Maurices Credit Card Login, Payments and Customer Service

What is Maurices Credit Card?

Maurices Credit Card is created by Maurices and Comenity Bank.

The invention of credit cards was one of the most appreciated inventions in the banking world. It all started in 1946 after a Brooklyn banker, John Beggin launched a charge in the card. With this, purchases were made, and the bank would collect money on behalf of their customer.

After five years Franklin national bank introduced their own charge card and gave it to their loan customers. What followed was more credit cards emerging including 2 dining and entertainment cards.

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More and more lenders joined in and introduced credit cards to their customers. Each card issuer has credit cards that have different rewards and benefits to attract customers. They also team up with store owners to come up with cards that can be used to shop. That is what Maurices did. They teamed up with comenity Bank to come up with Maurices credit card.

Maurices Credit Card
Maurices Credit Card

To understand the origin of Maurices credit card, let us know how Maurices store came to be.

About Maurices Stores

Origin Of Maurices Stores
Origin Of Maurices Stores

It all started as a small women fashion store in the year 1931 at Duluth, Minnesota. It was an idea by Maurices Labovitz, she had a thing for fashion and wanted to start a place where women can come and find what compliments their body. It was later passed on Dress Barn to continue the legacy. The store has been selling elegant, sophisticated and stylish clothes for modern age women and with this, they have seen their popularity grow from a small town to over 700 stores in 43 states across the country.

With the increase in popularity, they needed to have a way to appreciate and reward their customers. That is why they came up with the awesome idea of having the Maurices credit card. With this card, their customers would come in any store or shop online and make payments and in the process earn points and rewards.

Being a Maurices store customer come with benefits. The store came up with the credit card to award loyal customers who shop frequently in their shops. With the card, customers get to enjoy shipping services, cash off on purchases, in-store services and points for dollars spent. It is an amazing way of marketing themselves and get people to come to their shop and buy.

Maurices Credit Card Application

Who Qualifies To Have The Maurices Credit Card
Who Qualifies To Have The Maurices Credit Card

The amazing thing about the credit card is they accept an application from people with an average credit score. They are open to anyone who is;

  •  A USA citizen.
  • You must be 18 years of age.
  • Must have an identification card.
  • Must have a USA social security number.
  • You must have a USA mailing address.

Maurices credit card is convenient to Maurices stores customers. They want to make their customer feel appreciated and valued. Once you have the card, you automatically qualify a 10% off discount on your first purchase. Other benefits that you enjoy when you get the card include.

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Maurices Credit Card Payment Online

When you apply for Maurices Credit Card, you also have an opportunity of signing up for online services. All you must do is log into your computer, tablet or android phone and access your account. For those who shop online for Maurices stores merchandise, they have an option of shopping and paying with the card online. That is because Maurices credit card has a secure and easy system online where you can transact and pay your bills online. That makes purchases easier for their customers since they don’t have to be present to make the purchase. You also get to update personal details. It is paramount to note that if you are using a public computer, always remember to log out of your online account once you are done transacting.

  • Advance Alert of Sales and Promotions

What a way to get to their customers, right? If you are a fan of Maurices store goodies and you have the credit card, you have an upper hand of knowing what is new, what is on offer and know the upcoming events happening in their stores. That makes you aware and ensures that no offer or information misses their loyal customers.

  • No Annual Fee

It makes it more convenient to have and manage. All you must do is pay your credit card in time and the interest rate so that it doesn’t accumulate, and you will enjoy the full benefits of the card. There will be no financial charges when you pay balances in full each month.

  • Get All Information of Your Account

When it comes to financial matters, you need a system that gives you all the information you need to know about your credit card. With Maurices credit card, you get the full statement of your bank account and with that, you know your account status. With this information, you will be able to make decisions about that account.

  •  It Is Handy to Customers.

Like any other credit card, Maurices credit card holders can enjoy shopping with no worries of balances and cash at hand. They just walk in any Maurices stores or log in online and shop for what they need and pay using the card. It is also pocket-friendly due to the10 % off that is offered when you acquire the credit card and the 15% off you get when you receive your credit card in the mail.

  • Get to Add Authorized Buyers to Your Account

That is convenient in that the Maurices credit card can hold a whole household. You as the cardholder is authorized to add any other preferred user to the account. It means that a spouse can add the other spouse or even a relative to enjoy what is offered by the card.

  • Get Your Credit Limit Increased

So, you have the card and you have been paying the whole balance each month. That means you have a good standing with the bank and your credit score is getting better. Do you know with this, you can request a credit increase? If you prove you are a faithful payer of the card, you have a high chance of your credit limit being increased. That means you have more to spend on your shopping. The card is known to be used to increase once credit score for better offers in future.

Maurices Credit Card Benefits

When you have a Maurices credit card VIP you get to enjoy additional benefits from Maurices stores. These include;

• Unlimited shipping services.
• Birthday rewards.
• 10% off for every purchase you make at Maurices with the VIP credit card and many more.
• Personalized in-store styling services.

Disadvantages of Having Maurices Credit Card

Disadvantages Of Having Maurices Credit Card
Disadvantages Of Having Maurices Credit Card
  1. The card is only applicable at the Maurices stores.
  2. The card attracts a vert y high APR. It has a variable APR of 28.24% which is based on the prime rate and the market changes. That means that if not paid every month, you may end up paying a lot more than expected. That can be alarming for customers who are cautious about their finances.
  3. When you are late in payment and returns in your account, you are charged an additional fee of $37.
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How to Login Maurices Credit Card Online

How To Sign In To Your Maurices Credit Card Online
How To Login Maurices Credit Card Online

Every now and then, you might need to log in to your online account using your computer, tablet or your android phone. Some of the reasons for going online include;

  • Pay your bills.
  • To see and possibly print your receipts.
  • To update your personal details.
  • To see what is in offers and about upcoming sales.
  • To view coupons that are available.

Maurices Credit Card Sign Up

  1. If you enter and apply for the credit card from the Maurices stores, then you have the card. All you need is to go to the Maurices credit card page and click on sign up.
  2. You will be directed to a page that asks whether you have the card number. If you have the card number, click yes and proceed to key in the card number. If you don’t have the card number, click on no and you will be redirected to a page where you will be required to enter in your initials, social security number, your last name, date of birth and your zip code. When you are done. Your account is ready to log in.
  3. To log in, go to the Maurices credit card page and click on the sign in link.
  4. You will be asked to enter your username and password for you to access your online account.
  5. If for some case, you forgot your id or password you are given an option of recovering the information by clicking on the “forgot your username or password”. You will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter your username or card number, your id and your zip code.

Maurices Credit Card Payments

Many financial experts will agree with me that this is not the best credit card you can have. That doesn’t mean you should not enjoy shopping. If you are a great fan for Maurices store clothes and accessories all you must do is pay. Paying the card every month in full makes you safe from unnecessary fines and increased interest rates.

The following are 5 easy ways in which you can make your Maurices credit card payments;

Make Payment Direct at the Maurices Stores

You can easily make your payments by walking in any of the stores and get assisted. They have many outlets all over the country and that makes payment easier and convenient with no additional costs.

Mail Your Payment

They have mailing services where you can mail your credit card payment to comenity bank P. O. Box 182273, Columbus OH 42218-2273.

Pay Over the Phone

You can always call them at their number (886)880-4385 and speak to an agent for assistance in paying.

Pay Online

Do you have your device and want to make payments? The steps are secure, easy and you will get a confirmation immediately that your payment was received. To do this, you will have to set a profile through the capital one website then follow these easy steps;

  • i. Sign up and have your username and password set then have it linked to your profile for easier sign in.
  • ii. Once you have this, go to the pay bill portal and enter your username and password. Click the sign n button and go to the payment section.
  • iii. Choose the amount you want to pay.
  • iv. Choose the amount you want to pay.
  • v. Enter your bank account and routing number.
  • vi. Submit the payment and verify the details.

Pay through the ATM

Yes, you can also make payment at an ATM. Just follow these easy steps;

  • i. Walk into your bank ATM put your ATM and click on payment and transfers.
  • ii. Select the bill payment option.
  • iii. Click on the account you want funds to be removed from.
  • iv. Choose to whom the money is going to.
  • v. You need to enter the card number and amount being paid.
  • vi. Verify the payment and send.

Maurices Credit Card Capital One

Maurices Credit Card Capital One
Maurices Credit Card Capital One

Many customers have this question, why capital one mailing my bills? Well, there have been changes in the cardholder. Since December 28, 2006, capital one took over the management of Maurices credit card from comenity Bank. That means from 2017 customers were given new credit card from capital one.
They assured their customers nothing will change when it came to the benefits of the card. Customer continued to use the card as usual and received the benefits like they used to with comenity bank, but the following changes were done;

  • New applicants will be opening the account with capital one and not comenity Bank.
  • Old customers got new credit cards from capital one.
  • Customers accounts will reflect capital one as the card issuer at the credit bodies.
  • People with bad credit started getting limited access to some services like the shopping cart trick.
  • There was a new billing statement as well as the mailing address.

How to Apply for Maurices Credit Card?

How Do I Apply For A Maurices Credit Card?
How To Apply For Maurices Credit Card?

Like mentioned earlier its quite simple and fast. Do you have a fair or average credit score? Are you a USA citizen and of 18 years and above? Walk in any Maurices store or contact capital one and you will have your card. For you to have the card, you are required to provide your personal and financial information. The information needed include;

  • Your full names as they appear in your identification documents.
  • Your date of birth.
  •  Your email addresses.
  • Your residential address.
  • Your social security numbers.
  • Your net income per month.
  • Whether you have a mortgage or not.

For you to increase your chances of qualifying for the card, give the correct information and make sure you fill all the spaces correctly. It is also necessary to register for online services by signing up using the steps mentioned above. Remember to evaluate yourself and see if you really need the card and if it is the most suitable for you.

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Maurices Credit Card Customer Service

Maurices Credit Card Customer Service
Maurices Credit Card Customer Service

Do you have questions about your account? call or write to them and they will get back and answer your question. They have an amazing customer care services that is available 24 hours day 7 days in a week. They can help you in queries such as;

  • Login problems.
  • Payment issues.
  • Account problems.
  • Any other issues related to Maurices credit card.

You can mail them through;

comenity bank
P. O. Box 182273,
Columbus OH 42218-2273

You can also call them on their official numbers 800-701-413, (886)880-4385 and speak to an agent.

Access your account information at

Maurices Credit Card Phone Number

Maurices stores and capital, one has a great customer service where all your quarries listen. You can call them during the working hours. You can also call when you want to make payment and they are more than willing to help you. Their numbers are;

800-701-413 for VIP credit card applications.
(886)880-4385 to make a call and speak to an agent.

Summary of Maurices Credit Card

Are you a shopper at Maurices stores? it is a chance to shop with benefits. They have these amazing offers that cardholders enjoy like 10% off on your first purchase, you gain points for the dollars you spend and when you have a VIP card, benefits increase. However, it is important to note that this card should be used with caution. That is because it has a relatively high variable APR making it a bit expensive to maintain. Once you have the card, pay promptly and on time to avoid paying penalties and a high-interest rate.

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