An Overview of the JCPenney Home store- Their Journey to Success and Their Failure

JC Penney home store operates different shops at their mall. In addition to that JC Penney departmental store has more than 1000 operating locations in the USA. There are different types of merchandise that JC Penney deals with. Besides the selling of the conventional merchandise, the departmental store also boasts of housing quite a number of leased departments. Talk of the Best coffee settle arena, the optical centers and salons just to mention a few. The company has not been performing badly in terms of sales. A recent article published in the Huff post suggested that there was a plunge in JC Penney stock by a more than 17 %. On top of that, the company also minds its customers and this was evident by JC Penney slashing some of its financial forecast in 2017. However, it will be vital to know that most of the JC Penny home stores are located in the suburban areas. But this was not the case as in 1996 where most of the JC Penney stores were located in the downtown areas. The latter was, however, a business move to counter the marketing needs of the 21st Century. Moreover, there was the need of JC Penny to find a way of competing favorably with other established malls.

More about JC Penney Home Store. Definitely, JC Penney operates on a public domain. The company has been trading on the New York Stock Exchange for a great period of time. Founded as a retail industry in 1902 by William Henry and Cash Penney, JC Penney boasts of 100 plus years of service operation in the USA an on a national platform. Currently, the number of locations which are served by the JC Penney stands at 875. However, this is a decline in the original number when the company was being found. Sources say that the company has been undergoing serious economic challenges and there was the need to retrench some of its branches and guarantee Eximious services to its client. It also goes without saying that the JC Penney is the first company in the United States to close more than ¼ of its branches. This has not happened especially in the retail sector which has been accompanied by rapid growth with the profound use of technology to hasten their deals. The nationwide operating JC Penny offers products that range from cosmetics, footwear, clothing, electronics, furniture, jewelry, housewares and other appliances. With an approximated number of about 106,700 as in 2017. JC Penney boasts itself to largely offering employment opportunities to a lot of youths in the USA.

JC Penney Home store

JC Penney Home store

Factors that may be behind the later JC Penney Growth and Success.

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Operating a business in two different centuries is something that most businesses dream to accomplish. Sticking to your line of product and finding ways of meeting the tough challenge especially from the mushrooming SME is not an easy task, The reform that driving force that is behind JC Penney success is the vast area of JC Penny operations really took them to another level. Turning to its full online shopping Centre after the dwindling of the Operation some the Treasury stores prove to ingest success to JC Penny in the 20th Century.

The company diversified the range of products that they war offering to the Market. At First, JC Penney was offering the normal retail products. During those times the company was not performing well in the United States. Just to mention that JC Penny had to sell some of its branches to other Companies. Firestone company for Example. Moreover, the company shifted to the offering of other services and this lead to their establishment of the JC penny bank, with time, the bank began the issuance of its own master cards and Visa. Not to mention the fact that JC Penny also ventured In Televising their Products through the JC Penney Television Channel. This was vital baby steps that were attributed to the latter growth and the refurbishment of JC Penney during the 20th Century. In the 21st Century, JC Penney had to compete with other companies offering that same product to as them. They made a good move by JC Penny selling their direct insurance unit. The $1.8 Billion dollars raised was focused in the revamping of their retail business which had been facing by stiff completion and this led to the closure of some of their operating premises in the region. This was followed by JC Penney adding quite a number of stores in completely new different locations. Talk of the Linden street brand new store that was added to the JC Penney lists of tires in 2008. More additions were witnessed in the latter years. There was also the amalgamation of some of the JC Penney with other dealers. The later lead to the striking of a partnership deal whereby JC Penney will operate some services of the partnered company near in its departmental stores.

JC Penney Home store

JC Penney Home store

The Current State Of JC Penney In 2018

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Currently, the former lead leaders may be leading from behind. According to an article that was published on CBNC, it’s approximate that JC Penny will close more than eight locations in 2018. This has also been accompanied by the prospection that by the time we reach 2030, more will need to be done if JC Penny is to stand on his feet. The latter year saw more than 140JCPenny outlets closed and more than 600 jobs were lost. Part of the reason that JC Penny attributes to the latter is due to the fact that more of its customers are purchasing their products on an online Platform. To me, that’s May not be true. Asks yourself why close when you can sell both online and through your stores? Some of the anticipated closing avenues of the JC Penny include the Garden Plaza, the Washington Park mall alongside other six locations.