JCPenney Credit Card Login, Payment and Customer Service

What is JCPenney Credit Card? JCPenny is an American departmental store selling different kind of apparels, home commodities operating a lot of restaurants. The departmental store is operational for over 100 years and up-to-date there are  875 stores in United States, Mexico and Canada

Apply for JCPenney Credit Card to shop seamlessly at their outlets. They sell a lot of products and offer different will be sensible to have their credit card.The credit card department will help register,  review and accept your credit card application.

JCPenney Credit Card Login

Jc Penny Credit Card

Visit JC penny official page to apply for JC Penny credit card login, – a credit card backed by the synchrony bank. Register, get verified earn several reward and benefits, confirm transaction balances and pay bills.

The credit card login credentials provide online access. To access JC penny login page, enter your password and username. One can pay bills, check balances, credit card transactions , request for credit card balance and confirm your rewards points

Visit JC Penny homepage to register for online access. Visiting the page for the first time? If not, input user ID and password to log in, click ‘’secure login’’. Once, registered- first time and authorized users, you can retrieve your password access variety of login features.

JC penny recommends applicants to set strong passwords. Combine lower case, uppercase characters, currency symbols etc. Save login credentials to your PC or phone. This saves time for further login ensuring you don’t lose password periodically

JCPenney Credit Card Payment

JC penny credit card login enables one to pay bills online. With registration for online access, ability to recover your password and your user ID, you can purchase JC Penny products-apparels, home accessories etc.

Once logged in, locate the payment tab to commence payments. Authorise the bank to auto-debit your account meaning credit card company will collect payments from your bank account-synchrony.

If your credit card is not authorised- you received the card some while ago, activate the card to seamlessly make payments. There is detailed instruction at the back of the card. However, you can make payments even if you’ve not activated the credit card- for a while and only first-time applicants

Avail a valid photo and the customer service department will close the deal. They will process a temporary credit card enabling you to shop for the day. To seamlessly activate your credit card, visit JC Penny official site and this should not take more than 5 minutes

How to Make JCPenney Credit Card Bill Payment

To get verified instantly, make credit card payment without other bureaucratic procedures, apply for the credit card in the right steps further provide necessary information to expertise the process. Visit JC penny online sources since they have relevant registration information

To make payments- without the need to avail your photo, visit the online credit card centre. Input your username ID and password to log in. Click the ‘’remember me box’’ make it easy to login in for future attempts

Click ‘’secure login tab’’ to confirm your details and choose ‘’pay my bill’’ option. Input bank account and payment amount and choose the date when payment will be transferred from your synchrony bank account to JC penny account

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JCPenney Credit Card Payment Options

Pay your bills online, using your mail or on JC Penny departmental store. If you not comfortable paying your bills online- for security options use either of the two methods or vice versa. The three options cater for different client needs.

Paying your bill online – create your JC Penny login credentials, log in to JC penny account further to your personal account, select pay bill and that’s it. Mail payments should be addressed to SYNCB P.O BOX 960090 Orlando, FL 32896-0090.

Pay you JC Penny bills in the store without much struggle –it’s the easy, secure and fasts. Present the following documents: cheque, cash or money order. There are a lot of JC Penny stores near you. Use social media sites, Google maps and other online avenues to find a store near you.

For payment queries such as delay in processing your payment, account queries, suspicious hacking /phishing informational, over crediting and debiting of your account, contact JC Penny credit customer service. – will be discussed later in this article

JCPenney Credit Card Phone Number

If you encounter challenges with JC Penny payments, call JC Penny credit card number 1-800-322-1189.  United States cardholders can call 1-800-527-4403. Mexico residents can use 1-800-542-0800. The appropriate call hours and days are Monday- Friday 7.00am-12.00am Eastern Time. Saturday- Sunday- 9.00am-12.00am eastern time.

Puerto Rico and the US, Virginia Island resident can call 1-800-981-8400 and appropriate call hours and days are Monday-Friday – 7.00am-12.00am eastern time, 9.00am-12.00 am eastern time. If the credit card inquiries are unsuccessful, write a mail addressing to;

JCPenny credit services customer care, C/O, P.O.Box 965009 Orlando.- For United States residents. If you reside in Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands address the mail to JCPenny credit service C/O SYNCB, BOX 364788 San Juan, PR 00936-4788.

Visit JCPenny online credit centre, login to your account- user ID and password. Address your queries notifying the payment you made where you can retrieve other vital information affiliated with your credit card

JCPenny Credit Card – How to Apply

There are plenty reasons to apply for JCPenny credit card. Visit JC Penny official page, navigate to credit card section and you are done. The following JCPenny reward program will be worth your credit card application

There are three membership credit card levels and newbie applicants are automatically registered in the first reward program. The higher the shopping ladder, the sweeter it gets. Graduation to next step will depend on your shopping effort. Maximum JCPenny benefits are available for Gold and platinum status users

JCPenny online credit reward feature enables one access reward. One can check purchase history, points acquired and available reward packages. JCPenny Gold and Platinum status advantages users. One receives coupons, thank you gift and extra bonus points

Customers who spend at least $500 can maintain or earn the gold status. Further spending equivalent to $1000 plus graduates one to platinum credit card member.-JCPenny most rewarding consumer package

JC penny offers other benefits. Clients receive 10% discount on first purchase on the JCPenny website store. The card can assist rebuild your credit card score and history and carries an APR rate of 26.99%

JCPenney Credit Card Apply- Authorised and Joint Applicant

Users can choose to apply as a joint applicant or authorised users. There is a fine line that separates an authorised and a joint applicant. An authorized user is not the legal owner or applicant of the credit card. They are authorised to purchase using the JCPenny credit card.

Authorised users can request for account information, makes account changes but are not responsible for Payments made on JC Penny accounts. These changes affect JCPenny account users but they permitted this access

Joint account holder’s shares similar responsibility as primary account holders. They are liable for the consumer credit card account and have similar powers as primary account holders. They can request for additional information, make payments and account changes.

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The primary account holder can delete a joint or authorised user. Is seamless to delete authorized account users –contact JCPenny credit customer service. To remove a joint user, poised to be a daunting task. It’s possible to close your account and cease the joint account affiliation.

JCPenney Credit Card Apply – Updating Your Personal information

Log-in to JCPenny credit card online site. Have a compatible browser with secure internet connection. The log-in is secure but there are times when JCPenny online servers are not available- maintenance and upgradation reasons. This takes the short while.

Once you have logged in access account summary page. Progress to select ‘’personal information’’- on left navigation bar. This service applies to selected cardholders but contacts J.C Penny customer service to update this service on your account.

You can change your legal name and update your personal information. To expedite the process, submit all requested and relevant documents, Send scan copy and don’t share original documents. Once your personal data is available and up-to-date, your request will be complete

JC penny customer desk will contact to provide application feedback. If they don’t or delay, check your update information progress, contact the credit service department via phone, email or live chat. Utilise the JCPenny contacts addressed in this article

JCPenney Credit Card Customer Service

They offer solutions If you have queries with your credit card(JCPenny), cannot access their online credit card centre, credit card accounts information and request, JCPenny rewards, credit lines, users account etc.

You can Contact JCPenny credit customer service via mobile phone, mail, live chat, email address or visit the nearest JC Penny outlet that is near you. Remember, that call traffic is imminent here and it’s hard to get the direct reply.

Furthermore, there are other JCPenny contacts to call when you need instant help. Some are not for the credit card section, but one can be directed to the credit centre for help. Therefore, I will provide all JC penny contacts prioritising credit card contents. If you’re unsuccessful with first contacts, try out other contacts.

JCPenny Credit Card Contacts

Regardless of whether you wat too set up a JCPenny account, request for the decline in your credit card rate, or forward any other complaint, call 800-527-4003. This is the free toll number and you can anytime you feel like. This is a 24-hour call contact and the best time to call lays around 10; 15 am

You can choose to use the JCPenny live chart customer care service. The service is fast, efficient. When you make the call, press 0# if you will need to enter your account number further press 7. The live chat customer care service is available to both the US and local residents.

There are other social media channels where one can air out a query and the customer care service will be ready to assist. There is the JCPenny email support, help desk.If you are a social media geek, visit JCPenny official Twitter and Fb Messenger page.

JCPenny Contacts

Contact JC Penny head office via email. Address your email to  JCPenny Head Office/JCPenny Company Inc. 6501 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024 – Phone number (972) 431-100. Try out JC Penny customer service nmbers1-800-322-1189, 1-800-709-577.

For New orders, call 1-800-222-6161. If you need credit card services contact 1-800-542-0800. For bill payment call 1-800-527-4403. The JCPenny warrant service number is 1-800-9333-7115. If you have problems with product recalls call 1-888-333-6063. Lastly, for Dinnerware queries contact 1-800-737-5223.You can also send a post but address this to JCPenny, P.O.BOX 690 Columbus, OH 45272-2524.

They offer excellent services to most of the JCPenny clients. They can help track your package. You will be directed to a suitable page where one can register for the service. Furthermore, one can access their billing address, credit card Intel and other details pertaining to client order

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Customer service can help purchase the JCPenny gift cars and take advantage of the numerous coupons. They will further direct you of the best possible way to send your gift card to clients and benefit from the numerous offers.

The customer care department also sends coupons alerts to new and authorised customers. This will help keep track of the numerous offers available and their expiry date. You can contact the JCPenny customer care department if you need any help with online shopping.

There are numerous JC Penny contacts to call when in need of clarification with certain issues. However, there are a large number of JCPenny clients that frequently contact the departmental store. At times, you may have to wait for some time but you will be unlucky not to find one of direct customer attention.

Alternatives JCPenny Credit Cards

Thought the JCPenny provides a lot of offers, there are a lot of another credit card that is better off. The initial bonuses are okay but as one progress to using the credit card, the interest rate becomes high-A 26.69 interest rate seems too high for a credit card that can be used only at the JCPenny stores

However, if you are a Loyal JCPenny shopper and you shop periodical at their outlets, you may benefit from the coupons which may lower the interest in the long run. You earn $1 for every dollar that you spent, receive special discount and gifts. If the credit card offer is not what you are looking for, review this other credit cards

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Some of the high peaks of this credit card cannot compare to the JCPenny. There is an automatic unlimited 1.5% cash back on any purchase you make. You also earn a $150 bonus when you spend $500 worth of purchases in the first three months

The card carries a no APR for 15 months period and a variable APR that range from 16.49-25.24%. The best part of the use of the credit card is that any cash back reward earned do not expire and the credit card score is updated on a weekly basis

Comparing this with the JC Penny, credit card, the chase freedom credit card has some of the best offers for new applicants.

Capital One Venture Reward Credit Card

Though the credit card suits those guys that love to fly, the user benefits are curtailed to give a good customer service. Once you register, you will earn a one-time bonus equivalent to 50000miles and any time you spent $3000 on the purchase after just three months from opening your account.

Converting the travel distance to cash, the credit card provides a $500 compensation. This is a good offer when compared to JC Penny credit card. The high perk with the use of this credit card is that there are no limitations s to when you can redeem this offers

The credit card allows an individual to fly any time they feel to do so, they can stay in the hotels of their choosing without comprehending about blackout dates. The most tantalising feature s that this mile have no expiry period and so long as your account remains active, you can earn bonus travel miles

Is JCPenny Credit Card Worth Your Application?

If you shop frequently at the JCPenny outlets, then applying for this credit card may be a good move. The more you purchase, the more points you earn which you can redeem for cash at their outlets. However, if you don’t shop at the JC Penny Frequently, you will not benefit from this offers.

Why should you risk to pay an ARR of 26.99% when you can pay for JC Penny purchases using your visa card and other credit cards? However, if you have a bad credit card rating you need to revamp the ratings, the JCPenny credit card is a favourite credit card that you can apply for

Depending on your needs, you can choose to either sign up for the JCPenny credit card or look somewhere else if their offers are not what you are looking for. There are tons and tons of credit cards that one can apply for.