Indigo Credit Card Application, APR and Customer Service

What is Indigo Credit Card? The credit card is a reality of this world. The life is sometimes incomplete without these credit cards. They provide us with complete ease and that is what everyone looks for in their financial life.

Keeping cash in your pocket is not only difficult but at the same time, it is not secure for us. This alternative to the cash is liked by people all over the world. These cards are very easy to carry and provide us with many benefits and rewards as well. You are given some cash back offers as well by these credit cards.

They make sure that their customers enjoy the top class features of the cards and have no problem as far as their financial life is concerned. They let you pay easily all over the world and keeps you updated as well with what all you have done using your credit card recently.

These are some of the things which make it good for you to use a credit card in your life. One such card which is under discussion today is called Indigo Credit Card. It is also referred to as the Platinum credit card in the market.

It has some awesome and lucrative features which make you think about it every time.

Reasons to Love This Card

There are many reasons to love such credit card but we are going to discuss some of the best reasons for everyone to love this credit card.

They provide you a platinum master card which is good for those people who don’t have a perfect credit record in the past years.

They will provide you a very quick pre-qualification as well; it won’t have any impact on your credit score which makes it a good choice for you.

After you submit your application to them they decide it very quickly rather you are eligible for the credit card or not. It is said that they decide in the next 60 seconds whether they are giving you the benefits of their card or not.

They have some beautiful designs when it comes to their credit card and the plus point in it is that you can also choose a free design of your own as well.

You can make the card look like you want and enjoy the perks as well.

Mobile account access is also given to all the cardholders of the company. You will have 24/7 access to the mobile account of the company.

Indigo Credit Card Application

Indigo Credit Card
Indigo Credit Card

The application for the credit card is very simple and you can easily apply by providing them all the personal information which is asked in their application form.

If you are invited by another customer then you need to provide them the invitation number as well. When you submit this application to them they will respond back to you within the next 60 seconds which is indeed a very quick response.

The people who are pre-qualified only receive these offers and the invitations by the company. You can check it as well whether you have received it by mail.

In the second part of the application, they will inquire about all the personal information from the applicant. You need to provide them an address for billing as well.

They will also inquire about the sources of income and some other information regarding your billing and other stuff.

If you recently moved to a new location then you need to provide them with the old one as well.

Once you submit all these details to the company they will respond back to you within the next 60 seconds and if you are eligible then a card will be given to you.

They will deliver you a very straightforward and easy opportunity to build a credit record and then easily get access to the credit.

Manage Indigo Platinum Credit Card

You can easily meet all of your needs by using the Indigo Platinum credit card. All the everyday needs make sure that you meet all your financial needs.

If your credit is successfully managed then the credit goes to their management as well who provided you with such a beautiful opportunity that too free of cost.

After using this credit card by the company you will feel a clear change in your progress and at the same time, the company promises to take you even further as well.

Issuers of Indigo Platinum Credit Card

The credit card is issued by an experienced team of Celtic Bank with partners like Genesis FS Card Services, Inc. The mentioned bank is having a good reputation in the market which makes the card even more value able in the market.

This bank was founded back in 2001 and since then it is providing awesome features to its customers all over the world.

They also provide MasterCard to their customers which are managed by the North American region of the company.

They are having a vast experience of 12 years in the field of giving credit to the people. they help all the people who have limited credit or damaged credit in the previous years.

You can count on them for sure regarding all of your financial needs in today’s world.

  • Committed to customers

They are always committed to their customers and provide the top class features and environment to process all their financial issues.

Their service is not less than any other prime credit card company in the world. They will not charge any additional cost from the customer and provide them with 24/7 online account servicing.

  • Track of transactions

They will also keep a track of your credit history and transaction history as well. This transaction and credit history is then shared as well with all the stakeholders.

It is given to all the companies which keep a track of your record and make sure that your account is in good standing which helps in improving your credit score.

This card doesn’t enjoy a very good reputation in the market due to some complaints filed by the users of the credit card.

One thing which you need to keep in your mind before applying for any credit card is that how the credit is built. If you are aware of this thing then it is going to help you a lot.

People who have good credit scores must go for other cards over this one. You will easily get credit approval on other major cards and they provide nice benefits to the customers.

  • Read card terms

Before applying for any credit card in the world understand and read the terms and conditions of the credit card. If you will follow the terms and conditions then you will avoid all the extra fees for the card as well.

People who start using the card without getting much information about its different features and fees and penalties often experience problems in their credits later.

  • Read payment terms

One of the big issue people face these days is late payments to the company. They try to send the payment to the company on the very last due date.

This payment then takes some time before reaching the company and you need to give penalties as well.

It takes almost 2 to 3 business days before your payment is transferred to the account so make sure you are keeping these days ahead of your payment.

Indigo Platinum Credit Card Reviews before Application

It is better to pay them on time and avoid any kind of extra charges or any other such issue which can disturb your financial conditions later in life.

Do read all the reviews of the people who are already using this credit card. This will better help you understand this card and know about its features and its disadvantages.

They also have an annual fee for the customers. You can surely use this card to improve your credit score and once your score is improved you can opt out to other cards which have better features.

Make sure before going towards other cards that you close this one otherwise you have to pay the annual fees to the company every year.

They don’t give any cash back of rewards to the customers like some other major cards on the market.

They don’t have any point system as well.

This card is good in a way that it can help you build a good credit score that too within a very limited time.

This will have a very good impact on your credit score. People when having good credit, they can easily get approval for other good cards on the market.

This is very good for your future. This card is recommended to the people who have bad credit during the past years and wanted good cards but are denied every time.

They don’t have a long list of the benefits but they surely have some benefits for the credit card users.

They don’t even provide many details about all the offers they are giving out to their customers.

  • Shopping

They will provide you protection as far as the shopping is concerned. You have the price protection by the company and you can shop anywhere in the world using this card.

  • Warranty Protection

They will also provide you with protection as far as the warranty is concerned. They also have extended warranty protection for their customers.

  • Security

The security features of the company are quite good. They will provide you with security and identity theft resolution service as well. This means you don’t face any major issues, even after the card is lost.

Even if you lost your credit card they will help you recover it as soon as possible. The victims can count on the company for all such issues.

  • Fraud liability

They also provide zero fraud liability to the credit card holders of the company.

If there is an unauthorized activity using your credit card then you are not held responsible for it. The company will tackle it themselves no matter what they have to do.

All you need to do is contact the customer support of the company immediately.

Fees and costs of Indigo Platinum Credit Card

Now let us discuss the costs and the fees structures of the company.

The annual fee is a major issue they have. The card doesn’t give you many benefits and you have to pay annual fees as well.

They are charging $0 to $99 annual year to the customers. When looking at the offers and the benefits of the card, it is not justified.

  • Purchase APR

They don’t have variable fees like other cards in the market. They have a fixed APR for all of their customers.

The APR of the credit card is 23.90%. It doesn’t change no matter what happens.

You can easily transfer balance using this credit card. They will not charge you any APR when it comes to the balance transfer.

  • Cash Advance

There is some cash advance APR of the company but it keeps on changing with the time. you need to read the detail terms and conditions of the company for complete insight about the cash advance.

  • Fee for the balance Transfer

They also have a balance transfer fee for the customers. You need to read the terms and conditions of the company for detail look on the transfer fee.  It also depends on the amount you are transferring.

  • Cash Advance Fee

The cash advance fee of the company is also given in the terms and conditions which you accept while submitting an application to the company.

This also mostly depends on the amount you are transferring using the credit card of the company.

  • Foreign Transaction Fee

You are not charged any foreign transaction by the company. You can easily make transactions all over the world without any cost using the Indigo Credit Card.

  • APR for penalty

There is APR for the penalty as well. The best thing is you make all the payments to them on time. However, if you paid them late then there will be a penalty for you.

You can check it on the website of the credit card.

They will also charge your returned payment fee and late fees the details of which are given in your contract with the company.

The annual fee of the company will be shown to you in the statement of your balance which you get from the credit card. So, you need to pay them the annual fee for the card.

If you are looking to make big purchases then this is not the right card for you. Some people reported that they have the credit limit of just $300.

You need to pay money to the card for the annual fees and the bad thing is that the credits limit won’t increase that much.

The card should be used only for building the credit.

Indigo Credit Card Customer Service

Indigo Platinum Credit Card Customer Service
Indigo Platinum Credit Card Customer Service

They have a customer care as well to facilitate their customers.

The following number if dialed will prompt another menu which will completely guide you about different offers and features of the company.


  • Questions

If you have any questions related to the services of the company, you can dial the number which is given below.


  • Mails

You can also write them using the mail address of the company. All you need is to mention your name, address and the ZIP code with the problem you are facing with the company.

Send all this information to the address which is given below.

P.O. Box 4477

Beaverton, OR  97078-4477

They will give you an immediate response within the next 3 working days giving you a solution to the problem.


The card is only recommended to the people if they are looking to build their credit using this card. There are many complaints by the people using this credit card.

This card is not good for the balance transfer as well. You won’t be given good limit by this credit card.

Even if you want to use this credit card then make sure that you pay all of your bills to the company on time.

If you pay all of your dues on time then you will avoid the late payments by the company and would have good credit as well as a borrower of the company.

Keep up the good activity on this card and you will quickly get approval for other cards in the market which have a good reputation.

In short, this credit card can lead you to other cards in the market which have a pretty good rewards system and are more helpful to your financial needs.

Well, now you have a complete idea about this credit card and what all are the offers given by this card to the customers. Would you recommend others to use this card to increase their credit score?

If you think there is some other credit card which can lead you to other cards and have good credit building system them do mention that card so that we could share information about them as well.