How Much is the JCPenney Credit Card Annual Fee (2020)

If you are wondering the amount of annual fee for a JCPenney credit card, then you will hear good news. That is the value is zero dollars. Do not get overexcited because obviously, there is a catch. There is an APR you have to pay. JCPenney stores are the perfect place to shop. People love it for their goods, merchandise, services and locations. They are also the best place to search for offers and deals. You can get a discount on various items such as furniture, beautiful jewelry, clothes, baby stuff, and shoes.  While they may be one of the nicest places to shop, the card might not be satisfying.

What is the APRs

People do not prefer debt on credit cards, and at the same time, the balance does not get fair treatment. The credit card details clearly state when you want to submit the JCPenney credit card application online that there is an APR. It is 26.99%, and we can say that it is not a reasonable or a flat rate.

That is not a good thing at all, and the lowest amount you have to pay is $2. As you can see that being the owner of the card will make you pay at least that amount. Therefore, in the long run, the customers pay more than the 26.99% which means they lose more money that they should.

What Is The Jcpenney Credit Card Annual Fee

What is the JCPenney credit card annual fee


To obtain a JCPenney Loyalty Rewards program you do not require a JCPenney credit card. Here are the details of what you get

JCP Loyalty Rewards (without the credit card)

1 point for each dollar is earned on procurements

250 points is equivalent to a $10 reward certificate – that is the same as 4% refund on expenditure

JCP Loyalty Rewards (with the credit card)

1.25 points for each dollar is earned on procurements

250 points is equivalent to a $10 reward certificate – that is the same as a 5% refund on expenditure

As you can see that JCPenney lets their customers have an advantage whether or not you have the credit card. That is another reason to love their stores. If you have the JCPenney credit card, you can get the 5% refund on what you pay.

Also, do not worry about your rank: regular, gold or platinum. The number of points a customer can earn is the same no matter where you rank or what your status is. All the reward certificate is the same amount. Compared to other cards, it is easy to get which makes it more desirable. Some people may avoid the card for the high-interest rate while there are many other excellent reasons to get the credit card.