First Premier Credit Card Login, Application and Payment

What is First Premier Credit Card? We have many new things in the world of which one is the new and advance cash system in the world. The use of the credit cards is very much popular these days. Using cash during the shopping is not an option anymore.

New and advanced technology is helping people and making their life even easier. You are having the choice of the payment with the card anywhere in the world or on the specific stores of the card.

You cannot keep cash with you while shopping is now an old concept. You can pay all of your bills using the credit card and pay bills online and on all the stores as well.

They not only give you the ease but on the other hand full security as well.

Almost all the advance companies now offer credit cards to their customers and let them pay their cash with the cashless system. These cards are easier to use as well.

They are becoming very advanced due to the security and the ease they provide.

First Premier Credit Card

First Premier Credit Card
First Premier Credit Card

There are many cards online these days and one of them is the First Premier Credit Card. The card gives you a lot of benefits and complete access to all the services of the company as well. These services are available to the customers of the company 24/7.

  • Pay your bills online

The card gives you the ease to pay all of your bills online that too with ease. The card gives you a single click bills payment online. They not only give you the options to pay your bills online but offline as well on different shops in the country.

They give you the option of current balance as well in the credit card. This option gives you to check the amount of the account. You can check the current balance of the account anytime you wish.

  • Credit transaction history

You don’t need to visit the stores of the company again and again to check the transaction history and all other account details. The company will provide your complete transaction history online that with a single click.

You can avail many other services of the company as well using the credit card of the first premier. E-statement is a beneficial feature of the company. Check the complete transaction detail of the company from your online account easily.

  • Online statements

Your online statements are also available in the online account of the company anytime. You can easily log in to your account and get all the online statements with a single click. You don’t need to visit their office every time for the statements and other such things.

This will keep the track of all your transaction using the premier bank credit card from your account anytime. You can check what all your purchase using the card from the online resource of the company. Like this, the company is offering many other features as well which you can avail easily.

First Premier Credit Card Login

After submitting an application to them they will give you an email and password, which can be used then to access the account of the premier bank credit card.

The online account is very beneficial for you and gives you the access to all the information. You don’t have to visit their office for all the things related to the account. All you need is to log in to your account and get all the information from them.

All the simple items like online statements, paying your bills online etc. can be used from the first premier bank credit card as well.

These accounts are not only beneficial for the individuals but are very good for those who are looking to get the cards for their business as well.

In short, this account of the company is an online resource from where you can easily manage your account. This management of the card is not from the office or headquarters of the company rather you can easily do it from the mobile screen or desktop as well.

The complete track of all the activities is at your tips with this feature of the First Premier Credit Card.

First Premier Credit Card App

The app of the premier bank credit card gives you the ease to manage your account from the app. This also lets you control your banking with a single click.

The app not only gives you the ease but security as well. You can use the card wherever it is accepted in the country.

All the information of the company is available to the customers using the app wherever they need it. This is more like a convenience to the customers of the company.

You can easily review the account balance using the app of the company. All the payments can be made after logging in to your account from the app of the bank.

This is similar to the online resource of the company which is available on the home screen of the company. Monitor all of your recent transactions using the First Premier Credit Card.

They will also provide you monthly statements which are very beneficial for keeping a track on all of your payments.

  • Use existing name and passcode

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to use any new username or password to access the account on the app. You can use the log in detail of the and enjoy all these features of the company from them.

If you are not having any password and username before you can easily create one using the app as well so this is not a big problem at all.

First Premier Credit Card Application

You can apply for the card to access all the perks and features at your doorstep. There are some requirements for the card which you need to complete to become part of the card. Let us discuss some of the requirements of the credit card.

To apply for the credit card you need to have the checking account of the company as well. People with all the credit types can apply for the card. Their applications are then thoroughly reviewed and then decided that which card will suit the user.

You need to submit your monthly billing statement as well to the company. They will check your quarterly FICO score from the statement and then decide whether you are eligible for the card or not.

The credit score is just as it is going to determine the worthiness of the card and show that which card is best for you. Having a good score alone is not enough to get the credit card from the bank. You need to fulfill other requirements of the card as well to get it from the company.

Types of First Credit Card

There are two types of cards which are offered by the company right now. These cards are given to the customers on the basis of their credit scores which they inform while submitting their applications to the company.

First Premier Credit Card

The first premier credit card is not a good option for you if you are looking for good credit. This card is issued to the customers who are having bad credit. When you have bad credit it is obvious that you have to pay high interest and then high fees as well to the company.

You have to pay the processing fee for the card. Not only the processing fee you are also bound to pay the annual fee of the credit card. The limit of the credit is quite low for the first premier credit card. You can spend from $300 to $1000.

Annual fee of the card totally depends on the limit of your credit card. You can check their website for the complete details about the annual fees and the processing fee of the credit card.

The qualities of the card are also not that much good. You cannot expect a lot from the card because it is issued to the customers who are having bad credit records in the recent years.

First premier Master card

Similar to the credit card of the company the master card is also quite expensive to use. You have to pay the monthly fee, annual fee, and processing fee as well to the company.

The processing fee of the master actually depends on the limit you are having for the card. For most customers, the processing fee is from $25 to $75. The fee is also going to increase every coming year.

If you are looking for a card which charges less and is free then this is not the obvious choice you must look for. The APR rates of the company are also quite high and the credit also depends on the worthiness of the customers.

First Premier Credit Card Payment

Many payment options are available to the customers of first premier bank credit card. You can choose the one which suits you best and then pay using it.

  • Automated monthly program

You can pay online to them using the new online enrollment system of the first premier bank. This is an electronic system which can withdraw funds from the account using an exact system of the card.

If you are looking to avail this service of the company then follow the instructions given below. You can fax the form to the numbers which are given below.

Fax: 1-605-357-3446

You can also mail the form to the address which is given by the company. Mail them the form on the address given below.

First PREMIER Bank Attn

Settlement: PO Box 5514, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5514

The first funds using this system of the company are withdrawn to the account in almost 2 months.

Payment using phone

All you need is an ABA number and a checking account number to pay using the phone to the credit card of the company. This is for individual accounts only; this service is not available for the business account holders.

This payment is also processed using the automated phone service of the company. These payments are mostly credit immediately to the customers which makes them a good choice for all the customers.

However, you need to follow the timings given by the company to proceed with the payment system of the company.

The timing of this payment method is from 5 PM CT Monday. The payments which are done on Friday will be posted after the midnight of that day.

The payments on Sunday will be posted on the next day to the account holder.

Payments using cash options

You can also pay to the company using the cash options which are given by the company. You can use MoneyGram for the payment via the cash system. For more details about the cash options, you can use the following number.


Payment using Western Union

You can pay them using the western union as well. You can contact western union for the complete details and the rates which are deducted while using the western union for the payments.

Other cash options

There are some other cash options which will enable you to pay to the company. You can pay on more than 100,000 locations in the country. You can use Walmart, Ace Cash Express, and Pay-O-Matic for the same day payment from the company.

US Post

You can also use the US postal mail service as well for the cash to the company. The payment in this is using the checks or the money orders as well. the delivery time for this system is from 5 to 7 days.

All you need is to send the check to the following address of the company.

First PREMIER Bank, PO Box 5529, Sioux Falls SD 57117-5529

Express mail

You can also use express mail for the payment. Here again, you need to pay them using the checks or the money orders. The delivery will take from 1 to 3 days. The companies included in it are DHL, UPS, US Postal, and Fed Ex.

You need to send the checks or the money orders to the following address.

First PREMIER Bank, 3820 N. Louise Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57107-0145

The costs or the rates may vary for this so you need to check them before making the payments.

You can use the bank wire as well for the payments to the company. These payments are sent to the credit card the same day the bank receives them. If the payments are received after 3 PM then they are posted on the next day in the account.

Before using this payment system you must check with your bank about the fees and other terms and condition. The first premier bank is also going to charge you the fee for the system.

First Premier Credit Card Customer Service

The first premier credit card provides excellent customer care to all of their customers. If you are having problems in any service of the company you can reach out to them and get it solved easily.

The representatives of the company are available for the six days of the week. You can reach out to them all the days of the week except Sunday.

You can reach out to them from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 9 PM CT. If you are looking to reach them during the Saturday then the timing is from 8 AM to 4:30 PM CT.

  • Automated system for customer care

They also have automated customer care as well which can be reached 24/7 by all the customers of the company.

Customer care phone number

They have dedicated phone numbers as well which can be reached and asked for the related query.

The phone numbers are given below.



Fax numbers of the company

You can also reach them using the fax numbers of the company. Send the problem to their fax numbers and they will respond back to you as soon as possible.

Here is the fax number of the company.



This is the complete review of the first premier bank credit card which shows what all they have to offer to their customers. This is a good card but like many other cards, they also charge you fee annually and processing fee as well on each payment you make using the card.

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You have a complete insight into the card now. What do you think about the card? Are you going to use it? Or which card you think is better to use instead of this one?

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