Home Depot Credit Card Cons, Login and Customer Service

Home Depot Credit Card offers clients with seamless shopping experience and possibilities.  There is plenty product for the consumer to purchase. Furthermore, if you are searching for a home improvement supplier –with tons of experience, look no further as the retailer cooperation has 100+years’home retailing products experience.

Up to date, the company has established numerous stores in the USA. As per January 2018, they had 400,000 associate and 2200 retails stores the USA. Register for a Home Depot Credit Card to purchase the Home Depot products.

Home Depot Credit Card Cons

Home Depot Credit Card
Home Depot Credit Card

The other side of the credit card is that the card can only be used at the Home Depot store. If you like to sign up for a flexible card that you can use for all your purchases and payment, then the credit card falls short of that

Still, there is no stable interest rate though I admit that  an APR range of 17-26.99 is not bad, you have to work your ass off-purchase more, win more offers to get the lowest interest charge and that’s doesn’t come easy for one time purchasers

The late payment fee stands a $35which is high for me and by the fact that the credit card doesn’t come with no reward programs- where one can earn points and redeem for goodies. This differentiates the credit card from other that offer this feature.

Is the Home Depot the Best Credit Card?

After getting a start on different Home Depot features- Home Depot Login, payments, offers and customer care contacts, you are wondering if this is your credit card. It’s of no doubt that the credit card is nowhere close to some premier credit cards that can be used on the store and of store

However the interest rate is somewhere close to some of the best credit cards, furthermore, if you plan to launch a new house, do some renovation and need to purchase plenty products, there is a lot of offer you can get.

Some of the other benefits as to why you should apply for this credit card is that one can get the better of the no annual fee, the one-year purchase return offer and the window to sign up for other bonus package offers that come with plenty of goodies.

Also if you are in search for the credit card with available customer care service, this is your credit card. Thee plenty of customer care contacts to call, there are the live chat and functioning customer care email addresses. This is something that guarantees to fix any credit or purchase problem when the need arises.

Home Depot Credit Card Compared To Lowes Credit Card

The two cards have almost similar features but the Home deports does not offer reward programs to its clients. The cards carry no annual fee and your approval rate depend on your credit card history- they don’t approve individual with a dad credit card score.

Still, the credit cards can only be used in their respective shop. You can use Lowes credit card to purchase Lowes products and the same applies to the Home Depot Credit Cards. Their Apr rates are somewhere close lower fixed APR -26.99 and Home Depot range from 17.99-26.99

However, the Lowes credit card offers 5%discount for everyday purchases which the other Depot credit card doesn’t offer. Also, the Lowes runs credit card reward programs and one can redeem the points. It’s sad that the Home Depot Credit Card doesn’t come with some special discounts.

One time purchasers may find it even hard to qualify for some of the offers furthermore they may end up paying high-interest rates and late payment charges. However, the two credit cards specialize in the different line of products.

Home Depot Credit Card Login

Home Depot Credit Card Log-In
Home Depot Credit Card Log-In


Visit their official website. It’s easy to locate their website –just type home Depot, check the SEO title and the page you’ve clicked the hyperlink.  One can also do a page inspection to verify if you landed on the correct page.

The sole reason why one needs to search for the official page is to avoid the possible instance of phishing and hacking. Their website feature secure SSL login and every data you input is protected. One can be re-directed to their home page via affiliate brokerage sites. Just be alert to your search.

First-time users will register in order to gain online access. Their data will be uploaded to the system and if verified, they can future log in without registering afresh. Authorised users will input their user ID and password to log-in

The impeccable feature about Home Depot online account registration is the ease of account creation. One just follows the prompts, input relevant data, creates a password, submit and await verification. Provide you with the legal age, you can register for credit card access.

Home Depot Credit Card Payment

Whether you plan to launch a small or mega home project, this credit card will fabulously enable one to maintain purchases records.  One can benefit from precious benefits and coupons curtailed to avail Home Depot shoppers with stellar purchasing experience

You can make payments online –once you register using three methodologies. Register online, get verified and receive your user ID and password. You can send mail address and call to make payment- will be discussed later.

Home Depot Credit Card Payment- Online

Retrieve your online credit card account credentials. The customer care service will mail –login credentials once you register online and you’re verified. Input your user ID and password and click log in.

Navigate to the payment page and click ‘’make payment link’’. The link is conspicuous and one can locate this less muscle input. Further, choose the suitable account that you will use to make payment. One can use a saving or checking account that has variant benefits.

Have your bank account number and routing number.  Fill all prerequisite details to make the payment. The pro part of Home Depot online registration makes you skip all these processes. Once one registers, confirming account balance, transaction history and viewing offers become an attractive process

To seamlessly enjoy Home Depot credit card online registration benefit, prioritise the security of your account. Set a strong password and periodically change the password-within 2- 3 month period to guarantee account security.

Home Depot Credit Card Payment- By Mail

This is a suitable payment method for guys who don’t want to share their credit card and bank credentials- for fear of hacking or phishing. Use the return envelope method to make payment and earn monthly coupons

Have your account number and other prerequisite documents, write the pay cheque and input in the return envelope. Remember to enter your account number- write in the memo section and use this address Home Depot Consumer Credit Payments, Home Depot Credit Services, P.O.BOX 9001010 Louisville, KY 40290-1010

Home Depot Payment – By Phone

This sounds easy and with adept Home Depot customer service, the process even becomes attractive. There is only one limitation, this service is not available for 24 hours and 7 days. Make sure to pay as from 6 a.m. -1 p.m.-Monday –Saturday. Pay from 7 a.m -12 a.m. on Sundays

Also, call Home Depot automated credit card phone number 866-875-5488. Don’t underestimate the latter automated service. It works. Be patient when calling and follow the prompts to make payment. Use either of the option to make payment. Choose suitable methods that will suit your need.

Home Depot Payment – Credit Card

Now you can pay your bills –using mail, online or phone, you need the stellar credit card communication channel to address your queries.  When you are making payments and run into problems, contact Home Depot credit card number-1—866-875-5488. Be sure to confirm call operational hours.

Call these Home Deport supportive contact 1-888-944-2227-for technical assistance. 1-88-944-2227 – you have hearing impairments. Puerto Rico and Canada residents must use 1-423-467-6124.

Send a mail with your query addressed to Home Depot Credit Services P.O.BOX 9001010 Louisville, KY 40290-1010 or use this P.O.Box number 790328 St Louis, MO 63179. These address and contacts should get you any assistance you need.

Home Depot Credit Card App

The credit card app allows their user to browse for the different product, pay bills and manage their account. The app is available as a free download on Google Plus and it’s compatible with a lot of browsers. Some of the benefits of this credit card app enable the customer to:

  • Shop Seamlessly Via Mobile Device

There are over one million products ranging from improvement products, home appliances, kitchen items, decorating items and furniture. One can view the product, determine if it’s suitable and make payments.

  • The App Can Help Locate The Nearest Store.

The app features store location founder where customers can locate the nearest store, determine their working hours, the best time to shop and order for a lot of different services.  Once can still check the range of products available and if what you need is not hosted in the store, you can save time and cost and look somewhere else.

The credit card app is designed in such a good way that you may be able to use the voice and image search feature to locate different products. Still one can read client’s reviews understand the delivery information and the home depot customer service rate.

With the wide range of the Home Depot products, the use of the Home Depot credit card app is beneficial as it enables the client to easily pay for online bills, further manage their online accounts. With the app, you don’t need to login to the official website to make payments.

Home Depot Credit Card Offers

There are a lot of credit cards companies and banks that offer different credit cards. There are those credit cards that clients can use them only in the issuance company store while others can be used in any other place to purchase products-grocery store, restaurants, etc.

The offer that a given credit card company offers determines if a lot of shoppers will sign up for the credit cards or not. However, Home Depot has not failed short to offer clients with some of the breath-taking offers that allow them to constantly shop at their outlets.

The credit card charge no annual fees. Furthermore, when you purchase commodities worth $299 you will not be charged interest on financing.

Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Offer

The high peaks of the credit card enable the consumer to accrue an interest rate of 17.99%. The low interest rate when compared to other credit card ensures non-frequent shoppers are taken care of. There are other offers still that cardholders will benefit like:

The provision of one-year hassle free return- on purchases with a six-month financing for any purchase that’s is over $299.

Home Depot Project loans offers

If you own a home or planning to get one, this credit card offer will best suit you when you need to either do renovation or customize your house.

The interest rate charged  7.99 APR and other high perks for this offer include you not paying the annual fee and you will be given an 84 month period to pay off your loans. Still, you will have the sixth-month purchase window and receive a home depot line of credit equivalent to $55.

Home Depot Commercial Revolving Account Offer

The credit card offer carries an APR rate of 21.99%. This is good offer especially for contractors who need to track given purchases. You will need to further enrol in the card benefits programs that will enable you to earn fuels saving that will come with one-year commodity return benefits. There are no annual fees.

Home Depot Commercial Account Offer

To get the best of this offer, you will need to pay your home credit card payment in full in a given month. After you register for this credit card, you will not pay any annual fee and you can purchase and track your items.

Home Depot Credit Card Discounts

The credit card doesn’t offer many discounts on other credit cards where users can shop any place they deem to. However, there are special promotions and offers that are sent to members –via mail. You can sign up for this offers to get some of the discounts.

The prevalent home depot credit card discount include: 5%off $50 text sign up/ you get a 5%off with the home depot sign up. There are the 50%offferon overstock items and up to 60%off wins the featured items

The Home Depot offers are offered in different departments during a specific period of time. This is normally sent via email and be sure to frequently check your email to benefit from this offers. There are a lot of Home Deport purchase offer when you purchase different products.Check out to see the offer that will suit you.

Home Depot Customer Service

Home Depot Customer Service
Home Depot Customer Service

Their customer service is well equipped to serve different client needs. First, there is adequate call infrastructure and the customer care assistant etiquette is superb. However, due to call traffic, it may not be able to instantly address the need of each individual clients and you may have to wait for some time for a customer assistant to receive your call

The possible contact methods include; call, sending a mail, subscribing to live chart and if you can locate a nearest Home Depot store that is near you, you can visit to air out your issues. Make sure to try these Home Deport customer contacts.

Some of the Home Depot contact numbers include 1-800-466-3337. When you call the customer number, you will encounter the automation messages. There are different call prompts and stages but if you are keen the free toll number can help you get with your query

Other Home Depot Contacts

For consumer credit card account –US residents call 1-886-875-5488. If you are calling from Canada, use 1-800-747-3787. If you have queries with your business card account, be sure to call USA number 1-866-875-5490. For Canadian residents, with business credit card account queries, use 1—888-308-5080

You can send a mail address and you can contact them with your queries on different social media channels. However, if you have registered for the Home Depot App you can seamlessly get notifications and contact the customer care service when you need help.

Conclusion of Home Depot Credit Card 

The cons here outweigh the pros. However, the question of the worthiness of this credit card depends on how frequent one shop. If you are a one-time purchaser, this is not your credit card. If you frequent shopper, this is your credit card

Contractors who frequently source for home construction supplies can really benefit from the credit card interest range of low of 17.99 APR. Also if you need to purchase around different stores and not fixate yourself to one store, this is not your credit card. Furthermore, individuals who don’t pay their purchases on stipulated time may end up paying more in the long run


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