offers that come due to a differential in spending.

However, the air travel credit card is excellent to majority air travel credit card. Most credit cards do not guarantee maximum consumer satisfaction.

The review will discuss the south-west credit card cons and pros highlighting areas needing improvement. We will focus the most on the credit card APR rate, Annual fees, balance on transfer charge.

South West Credit Card Pros.

The initial bonus is fantastic. Not much credit cards will provide $895 initial bonus. Most credit card offers don’t surpass $ 500 initial bonus but spending $334 within three months one can earn the 50,000 points. The amount set is attainable, If you are using this credit card for daily purchases- food, entertainment etc., you can’t fall short to spend $ 334.

The credit card provides an annual anniversary bonus. The offer is permanent and gets updated each year on the date you opened your account. There is 6000-anniversary bonus point equivalent to $107. You can use the amount to book one-way south-west flights. Furthermore, using this card for more than 10 years, to earn 60,000 points that can help you get the companion pass.

There are the best hotels, car rental and retail shops that have partnered with the southwest airlines. The latter implies you can use the credit card to shop at multiple outlets.

Consequently, one can earn cash back reward points but there is no direct cash deposit to your account. Shop with the affiliated south-west partners to earn redeemable travel points.

This is one of the few credit cards that offers so many pretty rewards that marinates some card disadvantages. The annual $99 is not pretty cool. Perhaps for the short term, the offer is too high when compared to some other credit card offering an annual fee of $30.

However, in the long run, the annual fee may be overridden by the much credit card benefits. The companion pass bonus and the anniversary bonus may reduce this. Regardless of the latter, it would be appropriate if this annual fee can be revamped to be commensurate with plenty other credit cards.

The southwest credit card APR rate is not super cool. The overall benefits of using this credit card are great and their APR range from 17% to 24.49% isn’t comparable to some of the excellent credit cards. Most of the latter credit cards offer an APR rate of 13.89%.

Despite varying Southwest credit card APR range, there is a great possibility that one can succumb to the highest APR rate of 24.49% this is just some percentage shy away from the most average store credit cards offering an APR rate of 26%

The credit card doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees that could sum-up to a great amount sabotaging the card benefits.  However, they don’t operate many international flights. They only fly to the Mexico and Caribbean countries.

With the much south-west credit card peaks, the companion pass, anniversary points, frequent international users of the south-west credit card can earn greater points with no foreign charge deductions.

There is no seat restriction and assigned seats. One can choose to seat anywhere, change the seating position anytime provided that there are non-occupied seats. This doesn’t come with an extra charge as with some other major couriers

The South West Credit Card Customer Service

The south-west credit card customer service offers a solution to vast credit card queries. The most prevalent cases arise from credit card payment although there are reported cases of hacking, account verification and credit card application queries.

There are different ways to contact the south-west credit card customer desk. You can call, send an email, mail, or visit the south-west official website. Social media lovers can use different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

To get a quick south-west credit card customer service, use the south-west credit card live chat version. There will be an immediate south-west assistant to assist you. Some will prefer to make calls but call traffic is imminent and the average call wait period can consume up to 8 min. The south-west credit card phone number is 844-809-2877.

The south-west credit card may not be okay with individuals who don’t travel a lot to the southwest. Regardless offering air travel services to other 82 countries, the Initial down payment and the variable APR rate may not be something most credit card applicant will look for. Therefore if you are not okay with the credit card offers, try these other credit cards.

  • The Expedia Card From Citi

The credit card carries similar offers as the south-west credit card. However, there are a few differentials. First, the credit card offer increases and the more time you use the credit card the higher the chance of earning the credit cards platinum offers.

One earns 15,000 points after $1000 purchases within a three month account opening period. The latter points are redeemable to VIP stay at their affiliated hotel and the redeemable points are worth $200.

When one spends $1 on the Expedia purchases he/she will earn 3 points. This should be on eligible Expedia purchases. One will earn 1 point per $1 that is spent on other purchases

  • The Expedia Credit Card Pricing.

The credit card charges a variable APR rate of 16.49- 24.49- similar to the southwest credit card. The specific rate that is charged depends on the credit card worthiness and the rate applies to the balance transfers.

Other APR rates charged include; A 26.74 standard variable APR for cash advances, A variable APR penalty rate of 29.99 % and this may vary depending on how fast one makes payment.

Comparing this credit card APR rate pricing with the south-west credit card, the rate is almost similar. However gauging the south-west credit card bonus points and for this card, one would fancy the former credit card.  The companion pass offer and the anniversary credit card bonus points are fantastic offers.

  • The Chasse Sapphire credit card

If you are not a frequent south-west traveller, you will not benefit much from the south-west air travel offers like the companion pass.

In this instances, one would fancy applying for an alternative credit card and the chase sapphire credit card may provide much benefit than the southwest credit card. Some of the credit card high peaks include:

  • The credit card has more redemption options.

The credit card redemption options are super and can’t be compared to the southwest credit card. For both cards, one can redeem earned point for hotel stay or shop at the credit cards affiliated sites.

However, the chase travel cards allow the transfer of the credit cards to other loyalty programs. And their ultimate reward points envisage plenty reward options. One can transfer the points to affiliated airline and hotel partners – British Airways, Air France/KLM, Hyatt etc. Also one can choose to book a direct flight on the chase travel portal at a conversion rate of 1.25 cents per point. If you do not want to travel, you can request a cash back at 1 cent for every single point.

First annual fee waiver benefits the credit card users who intend to use the credit card for a long time. The waiver could mean a lot for your sign up bonuses that most applicants dream to get after the credit card application.

This first annual waiver isn’t part of the southwest credit card. Furthermore, an annual fee of $90 is unacceptable for reputable south-west airlines with plenty other credit card benefits.

Why You Need To Download The South West Credit Card Banking App

If you are looking to bank on the go anywhere and anytime, you should download the south-west credit card app. The app is compatible with a lot of devices allowing funds transfer, checking credit card balances and accessing couple customer care services

One can download this app on the play store or Google store – as a free download to further check out on the latest south-west credit card promotions, to locate the nearby south-west ATM and apply for the variant south-west product and services.

The app reduces the number of login times. You will login –using your user ID and password and further, save your login credentials. This allows you to open the credit card without signing in periodically.

However, you will need to keep your credit card account secure. Don’t save your password on public computers. Make sure to update the password periodically within a period of three months.