JCPenney Credit Card Services

If you are someone who wants a credit card from a store they should pick the JCPenney Credit Card. It is predominantly beneficial if you recurrently shop at that store and want to earn rewards and save money. The company has a platform of outstanding cardholder facilities that allows the customers to get deals, discounts, and rewards every time they shop.  Here are some of the things you should know about JCPenney credit card services.

Yearly Percentage Amount

The Yearly Percentage Amount is also denoted as the APR. Your credit card has a preliminary rate of 0% for the first three years after you open the JCPenney credit card account. It ‘s hard to find a store that gives this advantage to its customers for such long duration. Thirty-six months without any interest or extra cash can make you save a lot of money. After that, you have to follow their rules which state that the APR rate is 26.99%. The yearly fee for being the owner of the card is $0.

Delayed Interest

When a customer decides to buy furniture or mattress that results in more than one thousand and five hundred dollars, they can pay the price within the three years. There will be no extra fees for that payment even though they are paying in installments.

Scam Fortification

You do not have to worry if you lose the credit card or someone steals it. All you have to do is contact the Synchrony Bank. They are the ones who knows about your finances, so they will know what steps to take in that situation to help you. They will save you from scams and safeguard you and make a new card for you. You can also contact the JCPenney credit card customer service.

Rewards Earning

You can buy something using the credit card and get involved in their program for earning rewards. When you buy something, you obtain a point. You can get a single point for each dollar you spend. You can also get a discount of fifteen percent on many items. Many customers take advantage of this program, and they earn a lot of points. In the long run, you will notice that you have saved a lot of money.


Certain apparel items such as dresses qualify for helping you save money. They are not for women’s clothes only; they also aid the children and men as well. You can shop for clothes for the whole family and be happy about the fact that you are earning points. There is no loss in here. You get your clothes along with the points which will also get you a rebate. The JCPenney credit card is like a prize for shopping at their store.