Loft Credit Card Review (Loft Credit Card Login, Payment and Customer Service)

What is Loft Credit Card?

Loft Credit Card is created by Loft and Comenity Bank.

Do you remember days when you had to go and line up in a bank when you need money? You had to walk a long distance to your bank, and on reaching to your branch, you find your self-stuck in an endless queue. The worst scenario was when you realize you don’t have money and you must apply for a loan. The paperwork was complex and the waiting period agonizing.

Then came the modernization. With this, a man came up with ways of making life easier including the way we transact in the bank. Banks have come up with brilliant ways of lending its customers money using credit cards. Credit cards are the way to go. All you must do is go to any bank and other lenders and look for a card that suits your needs and style of expenditure.

Loft Credit Card
Loft Credit Card

Comenity bank is not left behind. They have come up with ways of lending their customers money through two incredible credit cards. These cards are for people who love shopping and need convenience while doing so. With these cards, you get to shop at the recommended outlets at discounted prices and you get rewards and bonuses when you shop with the credit cards. They have a partnership with loft stores and Ann Taylor to come up with;

  • Love loft credit card.
  • Ann Taylor credit card.

About Loft Credit Card

Love loft credit card is a credit card that comenity bank came up with to make shopping easier for its customers. Its design is for people who often do their shopping at lofts and want to be included in the great offers that they have. Well, are you a fan of shopping? Then this card is for you. The card helps you save shopping money by combining various benefits that you will enjoy once you have the card.

Who doesn’t love shopping? I mean, I do too. We must admit when it comes to shopping, no one is left behind. Every now and then, we want to have trending items that go well with our ever-changing lifestyles. With the current economic hardships, we need to shop in a way that we meet our needs as well as minding our savings for future use. Love loft credit card is the most convenient card when it comes to shopping.

Loft Card Credit Card Application

The good thing about the card is, it is accommodative. That means that if you have a good, average or a good credit score, you qualify for the card. All you must do is follow their given guideline on application and payment of the card. That makes it the most sort card and indeed it favors shoppers across the US. what is expected of you once you get the card is for you to make payment in time to maintain your good creditworthiness.

Loft Credit Card Benefits

Who Qualifies For The Loft Card Credit Card?
Who Qualifies For The Loft Card Credit Card?

Like any other credit card, it comes with convenience and safety. Once you have the card, you are flexible to shop for what you want at the recommended stores. The additional benefits that come with this card include;

  1. 15% off immediately. When you decide to go for a love loft credit card, you get 15% off when you open an account and make your first purchase with the card. Sound awesome right? That means you start enjoying the benefits of the card immediately after it is assigned to you
  2. When you shop using your card, you earn 5 points for every $1 dollar you spent. You should also know that there is no limit to the number of points you can earn so the more you shop the many the points you are rewarded.
  3. There is no annual fee when it comes to the loft credit card. That means that if you pay promptly, you will enjoy the card at no extra cost.
  4. The card gives you an opportunity to have a 10% off every first Tuesday of the month.
  5. You receive a $ 20 gift card whenever you earn 2000 points.
  6. Get an annual birthday gift one an in-store purchase during the month of your birthday, what a birthday gift?
  7. You have access to your account online 24/7 through your computer or your phone. That means you can pay bills, monitor your transactions and transfer your funds at ease.
  8. You also get 2 points for a gas or grocery purchase.
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It is not all rosy when you have the credit card. There are some few red flags that need to be checked before you find yourself in a mess with the credit card.

Disadvantages of Loft Credit Card

  1. Like earlier mentioned, you better own up to your promise and pay promptly. Late payment of this credit card can attract a charge of up to $37 and you don’t want to find yourself paying such an amount.
  2. You are compiled to pay a return payment of up to $25.
  3. The card has a relatively high APR. it can go as high as 24.99%.
  4. Here, the transaction fee is a must. You incur a cost of up to 24.44% for your bank transfers and cash transfer advances.
  5. The card is considered to have a selective form of reward program in that you get rewarded in specific points.

Loft Credit Card Rewards

Love Loft Credit Card Reward Points
Love Loft Credit Card Reward Points

Once you have your love loft credit card and you have earned enough points to be redeemed, you can have the cashed through shopping in one of these outlets;

  • Loft outlets.
  • At the Lou and grey outlets.
  • At Ann Taylor.
  • Ann Taylor factory stores.
  • Lou and

There you have. It’s all up to you whether to have one or not. All I can advise is go to the bank terms and conditions and see whether you can maintain the card. Before you decide on the card. Read through on another fantastic offer from the comenity bank. That is The Ann Taylor Loft Credit Card.

Ann Taylor Loft Credit Card

The Ann Taylor Loft Credit Card
The Ann Taylor Loft Credit Card

That card is a must have for ladies who love stuff from Ann Taylor outlets. Women love attention, right? They can only get attention by looking nice and elegant. How can you achieve this? By looking good and dressing sharply. That is where Ann Taylor come in. They have elegant, fashionable and latest trend that all women love. They have gone an extra mile by teaming with the comenity bank to come up with Ann Taylor credit card for their customers.

The card is specially made for Ann Taylor store customers. Do you have a fair or average creditworthiness? get yourself the card. You get discount when you use this card, and other benefits in their stores countrywide. It is important to note that the benefits of the card are valid on Taylor stores only.

Advantages of Ann Taylor Loft Credit Card

  • There is no annual fee attracted by usage of this card.
  • Once you have the card, you are entitled to a 15% off on your first purchase at their stores.
  • Get a 15% off every first Tuesday of the month.
  • You get to earn 5 points in store or online for every $1 spent when you purchase using your credit card.
  • Have a chance to double your points during the exclusive card member-only If you have this card, please note that.
  • You get a $20 reward card for every $400 you spend at Ann INC brands. That means you get to have high-end products at a rewarded profit.
  • Just like love loft credit card, you get an annual birthday gif of $15 during your birthday month.
  • There is no limit to the number of points you can earn through the card. If you go ahead and have the master card version of this card, you will have more points even outside their brands.
  • You have mobile access to your online account through the Taylor credit card app on your phone. So, you get to pay your bills and make your transfers easily and in a more secure manner.
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You Get Your Reward Card Through;

  • Ann Taylor card mobile application.
  • Online from your account.
  • Monthly billing statements.

If You Earn Enough Points, You Can Redeem Your Rewards at;

  • Ann Taylor stores.
  • Ann Taylor factory stores.
  • Loft outlets.
  • Lou and grey stores.

How to Login Loft Credit Card

How To Log In To Your Loft Credit Card?
How To Login Loft Credit Card?

Transacting online is convenient, secure and easy. Loft credit card through comenity bank has made this possible. You can keep track of your transactions, pay bills, and know your account details through login in your online account. You can do this on your computer, tablet or on your android phone. All you need is your device, sign in details and a reliable internet connection.

When you walk in comenity bank for the card, they usually help you register for online services as part of the process of getting the card. The following is the procedure that you need to follow;

  • You visit the loft credit card login page
  • On the user namespace, enter the username that you wish to use to identify yourself
  • At the password space, key in the password you wish to use. Keep in mind this is the password you will be asked to enter every time you want to log in, make sure it is unique and not easy to guess
  • When you are done with that you press the sign in button and you gain access to your online account. Now While there you can make payment and do other transactions.
  • Be sure to check in the “remember me” box if you are using your personal computer so you will be remembered automatically when you sign in.

It is crucial that you remember to log out if you are using a public computer. You don’t want to leave your account un-secure and venerable to theft. The security of the account is taken seriously by the bank. To eliminate chances of fraud and theft, any suspicious activity of the account is blocked.

If your account is reported to have unusual activities, a verification code is requested. That is to assure the bank that you are the one who is operating the account. It is done to eliminate chances of fraud and theft. Some of the reasons for asking for the code are;

  • Change of your usual computer. Sometimes you may find yourself logging in on a PC that is not recognized by the bank system. The bank request for the code to ensure you are the owner of the account.
  • The first time you log into your account.
  • You changed your internet explorer e.g. you may be using chrome and decide to use Firefox.
  • There is a change in your AP address.
  • Your device is factory set.
  • If you recently deleted your cookies.
  • Your internet provider may have changed its system setting.
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Loft Credit Card Payment

Loft Credit Card Payment
Loft Credit Card Payment

It is the aim of any card provider that once they give you a card, you will make payment as speculated on their credit card agreement. They give you the card because you have proven you can pay the card with no difficulties, so they expect cooperation on your side. Making payment makes you legible for more offers that come with the card and you will continue to enjoy the services with no interferences.

To be in good standing with your card provider, it is paramount you pay the credit card promptly before due day. You can make payments online any time of the day at no additional cost. A payment which is done online before 8 pm EDT area credited to your account that same day and those done after are accredited the following day. It usually takes at least two business days to complete transfers from your personal account to your lofty card account.

Avoid any late payment as it attracts fines and results to a high APR than the intended one. Any amount of money is acceptable. Strive to pay at least the minimum payment due as soon as you have the fund. That avoids accumulation of additional late fee charged.

Loft credit card holders with the good standing account and those that have not changed their due date for the last 12 months have an advantage of changing their due date to one of the day options given on the payment due today page. There is no fee for doing this but there is a limit to the number of times you can change.

Loft Credit Card Customer Service

Loft Credit Card Customer Care
Loft Credit Card Customer Service

When you have a credit card you expect things to run smoothly without any hitches, right? Well, your credit provider expects that too. However, sometimes it is not possible. You might experience log in issues, credit card issues or any other issue related to the card that you need to be addressed. Don’t worry, loft credit card and master card have a very responsive customer care center that listens and solves any issues that arise when using the card.

They are available from Monday to Saturday starting from 8 am to 9 pm. They are normally closed on Sundays and may vary during on holidays. They also have an amazing automated customer care whereby they are available all days the whole year, 24 hours 7 days a week.

You may have an issue that is not an agent but needs attention and you need it addresses, you can write for them through;

  • Writing an email to [email protected]
  • SMS them through 1-866-907-5612 or 1-800-695-1788
  • You can write to them on customer care address which is Comenity Bank, P O Box 18227, Columbus, OH 43218-2273.

Loft Credit Card Phone Number

You may need assistance on issues of agency, that is why the comenity Bank has come up with a number that all customers can call and have their issues resolved. If you ever find yourself having some issues you need to be addressed ASAP just call 1-886-907-5612. You will talk to a customer care agent and your issue will be addressed.

Credit cards have convenience, are safe and easy to use. When you have one, you get to enjoy many benefits that come with it. If you love shopping and most especially in the loft, loft credit card is the card to have. With the many benefits you enjoy, you will be able to save and get more when you use it. when it comes to Ann Taylor, they take shopping to a whole new level. You can enjoy shopping high-class clothing with a card that you will pay later. What you should always remember is pay promptly and be on the good side of the bank. Avoid late payments that attract penalties and you will enjoy shopping with the credit cards.

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