GameStop Credit Card Login, Application and Customer Service

What is GameStop Credit Card? The choices of the people are changing with the passage of time and they are looking for more comfort in every walk of life. They are not impressed by the old cash system anymore and needs something new in their life.

An alternative to them was given in the sense of credit cards by different banks of the world. Now they prefer to make all their payments using these credit cards. These cards are sometimes specified to a single store in the country or can be used anywhere.

They have a variety of choices when it comes to the selection of the card and they can choose according to their needs. The banks and the companies issuing these cards keep the needs and requirements of their customers in their mind.

You must go through the features of all the cards and then decide which one is going to suit you the most. Today we are going to talk about a card which is more related to the needs of the gamers in the country.

This may be good for some buyers but at the same time very bad for other customers.

A card which you think is perfect may not be that much feasible for another person due to the different shopping choices.

The credit card these days are everywhere and they are the only solutions left for the cashless and easy payment system.

GameStop Credit Card for Gamers

Gamestop Credit Card
Gamestop Credit Card

This card is mostly used by the gamers but the rewards and all other offers are comparatively very less when we compare it with the cash back cards. It would be better if they choose some cash back card.

This credit card actually aims to provide the best and latest features and offers to the company. It is really good for you if you are a gamer. Especially the rewards members can have the best option for the card.

All the reward members of the company can easily make epic savings using the credit card of the company. All the rewards and points are also given to the customers. These points and bonuses are not doubted not equaling many other cards but for gamers, they are more than enough.

Benefits of GameStop Credit Card 

GameStop stores in the country contain a large number of gears and other collection for the gamers which are their ultimate goal.

You can make savings from the card and at the same time earn points which can be later redeemed for other purchases from the stores of the company.

They also provide in-store coupons to the customers and many other breathtaking benefits.

You can always talk to the associates of the company and decide which offer suits you the best in all the aspect and then go for it. Join them and make your gaming life even easier.

GameStop Credit Card Application

The application for the card is quite simple and you can easily become a member of the card. All you need is to provide them the simple information related to your personal life and the credit history of the recent years.

Comenty Capital Bank is the issuer of the card so they will check all the details and then analyze whether you are eligible for the card or not.

Having a good credit score makes it even easier for you to get the approval. However, you do qualify for this card even with a low credit score in the past.

You can view the GameStop Credit Card application form by visiting the link given below.

GameStop Credit Card Login

Once you become a member of the card, they will assign you a password to access your account online as well. This password will take you to the online resource of the company.

You can easily manage your credit card using this resource of the card. You can check all of your payment and transaction history after logging in to your account.

The best thing is that you can have your paperless statements as well from the account. The online account allows you to easily edit your personal information as well.

You don’t need to visit their office every time you need to change something in your account. You can even make payments from this online account.

The account will also keep you up to date with all the offers and the rewards you are eligible for. Not only this but you can also keep an eye on the points you have earned from different purchases and then redeem them as well.

GameStop Credit Card Payment

The payments with this card are easier than ever. You can easily pay and the credit will be available on your card shortly after you made the payment.

You can also make them payments using the phone services. You don’t even need to move from your home and easily make payments to them.

All the online payments for the card need to be submitted to them before 8 PM EDT. These payments would credit to your account the very same day.

All the payments which are submitted after the time mentioned above are credited to the account in the following day.

There can be delays in the payments. It may take up to 2 business days to transfer the amount to your credit card.

The best thing about them is that all the payments are accepted during the whole week and 24 hours. Right now they are not offering the services to pay them from outside the bank but you can use the electronic payment method for this issue.

All the online payments made to the card are completely free and you are not charged any fee for it. They do not support the debit cards at this time for making payments.

GameStop Power Up Rewards Credit Card

One of the cards offered by the company right now is called power up rewards credit card. In this card, the bonus points are given to the pro and elite pro members of the card.

These memberships are not free for the customers rather they need to pay an annual fee for this membership. The annual fee for them is $14 and $29 respectively.

All the rewards and points system is completely controlled by the company and they can stop or shut them at any time they wish to.

If you are using the power up reward credit card then bonus points of 5,000 is given to you for making the purchases up to $250 from the stores of the company.

  • Some rules

This spending can be during any part of the year and would be liable for the points system of the company. These points and rewards cannot be compared with any other offer which is given by the company.

If you meet the given threshold then the points will be given to you the same very month. The offer expires on the last day of the calendar year and expires. The offer is very limited and is not available over all the countries of the world.

  • Special financing

Special financing and the promotional financing is also available with the usage of this card of the company. However, there are certain criteria which you need to fulfill and then the Comenity Capital Bank will decide whether you are eligible for it or not.

They need some minimum purchases and minimum monthly payments from you in order to make sure that you qualify for this offer of the company.

The standard APR rate of the company also applies which is based on the prime rate of the company. You can use any credit plan of the company and the minimum interest rate for that would be $2.

GameStop Credit Card Customer Service

At times you may face some issues with the services of the company. This can be anything, like the credit card payment is not received yet or any other such query.

You can always contact the customer care of the company and they will make sure that your problem is addressed right away.

GameStop Credit Card phone number

The phone numbers of the company are dedicated to the customers and provide all the possible assistance to them whenever needed.

You can contact them during the weekend. The phone numbers can be reached on Sunday and Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm CST.

The number of the company is given below and you can easily access it.

(877) 676-GAME

GameStop credit card Email

You can also send your queries and problems to the company using the credit card email address of the company. The staff of the company will get back to you as soon as possible and make sure that your problem is addressed.

The email of the company is given below.

[email protected]

Return Policy of GameStop

The company gives you the option to get the products delivered via shipping. If you think that quality is compromised or there is any other such issue then you can return the product within the next 30 days to the company.

You can return the product to the stores of the company and send then via mail service as well. In both cases, the company is not going to charge you anything for it and you can return the products for free.

The shipping of the company may take from 3 to 5 business days to reach you. The shipping leaves right after you place the order. The time for the international shipping is also same.

They also have another great feature. After making the purchase from the GameStop credit card you can track it easily. All you need is to visit your account and then place the id which was given to you on buying the product.

They will give you a complete overview of when you are going to receive the order and how far it is from you.

Gift Cards

The company is also giving gift cards to its customers. The gift cards contain $50 which they can use for their further shopping.

The card mostly suits the gamers only who are looking to get things from the GameStop or other electronic purchases from the market. There are many other cash back cards which can give you the same things with more benefits.

Right from the start, they don’t give you anything lucrative. The customers are not given any sign-up bonus for joining the credit card. However, you can buy different things with it for sure and pay them later but do consider the high APR rate of the card.

The interest charges of the card are too much. You need to be careful before choosing the card.

The card is really good for you if you can spend enough to earn points 5,000 to 15,000 from the company.

The card is not the right option for you if you are looking for a pure reward credit card. They are giving special financing offers as well but they are not good enough to choose the card.

Benefits and Features

The card will not offer you much and the only thing which they are going to give you is the special financing during your purchases from the GameStop.

They also have some power up bonuses for the clients for their first purchase using the card. However, you are not going to have any additional benefits or points after that.

In short, every purchase you made using the GameSpot credit card gives you powerup points. Some other cards give you special points as well for using the card but here you are not given any such incentive.

Many cards these days are charging an annual fee from their customers. This card is totally free to use. You don’t have to pay any annual charges for the card.

This means even if you are not looking to use it much, still you can keep it because they won’t charge anything for it.

This is something which concerns most of the users of the card. They have a really high APR rate for the customers. The APR of the card at this time is 27.24% which may vary at times.

You can find other useful cards which are not offering any APR rates to the customers. The interest-free cards would be a better option for you.

  • Bonus points

As we mentioned above they do give you bonus points for all of your purchases made from their store.

The members are divided into two categories and they are pro members and basic members. The bonus points for pro members are 15,000 and that for the basic members are 5,000 points.

You can use these points for purchases on the GameStop store only. The value which you can earn from these points is from $12 to $4.

Looking at the reward value it is way lower than other cards in the market.

  • Value of the points

Value of the PowerUp points given by the company is way lower than many other such cards in the market. Approximately every point of the powerup gives you $0.0008.


The features of the card are not at all not and not that much encouraging for you. If you are looking for an all-rounder card then this is not the right choice at all. However, if you are fully into gaming and constantly visit the GameStop stores in the country this is the right card for you.

You must apply for it if you want all the pro features in the gaming scenario. The card gives some of the best offers to the gamers in the country. they will provide you financing and different discount offers and gift cards as well.

You can actually save some money with it. Compared to other cards in the market, it is not that much big but even then good enough to avail the card. Some of the offers for the gamers are incredible and no other card in the country is giving specific offers to the gaming community.

All you need is to follow the simple instructions and complete the requirements of the card. The card is going to ease your life as a gamer for sure. You can freely have the shipping from the card as well.

We hope the article gave complete insight into the card and helped to decide whether it is a good choice for you or not. If you are a gamer you must have tried it once in your life for the shopping.

How was your experience with the card? Share your experience of shopping with this card by the GameStop.

In case you think some other banks credit card is giving enough more perks and offers to the users do mention them as well. We would love to share the review about that card as well.

The conclusion from our side is that chose this card if you are fully into the gaming. The card will not suit you for all other shopping’s.

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