Jcpenney Customer Service

To begin with, the 100 plus years of operations may illuminate more about the nature of customer service that you should expect to get at the JC Penny. With a large population of buyers from the United States in addition to the JC Penny operating on a nationwide basis, their customers are in for a lot of work. But is that what they signed up for in the first place? How then will I rate the types of customer’s services that are offered at the JC Penny? I will just use one term? The whole of the customer care service at the JC Penny really need to pull off their socks and perform exemplary on their services. You may wonder why the company will go forth and close some of its outlets even with 100 plus years of Experience in the market. I guess if their individuals at that age who are willing and able to work in any company may really not like the previous fact that with the lots of tons of experiences we are still closing down some the JC Penny shop outlets. You may go ahead and say that its business, and expect that every business may pass different financial periods. This time is for JC Penny and the next time will be for other businesses.

Areas where the Penny Customer care service have failed: Let’s begin with the first area. That’s is the answering of customers calls. This is where most customers are angry about as at times you may be forced to wait for a long time in order for customer care assistant to receive your call. Once you place your order with the JC Penny, it’s usually a smooth process and moreover, some of the price sales for their commodity may really entice you to purchase the product. But the time in which the shipment of the product to your destination will take a quite a long time and you might even wish that you purchased the product from another seller. Moreover, another problem arises with the cancellation of your order as it will also take a lot of time to cancel a given prior placed order. Also, the lazy loading nature of JC Penny in answering client’s emails and the failure to completely engage their client effectively in some of the social media platforms offers no benefit to the JC Penny. You will ogre with me that the 100 years old departmental store really have a lot of their customers being of an average age of around 50plus years. To add on that this is just some set number of customers who by any means grew up shopping at the JC Penny Outlets for a larger period of their time and they still stick to their services regardless of the predicaments.

JC Penny has failed to provide Clear cut information about the nature of their coupons and offers

The failure of the customer care service desk to completely illustrate their offers to a great number of their customers may put JC Penny into a completely new mess. First of all, I wonder why you will go ahead and promise to deliver goods to a customer within given period of time and later fail to do so.  Guess it will be good to stick to what you can deliver and at what time rather than promising huge benefits to clients that is impossible to achieve. In addition to that, the failure of the JC Penny to provide a clear cut explanation on the way their coupons works has really brought in a lot of quagmires between them and their clientless begin with the usage of the some of the JC Penny credit cards. It came to my attention that most of the clients even do not understand that the time their bonus point earned from the credit cards expire. Some clients end up lining for a great period of time only at the end to be ejected out of the line when they finally get to be served. Just because the customer coupon may have expired or they no longer exchange coupons for given set of goods. This is another area where the company needs to look into

Areas where JC Penny May be Doing a Good Job.

First, it will be worth to consider that different JC Penny outlet offer different range of services to their customers. There are some vital areas where the JC Penny service providers have really done a commendable job. First, there are several cases whereby the JC Penny has really delivered clients goods on time. Moreover, there are also certain queries that the JC Penny service providers have handled problems with great ease. However, it will be worth noting that the nature of the service they give to their clients need to increase. JC Penny is no longer in the 20th century no more. Come on. We’re in the 21st century. The nature of the services they give should capture the attention of the 21 set century customer. Who first needs goods to be delivered within a faster period regardless off the block that may barricade the latter happening?  I also comment on the JC Penny cashier who sometimes manages to cash in the clients pay for such busy periods. Some of the long queues at the JC Penny may be life-threatening. But all in all, they make to serve their customers efficiently. At times as we know that, there may be a different set of customers. Some may be there and they do not understand the various types of coupons that are being offered at the JC Penny shops. Some may understand the Coupons and need further clarification about the coupons. Again, there are other JC Penny workers who move from one end of the register counter to another. Some are forced to stand at given spots for a great period of time in order to just serve the JC Penny clients.

In conclusion, the nature of the Customer care service to the JC Penny needs to improve if the departmental store wants to compete with other establish competitors like the Amazon among many other selling platforms.