JCPenny Appliances

The more than 100 years company has not had a simple walk in the Park for JC Penny while conducting their business. There are a lot of bad business choices that may have caused some of the JC Penny outlets not to performEximiously in the USA. That also goes without saying that most clients have had a rough experience while dealing with the JC Penny. All in all, this is the normal occurrences that accompany most companies and by the mere fact that JC Penny is still operational, we know that they are able to conquer any sort of business problems that may come their way. With the lot of services that are being offered under the JC Penny Umbrella that ranges from the Provision of restaurant, salon among many other services, a move by JC restaurant to venture in the Appliance business and to be more specific the home appliance business may see to be a green move that may really ogre well for the business not only in the short run but also in the long run period. However, the latter statement may be a pain in the ass for the JC Penny competitors. As this may mean war to them.

What has the Shift to offering home appliance mean to their business? Let’s begin by seeing the profit margin that my emancipate from the selling of the Appliances. Already the store reaps lots from the move as it has been witnessed by the number of customers who visit to purchase some of their appliances. In 2016, when the idea was in piloting stages, there was anticipation that there will be more than 500 location by now that will be selling appliances to JC Penny customers. That has truly been achieved irrespective of some of its outlets closing down recently. Moreover, most clients welcomed the move and shifted to the ordering of the JC Penny Home appliances on an online platform.

jcpenney appliances

jcpenney appliances

On top of that, the price at which some of the appliances were being sold in the market was at an affordable price and it encouraged more customers to place orders online. However, the short delays in delivering the products to the customers are what is really letting JC Penny down. Most of its customers are complaining about the time they have to wait to receive the ordered home appliances goods. Some of them say that they will rather pay a high price and receive their appliances early enough. Overall y the shift to the sale of home appliances, has added quite a number of customers to their basket. Not to mention that this will come also with JC penny increasing the range through which they advertise their products.

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Moreover, the move lead to the opening of new store locations. This was also followed up by the selling of JC Penny Home appliances on an online platform. With a given Clint order, Home among many other appliances was shifted to the clients and an affordable charge was levied to them. With the selling of a lot of online exclusives that are not found in a wide number of departmental stores, more sales have been experienced with the move. Moreover, customers have a wide range of choices from where they can choose on and this leads to better choices that are made by the clients. Not to mention that the wide range of choices may also cater for different customer needs.

How is the JS Appliance Customer service?

The JS appliance customer service needs to really up their game. Definitely speaking at times they may take a long time to receive clients call not to mention that there have been delays in delivery of some goods which were ordered by the clients. However, there are some of the JC Penny outlets that offer excellent services to their clients.  Mostly, customers have been complaining about is the cling department. These guy doesn’t receive calls immediately and at times you may have to wait for at least 25 minutes only to be redirected to another department. Moreover, their replay via emails and other means has not been up to speed as we except. Most of the customer care services in some of their locations are just worse off than you may have imagined. This is strongly where JC Taylor need to up their game. Who in this 21 set century will spend more than 25 minutes just waiting for some customer care to pick up their phone? I better cancel the order or just look for another supply with just one click to Google, Amazon among many other online sites that sell their products to customers.

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Will JC move to Sell home appliances face competition,

After 33 years of their exit in this business, there has been a steady mushrooming of online stores that sell Home Appliances. The last 33 years have meant a lot to companies like Amazon, Sears and many other departmental stores that are competing with JC Penny. Let’s mirror it this way Facebook, YouTube, Apple Company just developed within the 33 years span.  First JC Penny has to face competition from sears. By the mere fact that shear holding is the number one retailer for the sale of home appliances to the customers, getting them at that top spot may quite be a daunting task. Speaking in which the latter company experiences sales of more than $4 billion dollars to begin with. The competing company, on the three hand, has been closing some of its outlets in the recent times. But anything is possible in business as JC Penny pricing strategy may be what is needed to reclaim the top spot in the Home alongside other appliance business.

In conclusion, the move by the JC Penny to sell different types of home appliances to its customers is a good move that may bring them back to almost the same finical position they were some  33 years ago. However, JC Penny needs to only remain relevant in the market.