PayPal Credit Card Types, Login and Payment

The world is changing completely. There are new technologies and new innovations in almost all the fields of the world. Similarly, the approach towards the payment methods in the world is also completely changed.

The world is now shifting from cash-based system to credit based system. There are many benefits of using the credit-based payment system. The first and foremost thing about this system is that it is way more secure than the typical cash payment system.

PayPal is a big stakeholder when we talk about the cashless payment system of the world. They made it easier for everyone to make payments. They introduced a system which provides more security and instant payment at the same time.

Many people these days prefer using PayPal for all of their cash needs. They don’t have to carry money with them on their visit to malls.

Another aspect of this new payment system is that you can easily purchase anything using them online as well. The commodity will be delivered to you and you can make the payment using your credit card.

We are going to discuss some of the features of PayPal credit card and how it is helping to change the lives of the people so far in the world.

PayPal Credit Card

Paypal Credit Card
Paypal Credit Card

PayPal is not only giving credit but debit and prepaid cards to its customers to meet their purchasing and all financial needs.

PayPal is always there for you to help you pay all over the world the way to want to. You can easily access money directly using the PayPal Credit Card or make payments from the debit and credit cards or PayPal.

PayPal Credit Card Types

There are many credit cards which PayPal is issuing to its customers these days. However, you need to make sure that you have a PayPal account already to apply for these cards of PayPal.

PayPal Cash Back Master Card

The first type of card issued by PayPal these days is known as PayPal cash back master card. This card is known mostly for its lucrative offers and cash backs to customers on their different purchases using this card.

This card of PayPal will give you cash back of 2% on all the purchases made using this card. This card can be used all over the world where the master card is accepted.

The best thing about this card is that there is no exception; the cash back feature of the card is applicable to all the purchases made using this card.

  • No threshold for cash backs

There is no threshold for the redemption of the cash back you won from PayPal. You can get the balance in your PayPal account anytime. This balance can be used again for the purchasing all over the world.

Another pro feature of the card is that there is no annual fee for the card. You can easily use this card for free and enjoy all the benefits as well.

Last but not the least, you can enjoy all the features of a master card using the PayPal cash back master card and get some amazing benefits at the same time.

  • Extend warranties

The card gives you a lot of benefits and one of them is that it helps you extend the warranty of all the brands if you purchase using PayPal Credit Card.

The card gives you a warranty on all the brands up to 1 years and that is more than enough.

  • Price protection

The card also gives price protection to all of its customers. In case you bought a product using the master card and price of that particular commodity drops within the next 60 days your payment will be reimbursed by the card.

The difference will be paid back to you. Isn’t it a great offer?

  • Identity theft solutions’

The card also gives you identity theft solutions as well. You are regularly given updates regarding the activities on your account. Especially the id theft alerts are regularly given to you by PayPal.

The PayPal also replaces the credit card for you if you are a victim of the identity theft and they won’t charge you anything at all for this replacement of the card.

  • Secure and latest technology

PayPal uses a latest and secure technology to help its customers shop all over the world. EMV chip technology is used by PayPal which helps you shop securely all over the world.

The only thing they ask you for this credit card is an already opened account at the PayPal. If you follow the terms and conditions of the company you are liable for all the offers and rewards of the company.

PayPal Extras Master Card

This card also lets you earn rewards for spending each dollar using the PayPal extras master card. You can easily earn 3 points for spending a single dollar using the credit card of the company. These 3 points are given to the customers for spending on the gas and restaurant purchases only.

The PayPal gives you 2 points for spending a single dollar on the PayPal and eBay purchases as well.

1 point is given to the customers for all other MasterCard purchases as well. These are just some of the rewards which the card is giving to its customers these days. These lucrative offers are attracting a lot of people these days.

You can easily then redeem these points for the travel vouchers, cash back and gift cards back to your PayPal balance and many more offers.

As the name suggests you can enjoy the benefits of the MasterCard holders all over the world. The name of the credit card shows that you deserve something more than extra.  They give you some of the best features in the world.

  • Redeeming details

The details of the redeeming these rewards are given below.

If you earn 800 points by spending as mentioned by the card then you are going to get gift cards for retail, gas, and restaurants all over the country.

Similarly, for earning 3000 points, the rewards are changed by the PayPal. You can get merchandise from electronics, sports, and housewares products for these points.

PayPal also gives you different cash backs as well. This cash back is given to you for reaching a limit of 6000 points. For reaching this point limit you will receive cash back directly to your PayPal account.

PayPal also gives you different offers for traveling and hoteling as well. These offers are given to the customers for reaching the limit of 15000 points using their account. On reaching this limit you will be given the voucher for airfare, car rental, and hotel rents as well.

  • Perks of Master Card

You can easily shop using this master card all over the world. This master card is accepted at more than 24 million locations in the world.

You don’t have to pay an annual fee for the card. This is an additional benefit for the customers. There are many other cards as well with such features but mostly they charge heavy annual fees as well from the customers.

The card is subjected to the approval of the company. You must be a resident of US as well for this credit card.

  • PayPal credit

This card is also known as the digital line of credits. You have a time period up to 6 months for paying on all the products of $99 but the condition is that these all places must accept PayPal as a payment.

If you pay the balance back to them within the next 6 months you won’t be charged any interest on them. This offer is not for a single time, rather you can avail this offer every time you purchase using this credit card of the PayPal.

You don’t need any card for this and the payment can be easily sent directly from your PayPal account.

The application for this credit card is also very simple. All you need is to fill an application for the company and the decision will be given to the customers within seconds.

  • Purchase protection

The company will give you complete purchase protection as well. If the order goes wrong the company will return the complete amount back to you and the shipping charges as well.

However, there are some terms and conditions for it which you need to fulfill.

They also give you another offer that if you are not happy with the order they are ready to return the amount to you. The terms and conditions of the company apply to all these products which you can see the full details on the website of the company.

All these solutions are available to the customers of the company with a single touch.

PayPal Credit Card Login

PayPal account log in helps you completely manage your account that too from your home. You don’t have to visit their physical office for small changes in the account or any other thing.

The account will help you keep an eye on all the transactions as well. They will provide you paperless statements that too anywhere and anytime.

You can also track your complete spending using the online account of the company.

All you need is to submit an application to the company for the account. They are going to review your application thoroughly and then decide whether to accept your application or not.

Mostly the information is about the account approval is given to you within the next few seconds. You can choose the card as per your needs and enjoy your payment life.

PayPal Credit Card Management

This online resource of the company is for all the members of the company. They will give you a password and username which is then used to access the account.

This username and password will help you log into your account from anywhere in the world that too anytime. After logging into your account you can perform different actions which are given above.

Changing your password often is a really good idea because it keeps your account safe from all the aspects. This will also protect your account from all the malicious account.

The password and ID if lost can be restored with the help of the company. You need to answer some security questions and your account will be given back to you.

PayPal Credit Card Payment

Different payment options are also given to the customers. They can pay in full or sometimes at different times but in that case interest charges also apply.

The PayPal credit balance can be paid using different ways. You can easily pay using bank account and PayPal balance as well.

The quickest way to pay to the credit card is through the PayPal account directly. Using this is more convenient for all the customers because you don’t have to pay any fees.

There is an option of automatic payment as well on your credit card. All you need is to look for the “Make a payment” option in the account. This option is available in the credit section of the account.

Then you can select the method yourself that you want to pay at once or pay each month. You need to have a confirmed bank account as well to use this automatic payment feature of the company.

Pay using a mobile device

You can also male payment using the mobile device. The process is quite simple. Firstly you need to open the PayPal app. Now select the option of manage PayPal credit. Click on the option of making a payment.

Choose the amount you want to pay and select the method as well about how you want to fund the payment.

Then select the payment date as well and tap the “Pay” button and you are done.

Pay using mail

You can also pay to the company using mail service. You need to send them a check via mail or some money order to use this payment system.

They don’t accept direct cash so you cannot send them direct cash by mail.

The mail address of the company is given below which can be used for making payments.

PayPal Credit

P.O Box 71202

Charlotte, NC 28272-1202

You need to wait for at least 5 to 7 business days because it takes some time to reach the payment to the company.

You need to make sure that the payment reaches us before the due date otherwise you have to pay the interest rate as well.

Pay using phone

The company also allows you to pay using the phone services as well. It is completely free to pay using the automated phone system.

PayPal Credit Card Reader

PayPal also gives the option of chip readers to all of its customers. This offer is very great for the merchants who want to use the payment system all over the world where their business takes them.

These cards use MagStripe and chip cards as well. This is an easy and secure way for the payment. This is one of the quickest, easiest and secure ways to make payments. This is also accepting payments like contactless Apple Pay.

PayPal Credit Card Fees

The benefits of the card are very lucrative but like other such cards, it is not charging any annual fees to its customers. This means you can avail all the services for free from the PayPal credit card.

PayPal Credit Card Apply

The application for the card is quite simple and easy. For the credit, you must have a PayPal account first. If you are having a PayPal account you can easily apply for the credit card and select the best one which suits you.

The PayPal account is approved easily and they only require simple information from you and a checking account in the bank as well.

PayPal Credit Card Review

A credit card is a good option for all those who are looking to save some money and at the same time get some rewards in return as well. You can surely go for this card and enjoy all the perks of it.

The best thing about the PayPal credit card is that it gives you a lot of variety. The variety allows you to choose the card which meets your needs and enjoy all the benefits and that too for free.


It is a combination of some awesome rewards and cash backs aided buy no annual fees. This card is recommended to all the people having different budget and spending’s in a calendar year. The card gives benefits to all the users and there is no fee as well. Try it once and you will feel a clear change in your payment life.

Did you ever use the PayPal credit card? If yes then how was your experience using the PayPal credit card? If you think it is not a good option than what are the bad aspects of the card?

In case you think some other card is giving even better services, do mention that so we could share information about that as well with our readers.

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