Premier Credit Card Application, Login and Service

Credit cards have totally changed the world in few last years. They brought more comfort and ease to the people all over the world. They make sure that you don’t have to carry cash with yourself everywhere. You can easily keep these cards in your wallet and travel anywhere in the world.

Almost all the shops and other online portals accept this type of payment which makes it further easier for you to use these credit cards. Many banks and other financial organizations are issuing these cards to their customers.

You can easily choose one looking at your needs and the comforts provided by that specific credit card. These credit cards also provide cash back and other rewards to their customers to further bring ease in their life.

You can easily become part of these organizations by simply filling out the forms given by them for the application. Besides rewards and cash backs, these credit cards also give you theft solutions so you don’t need to worry even if your credit card is lost.

They will help you recover the credit card and block all the illegal transactions from your credit card.

Premier Credit Card

Premier Credit Card
Premier Credit Card

The card which is under discussion today is Premier Credit Card. The card is issued by the First PREMIER Bank and allows you to enjoy the best facilities in the world that too with just a small credit card.

From email alerts for the free text, they have everything you can imagine in your financial life. They are also giving automated payment system to their customers for more convenience.

Credit Card App

The credit card app further helps you to manage your credit card easily using the credit card.

The application is available for all the customers on Google play and apple store.

You can easily download the application from there and then use it to manage your account more easily.

  • Pay on time

Make sure that every time you pay back to the company on time. if you don’t pay them back on time you can experience some interest charges from the company.

These interest charges will then cover the rewards and offer you get from the company. In order to avoid this penalty try to pay all of your payments before the due date.

You can also use the automatic monthly payment system given to all of their customers by the credit card. This service is totally free and helps you with your payments.

This payment method will automatically withdraw the funds from your saving account or any other checking account.

  • Free text and email alerts

They are also providing the service of free text and email alerts to all of their customers. You can get updates regarding your account from them and that too free of cost.

The free SMS and email alerts are given to the customers for all the purchase limits on their card, the change of pin, all international transactions and many other things from your mobile phone.

This also allows you to check your available credit as well. View all of your recent transactions and payment history as well using this advanced method.

You also receive different offers from the company and you can accept them and enjoy the perks of this credit card.

This feature of the credit card ensures that you are alerted to all the features of the credit card in real time. In this system, your credit card is totally monitored and you get alerts for all the activities on your card.

In short, you can stay on top of all the activities which are performed from your account.

  • Security

Security is an issue which concerns almost everyone who is looking to get into the online payment system.

They are worried about the fraud and other theft issues. Premier Credit Card will provide you with complete protection no matter what happens.

They will also help you in any personal incident in your life which can lead to loss of life and hospitalization as well.

For more details, you can refer to the contract which you signed with the company in the application form.

They also provide an optional payment protection plan for all their customers. This payment protection plan is for your first premier bank credit card.

They will also help you during all of your qualifying payments. This will also help you for the payment on the due date as well.

The qualifying events include the involuntary unemployment, unpaid family leave, loss of life, hospitalization and disability as well.

There are certain restrictions as well on these terms and the customer need to follow them as per the rules of the company.

You can view your contract with the company after signing up for them and get more details about them.

Premier Credit Card Application

The application process is very simple and you can easily complete the online form of the company and become a part of them.

You need to provide them all the details about yourself which include personal information and complete mailing address as well.

This mailing address is needed for different payment options. One more thing about the application, you also need to provide them with all the banking details as well.

The banking details and the credit score will help them analyze which card of the company is more suitable for you.

They will provide you a card as per your needs and purchasing capacity.

People with fewer credit cards also apply for this credit card and get First PREMIER Bank would have a lucrative offer for you.

Not only this, they will also assist you in many other things which can bring ease in your personal life.

They are very quick in giving you the response as well. They will make sure that you get the response from them within the next 60 seconds of the application.

The credit limit is assigned to the customers on the basis of their creditworthiness. Apply now for the Premier Credit Card and enjoy all of its perks.

Premier Credit Card Login

The login portal of the company is of great benefit to all the customers of the credit card.

You can easily perform many tasks by using the log in the address of the credit card.

After successfully becoming a member of the credit card you will be given a login ID and password to access your account online.

You can easily pay all of your payments using this service and then transfer money as well to other credit card holders.

You can also change the information you provided first to the credit card from this log in the portal of the company.

These features and many more advantages can be obtained from this online resource of the credit card. In short, you don’t have to visit the office of the company every time for the small changes in your account.

You can also view the record of the recent transactions from the login resource.

Autopay Service by Premier

Many credit cards have the issue of the late fees. There are times when you forget to pay them on time. Well, they have a solution to this problem as well.

You can use the auto pay service of the credit card and it will automatically deduct the due amount from your checking account.

This service is totally free and they take the payments from your checking account monthly.

This also ensures that you never miss a payment date and pay them on time automatically. This will save the interest charges or the late fees on your account.

Letters and electronic statements

They are also providing electronic statements to their customers. This feature of the company is going to simplify your life at once.

You can avoid all the additional trips to the mailbox and receive all of your statements from the company in your email.

All you need to do is enroll yourself in the electronic statements and letters feature by the company.

You can select one of the options by signing in to your account with the credit card.

Manage your account

You can achieve all of your financial goals by knowing your potential first. You must be familiar with what all are the things you can do and what all are not possible looking at your budget.

This is also going to determine the overall growth and monitoring of your account and creditworthiness.

You can enroll in the credit card manager services and get alerts for all the activities in your credit card. They will provide you with your credit score on monthly basis.

This feature has many benefits for you which also include the credit report. You can refresh this credit report twice a month which is also a pro feature of the credit card.

This will also give you alerts for all the major changes in your account and major purchases from your account.

They will also monitor your Experian credit report on the daily basis which ensures a very effective management of your card.

Premier Credit Card Customer Service

Customer service these days is a must part of each and every company no matter what services they are providing to their customers.

No system in this world can call itself perfect so they have to ensure an effective customer care to help the people using their system.

Premier Bank is quite aware of this fact and they provide a very best system to their customers.

They are providing a very dedicated service to all of their customers. The representatives and the automated systems of the company are ensuring the smooth flow of their service to the people.

The servicemen of the company are available during all the weekdays except Sunday.

The details of the timings of the customer care are given below.

They are available from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 9 PM CT. Similarly, the service is also available for the customers on Saturday as well from 8 AM to 4:30 PM CT.

An Automated System in Customer Service

They are also having an automated system in their customer care. You can reach out to the automated system anywhere and anytime.

If you are looking to make a payment to the company then you need to select the option 2 from the automated menu.

They also provide you the offer to check the balance and the available credit in your account using the automotive menu of the credit card company.

Here you need to select the option 1 and then enter all the necessary account information

You can also request them for the PIN as well with the help of the automotive menu of the premier credit card.

This again needs you to select the option 1 and then enter the account information and then select option 4.

If your card is stolen or lost you can report to the company and get help in this aspect as well. The stolen card can be reported easily by going to the automotive menu of the company and selecting the option number 6.

Phone numbers

They also provide you with the cell phone numbers which can be accessed anytime and easily file a complaint with them.

These numbers will make sure that your problem with the company is solved at the earliest request.

The phone numbers of the company are given below.



Fax Numbers of the Credit Card

You can always get in touch with the company using the fax numbers of the company. You can write them using fax and then they will solve your problem at their earliest request.

The fax number of the company is given below.


Mail Payment Services of the Card

You can also send payments to the company using the mail service of the company. Here you need to keep in mind that the payments sent via mail must not be in cash.

You can only send them payment via cheque.

These checks are then accepted by the company. The mailing address of the credit card is given below.

First Premier Bank

PO Box 5529

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5529

Express Payment System by the Premier Card

You can also use the express payment method to send payments to the credit card company.

It is also very easy and all you need is to send them cheque via express service and they will accept your cheques.

The address for the express payments of the premier credit card is given below.

First Premier Bank

PO Box 5529

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5529

Correspondence Premier Credit Card

For any other correspondence or help from the credit card, you can always write them on the address which is given by the credit card for assistance.

The address for all types of correspondence of the credit card is given below.

First PREMIER Bank

PO Box 5524

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524

You can always count on them for all types of assistance and help. They are committed to providing the best customer care to all the credit card holders of the premier bank.


These are some of the features which the card provides to the credit card holders. For the detail information of what all they will give you, you need to visit the online portal of the company or become a member and avail of all the services.

In short, they are a good choice for the customers and doesn’t need the perfect credit score to get the credit card.

They have some of the best cash rewards and other benefits just for the customers which they can avail after becoming a member of the credit card.

There are some negative aspects as well but looking at the perks this card is providing to the customers you can always ignore them.

In our point of view this is a good card to start with and then when you have an excellent credit score you can easily shift to another card which is providing even better results to the customers.

The application process is quite simple so hurry up and get the membership of premier credit card and enjoy the ease and security it provides you in your financial life.

Obviously, you have used many other credit cards as well as in the world and know about their good and bad points.

You must have read this article as well and have an idea about what all advantages, cash-backs and other rewards are provided by this credit card.

When you compare this credit card with others in the market, what is the main difference you get from it or which is the one card which is more suitable for the customers?

Look at the features of all the cards and then compare it with other after thorough analysis.

Do inform us as well that which card you prefer and obviously you will tell us the reasons as well that why you prefer that card.

We are looking forward to hearing from you about your favorite card and if it is not this one then we will inform our audience about that credit card.