Sears Credit Card Application, Payment and APR

What is Sears credit card? Using cash these days is very rear. We all try to find out good, easy and affordable solutions for all the cash related things.

The best and the most suited alternative to this need is the credit card these days. We have many companies which are providing credit card services and they have different features as well.

Now the question is which card we should use for our all cash related buying’s. We are going to discuss a credit card named sears which is providing awesome services to all the customers worldwide.

Sears is another good card to use online and on the stores as well. As we know most of the cards are useful only to those who regularly shop at their shops. The sears card is also valuable to the people who are regular customers of sears or Kmart stores.

Using the sears card you can make online purchases from the stores of the sear and visit their optical, portrait studio and sear automotive stores as well.

Bonuses of Sears credit card

Sears Credit Card
Sears Credit Card

They are also offering different bonuses for the first six months to all of their customers. The bonus can be up to $10 for all the customers of sears. The APR for the first six months is very special and they will charge you 0%.

Generally the APR of the card is very high but you can enjoy the perks of the card for first six months without any extra charges.

The card is best suited to the people who look to avail the monthly promotions from the sears. The APR financing on these promotions is mostly 0% and they include some good categories as well including home appliances and clothing as well.

They can also offer you to get 5% of on your entire purchases from the stores sometimes during the monthly promotions. You can avail one of the offers and enjoy with the Sears credit card.

There are many other special benefits of the sears credit card which can be enjoyed on monthly basis. These perks include the advance notifications of all the sales and promotions by the company. They will also offer you monthly discount at times and help you celebrate your special events as well.

Management of Sears Credit Card

The card also offers the management of the card online as well. You can pay all of your bills online and get a complete fraud protection from the company.

Without giving any additional cost you can add other users to it as well and they can also use the services of the card. Some special programs are also initiated by the card which gives you points for your spending and on reaching a limit you can avail that balance.

However the balance earned from the points can only be used at the stores of the company.

Sears Credit Card Application

The application for the card can easily be submitted to them online as well. You can also visit the stores of the company to apply for the card. They have a big chain of 1250 stores all over the country.

The sears credit card is actually issued by the Citi bank so the restrictions need to be completed by all the applicants of the card. The average approval score for the applicants is 650 which are quite high.

Types of Sears Credit Card

There are two types of the card which are issued by the sears at this time. These cards include Sears Card and the Sears MasterCard. The cards are designed for the specific persons.

The selection of the card depends on the spending’s of the people. There are few differences between the cards which are suitable for both the users of the card.

The savings and the discount given by these two cars are quite similar. You can get offers from both of them monthly and have complete access to the special financing options as well.

These two cards will not charge you any annual fees but as we discussed above as well you need to watch out for the high APR rates of the company and make sure that you pay all of your bills on time.

  • Good for huge spending’s

These cards are a good option for all the people who spend a lot on the sears stores in the country. The benefits are not much if you are looking to spend at other places in the country and won’t get any extra benefits as well.

If you are looking to spend on the sear stores this is the best card for you. They will also give you more time to pay your purchases as well.

Sears Credit Card Payment

They give you a complete independence to pay on all the stores of the sears and Kmart in the country. You can pay all your dues on these stores using the sears card.

You can pay all of your bills as well using the sears cards. If you are using the master card of the sears it gives you the option to use the card all over the world where it is accepted. These are some of the extra perks which you can enjoy after becoming a member of the sears credit card.

  • Where all it can be used?

The card cannot be used at all the locations and stores in the country. The Sears card can be used on the Sears’s location and Kmart stores as well. You can also use this card for different services as well. The services include the Sears Auto Centers, Sears Optical and Sears Dental.

On the other hand the MasterCard of the Sears can be used anywhere in the country where the MasterCard’s are accepted.

APR of Sears Card

The APR of the card is quite high that is why you need to pay all your balances on time. The APR of the card is 25.49% which can vary at times.

The APR is high for sure but you can get other benefits of the card as well which includes monthly savings, credit offering and advance notes for all the sales and events at the Sears.

Sears Card Rewards

Sears credit card is giving rewards and initial offers to the customers. On getting the card you will have two offers from the company.

The first offer is $15 off on your purchase and you can have $10 on the regular cards of the sears. They will offers you 0% APR for the first six months that means you can buy anything of your need but make sure then you pay at time because the APR after six months is very high of the Sears card.

Monthly offers by Sears Credit Card

The discount and special financing offers of the company keeps coming every week. You can select from a wide variety of things. All these offers are available in stores and online as well.

Here again they are offering you profit in two forms. Either you can have 5% off on your entire shopping try the 0% APR method. Mostly during the monthly offers the home appliances, electronics, accessories for kids, men and women are having huge discounts.

However as we mentioned above as well paying all the charges before due date is very important here because the APR charges are then applied from the first day if they are not paid on time.

Shop your reward offer

They also give you the chance to enroll yourself in the shop your own way rewards. This will generally help you earn more cash from them. The benefit of this offer is that it will have an extra offer for you every month from other general offers.

Both the card issued by the company shares same benefits except the perk of shopping everywhere is given  to the master card holders only. The best thing about them is that they offer advance notice of all the offers and sales events to the customers.

You will automatically receive all the news and discount offers from them which can alert you and save a lot of your money. Even if you forgot your card you can show them your temporary pass id and shop using that.

Sears Credit Card Login

After signing in to the card using the simple details you are provided the log in area by the sears credit card. You can completely manage your account from here no matter what you are looking for.

You can easily pay all of your monthly bills from this online resource. They will also provide you paperless statements as well. You can keep a complete check on your transactions and balance from this online resource easily.

The best thing about them is that you can even authorize another user to manage your account that too without paying any extra cost. This feature is given to all the customers but at the same time the security is not compromised.

Sears Credit Card App

You can easily manage your sears account from the app as well. this app will give you all the insights regarding the account. You can check all your transactions from this app and keep a check on how much balanced is used.

This will also have the complete details of the interest rate you need to pay to the company. In short the complete management of the account is possible using the app of the sears credit card.

You can also pay your bills and other online payments using the app of the company. The app will help you a lot in management of your account and you can easily perform different tasks with a single click.

  • Security

The sears credit card assures full security of their clients and give them complete fraud protection as well. The customers of the company are not held responsible for any unauthorized purchases which is made using their card. They will be given complete refund by the sears.

They will also provide you professional help in case the identity is stolen or misplaced anywhere. In short they will try to assist you in all the possible means.

  • Extended warranty

For the master card holders the extended warranty options is also available. This extended warranty is given to all the customers of the master card up to 1 year.

However, the master card holders had to pay balance transfer APR as well to the company. The balance transfer APR is variable but mostly it is 26.49%.

Like all other cards you need to pay the late fee as well. For the sears card the late fee is up to $37 for all the customers. The returned payment fee for the sear card is also up to $37.

Now let’s talk about the late and returned payment fee of the sears master card. The late fee for the master card is also up to $37 and the returned payment fee is also up to $37.

Using the sears card is very easy for all the customers. You can choose any card from these two because the late fee and the APR are almost same. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to pay any fee for these two cards.

The main difference between these cards is only the balance transfer feature of the MasterCard. This feature is not available for the customers of the sear basic card. It is good for the customers that they don’t use that card for the balance transfer because the APR rate is very high and can be costly for you.

  • High APR is an issue

As we mentioned above as well the APR of these cards are very high but you can avoid them by paying all your dues before the billing date. The card would be free to use for you if you pay your dues regularly.

Sears Credit Card Customer Service

A good and effective customer support is the identity of a good company. They will give you complete support in all the scenarios. Sears is also providing services to the customers with their full capacity.

Sears credit card phone number

You can reach out to the phone numbers of the company and discuss your problems with them. The staff of the company is dedicated to the customers and will provide you all the possible help. The phone number of the company is 1-800-267-1660.

Sears credit card email

You can also reach out to the company using the sears email address. You can write all your problems or even give them some suggestions regarding the services of the company.

The staff of the company will get in touch with you in the next couple of days and try to solve your issue immediately.

The email address of the company is [email protected]

Sears credit card address

You can write a mail to the address of the company as well. the address of the company is given below;

National Customer Service Centre
C/o President’s Office
500 College St. East
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 5L3
Phone- 1-888-473-2772

Sears credit card fax numbers

You can even send your problems to the company using the fax numbers of the company. The fax number of the company is;

Fax- 1-613-391-3047

Sears credit card inquires

You can inquire different things about your cards from the company as well. the inquiries can be related to the APR and other such things of the cards. You can contact the following numbers and submit your inquires to them;

  1. Sears Card Account Inquiries
  2. Sears MasterCard Account Inquires


These cards are best for the shopper who is regular buyers from the sears stores around the whole country.

They are giving a lot of offers for sure to the people and rewards as well. You also need to keep in mind that there is a set criterion to qualify for the rewards and offers of the sears card. You need to spend a lot to qualify for these offers which is big negative point of the card.

All the people who spend a lot must use these cards because they are going to save a lot for you. The 5% off offers becomes really helpful when you are making big purchases using the sears card.

The high APR rate of these cards is indeed a serious issue. They will charge you $25 for spending a $100 in interest over a year.

They are giving special financing offers as well but at the same time if you are not paying your dues at time they are of no use and you are charged from the first day and the interest rate becomes very high.

You need to keep all the aspects of the card in your mind before using them for your needs.

You have an idea about the services of these cards. How it benefits people. What are your views about the card? Are you going to use it for your buying needs? If not then which card is better to use in your opinion?