PNC Credit Card Application, APR and Customer services

What is PNC Credit Card? Credit cards are like oxygen to the rising world which needs a better and more secure system for all of its payment needs.

Credit cards were introduced to make sure that the payments are made without any issue of the security and all of the funds of the customers were kept in a small card which was called the credit card.

If stolen, this card can easily turn off by the company. It has many other features which make it a better choice to the modern customer over the ordinary cash system of the world.

Keeping a lot of cash with yourself was never easier and not secure as well. with the introduction of the credit card in the market you can easily keep a single card in your wallet and make payments in millions anywhere in the world.

The best thing about credit card is that it also gives cash advances and other offers to the customers and helps them in all of their financial matters related to the credit card.

You can apply for the credit card company of your own choice by looking at the perks and offers of the different credit card companies in the world.

What is PNC Credit Card?

Pnc Credit Card
Pnc Credit Card

PNC offers a personal credit card to its customers and helps them maintain their credit account online. They will do their best to make sure that the best financial services are offered to customers all over the world.

The company is thriving to provide more cash back and lower rates when it comes to the fee structure of different credit cards online.

They provide different kinds of rewards and other services to the customers and make sure that they get the best offers in the credit card market.

They also help the customers in their travel. You can travel all over the world and they have got your payments covered, you can easily pay using your PNC Credit Card.

In short, you can look for all the main offers in this credit card and they will give you their best.

They are not restricted to the personal cards only you can ask them for business credit cards as well which are introduced especially to facilitate the business community of the world.

PNC Credit Card Application

The application process of the credit card is very easy and simple. You can easily apply for the PNC Credit Card that too online by visiting their online website.

They are also accepting the applications from the customers using a phone.

The phone number of the credit card is


You can reach out to this number from Monday to Friday between 7 am to 10 pm ET. This number is also available on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm ET.

Applications for the credit card are also accepted at the branches of the card; you can visit them and submit your application to them.

The application process is made even simpler by giving you the chance to apply for them offline as well. you can send them a printable application using the mail or fax service of the credit card.

  • Requirements for application

The application process as mentioned earlier as well is very simple and asks some very basic and simple questions from the customers.

You need to inform them about your date of birth and the first name and the last name as well. provide them with an address which can be used for different mailing and payment options.

They also need your social security number and monthly housing payment. They will also ask about your total annual income to make sure that you are eligible for the credit card account.

Provide them what all they are asking and you will easily get your account approved from them.

They are very fast in giving the response to the customers. In case your card is approved right at the time of the application, you will receive it within the next 7-10 business days.

Now let us discuss some of their credit cards in detail for more insight on them.

PNC Cash Reward Visa Credit Card

This is the first card of the company and is designed to facilitate the customers in all the possible ways. This card is very useful and known in the market for giving different benefits to the customers.

Carry this card and get different cash backs from the company every day on the purchases made on different restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores in the country.

They don’t charge any type of annual fee on the customers which is another benefit of this credit card.

PNC Credit Card is very secure due to the use of the latest technology for their customers and the best thing about them is they are very quick as well. You will get fast responses from them whenever needed.

They are very fast in making payments for you all over the world and help you with different purchases.

Compare the features and perks of this credit card with any credit card and you will come back to this credit card automatically due to the extensive features offered by this card.

  • Some key features

The best thing about this credit card is that it makes sure that you get more cash back than any other card in the market and what if I tell you that you don’t need to redeem the cashback it comes to your account automatically, yes this is how it is giving ease to the customers.

You don’t need to keep a check on your cash backs and enroll in different categories to get you to cash back from them.

The online banking and the virtual wallet of the company is another addition to the fine class of this credit card and makes it further attractive for all of us.

  • Overview of the account

Just read the perks and offers of the credit card and apply for it as soon as possible to get what all you want.

  • Gas stations

You will get 4% cash back on all the gas stations of the country that too in-store and at the pump.

  • Eating

You can eat all over the world using this credit card and receive 3% cash back from the company. It is applicable to all the restaurants and fast food places.

  • Purchase grocery items

This credit card is giving you some awesome offer on the grocery items as well, buy different items and receive 2% cash back on it.

  • Cashback on all other purchases as well

The cash back program of the company is not limited to these things, you can earn cash back of 1% on all other purchases made using the credit card of PNC.

  • Redeem in your own terms

Now let us discuss another great aspect of this credit card. You can redeem anytime you earned cash from the PNC into your account when it is over $25.

You don’t have to worry about the expiry date of the cash back. Some credit cards expire your cash backs after a year but here the cash back is available unless your account is closed.

You can get your cash back from them as a statement credit as well and into some qualifying PNC account as well.

APR of PNC Credit Card

Let us discuss the rates for the APR.

You are going to get the lowest rates when it comes to balancing transfer APR rates. If the balance is transferred within the first 90 days of the account opening then they won’t charge you anything at all.

After the first 90 days, the APR rate of the company is from 14.99% to 24.99% and is based in the creditworthiness.

As we all know that APR rates are always variable so does these rates of the company.

Another good thing about this credit card is that it doesn’t charge an annual fee from the customers.

PNC Credit Card Customer services

They also provide a dedicated customer service to the users 24/7. They are always available to serve their customers.

  • Account tools

PNC Credit Card provides different tools to the customers which help them in maintaining the credit card account. These tools will help you manage different transactions from the account.

You can also manage your rewards, payments, and balances using these tools provided by the company.

  • Privacy and security

They provide complete security to the customers and make sure that their identity is not stolen at any part of the world. They will also protect your credit under all circumstances and will pay you back in case of any loss.

  • Liability for fraud

This credit card provides complete fraud liability to the customers and makes sure that any such thing does not happen, even if it happens the company will compensate the customers.

  • Introductory offer

They are giving an introductory offer to all of their customers which means no annual fees from the 0% APR as well.

  • APR for cash advances

The APR for the cash advances actually depends on the market and the prime rate but the current APR rate of the company is 24.99% and it may change depending on the situation of the market.

  • APR for Penalty

They will charge you a penalty APR of 30.99% but that is also dependent on the prime rate of the market and an increase in the near future.

  • Interest Charges

The company has a policy for the interest charges as well and the minimum interest charges of the company are $1.50.

  • Transfer of balance

The balance transfer policy of almost all the credit cards is the same and when we talk about the PNC credit card they charge $5 or 3% of the amount from each balance transfer. This is the rate for the balance transfer during the first 90 days of the account opening.

After the first 90 days, the company is going to charge either $5 or 4% of the amount which is transferred from the account. In both cases, the amount which is greater is charged from the customers.

  • Cash advances

When it comes to the cash advances this credit card company charges either $10 or 5% amount from the customers for each cash advance from their account.

The amount which is greater will be charged from the customers.

  • Foreign transactions

You can also make foreign transactions from your account and that too anytime and anywhere. In this case, the company charges 3% of each transaction made foreign in US dollars.

  • Late payments

Make sure that you pay all of your dues on time to the company otherwise you may encounter penalty charges from the company.

In case you are making a late payment to the PNC credit card then you are charged $38 from the company and the same goes for the returned payment.

In order to avoid these dues make sure that you are making all of your payments on time.

PNC Core Visa Credit Card

This is another great credit card of the company which gives awesome benefits to the customers. This card is known for helping people in simple savings that too in a much better and smart way and what else do we expect from such credit cards.

This is another fast, easy and safe credit card for daily use.

The main features of this credit card include the awesome savings on the new purchases made using the credit card of the company.

They also provide you a chance to save while you are transferring the balance to any other account in the world. This card also offers the lowest rates when it comes to balance transfers.

Here again, you have the chance of managing your account completely online using their awesome services and offers in the name of online banking and virtual wallet which gives complete online account management to all the customers.

Manage PNC Credit Card Online

This is the most important thing for the credit card users and something which they are often worried about.

You can easily manage your PNC credit card online using the online virtual wallet of the company and the online banking.

You have the option of making payments online. You have the complete control of your account and do whatever you want to.

You can get your e-statements and all other types of facilities from the wallet.

The best thing about this is that you are managing your account online and a have a complete eye on the activity of the account and what all transactions are made using your account.

You can make your budget by looking at all the transactions of the credit card.

This not only shows all of your spendings but also shows your complete savings and rewards earned from the credit card.

You can manage your credit card using your mobile phone or tablet as well.

Make bill payments easily online using the online wallet of the credit card.

The core visa card also does not any annual fee from the customers. The intro rates are also great and they provide dedicated service to the customers 7 days a week.

You can easily perform all of your payments using this credit card and pay bills on time. No chance of fraud and complete security makes it a good choice for all the people. the rates and fees of the card are also very economical.

Conclusion of PNC Credit Card

PNC credit card is one of the best in the market and makes sure that the customers are enjoying all the features and perks of the credit card with full command on their account.

You can easily manage the credit card online and keep an eye on the activities of the account.

The best thing about them is that they provide a large variety of cards to the customers, you can choose one as per your needs and then change it as well whenever needed.

They also provide an added layer of security to all of their cardholders by using the best and the most advanced technology in the world. You don’t need to worry about your identity of any other funds.

PNC is a renowned financial group in the world providing some of the best services to the customers all over the world.

The fee structure of the credit card is also very promising and helps customers get the best card with economical rates.

You don’t have to worry about the annual fee or any other charges during the first 90 days.

This card is a good choice for all the customers and giving its best to them. Now you have a good idea about this credit card and what all features are offered by this credit card? Would you use this card for your personal use and satisfied with the features and perks of this credit card?

What are the things in the card which are most appealing to you? Will you recommend this credit card to your friends and family members?