No Annual Fee Credit Cards: Walmart credit card, JC Penney, Sears and more

As a shopper, you should keep a credit card from retailers where you shop frequently. While you do this, ensure that the credit card has zero annual fees or else you will not be able to save money. The main reason why you are getting the card is to save money. If you end up paying the yearly fee for being a cardholder, that is a loss for you. There are many well-known and repudiated stores giving the opportunity to their clients to get lots of offers, deals, and discounts if they shop at their stores frequently. In that way, the customers can save money, and all they to do is pay the balance. For example, if you like JCPenney items, you will want to purchase their merchandise. While there is no JCPenney credit card annual fee, you will have to pay the balance. For flexibility and convenience, you can pay the JCPenney credit card payment online. Let us explore which store offers a credit card with no yearly fees and find out which you like best.

Walmart credit card

Walmart is everyone’s favorite. It is famous for selling items at a cheaper rate than other brand stores. When you compare it with others such as Kroger, you will find that Walmart will be the winner. The prices are unbelievable, and people crowds there for their daily needs. Already they ask for low prices, will you not be happy to agree on a deal where you can pay much less than the original amount. The credit card will allow that. Also, you can save money on gas if you use their MasterCard at their gas station. The interest rate of Walmart credit card is 22.9%. Before you jump into getting that credit card, think again if you afford to pay the interest rate.

Walmart Credit Card

Walmart credit card

JC Penney credit card

If you shop there regularly, you can get the card because it has special offers such as 20% discount on appliances. The interest rate is higher than Walmart’s which is 26.99%. If there is any problem, you can always contact the JCPenney credit card customer service. Every time you spend a dollar in their store, you can get the point. If you think you can manage to get 100 points, then this is for you. The reason is that it renews every month.

Sears credit card

If you are thinking of buying expensive items where you have to pay the money in installments, Sears should be helpful. If you are a credit card holder of their store, they will not take any interest. They sell a lot of things which can be pricey, and the customers can find it difficult to pay at once. They have a lot of products such as laptops, air hockey table, Tradition Diamond, microwave, etc. They also offer discounts on many items such as kitchen appliances. The interest rate is 25.24%.

Kohls credit card

If you are going to buy lots of clothes, then this card should help you. While there is no annual fee, the APR is 24.24%. You can get discounts and participate in the Yes2You program. You can also get Kohl’s cash which means you can get money back for purchase.