Ezcardinfo Website – How To Make Online Payment And Manage Alerts

Ezcardinfo is a website that gives you the access to the real-time and interactive platform for the online payments of the credit cards that you own.

Why Ezcardinfo?

Ezcardinfo has been lately used all over the world for the many benefits it provides for its customers. The services it provides are of amazing usefulness and much to the cardholder’s value.

Let me take you through an overview of the features that the website provides.

  1. Your complete account summary information
  2. The transaction data of all your transactions of about eighteen months.
  3. Can view the transactions that are pending.
  4. . Six months statements in the format of PDF
  5. You can also download these transactions to your financial software
  6. Provides email and mobile alerts to keep you updated.
  7. Provides a platform to make online payments.
  8. Provides Commercial or small business tools- Now that you can be more privileged to use the feature and enhance your business
  9. Provides Financial Institution-level administration tool
  10. Provides Company-level administration tool as well.

Make a Payment Online



This is a feature that the ezcardinfo.com is most sought after. To make a payment online, you need you have a payment account on the website.

Along with this feature, you can also view the payment history on the website that covers a larger group of the transactions of the payment that you made online.

Once you enter your card number into the website and have your own account in the ezcardinfo.com, you have an option of MAKE A PAYMENT in the list.

View Your Payment History on Ezcardinfo Website

Click on pay bill and select on payment history on the menu bar.

This will take you the page that has the payment history of your credit card ezcardinfo.com

You can now view all your payment history and if you have any pending payments to be made, it can be covered by the given option.

To give you a better perspective of the page’s view. I will take you through the elements you find on the payment page.

You have an entered date, the exact DATE WHEN THE PAYMENT was made is stored and shown in the database.

You have an account nickname that you would have assigned at eh time of the enrollment of the account on excardinfo.com.

  • Financial institution– Name the financial institution from where the payment is made. Be it the checking or the savings account that is used to make the payment on excardinfo.com.
  • The account number– The savings or checking account number through which the payment is made.
  • Routing number– The number that is unique for every financial institution from where the funds are withdrawn to make your payment.
  • Account type– Is it the savings account or the checking account from where the payments are made.
  • Payment amount– The amount paid with respect to the online bills that are conquered by the card.
  • Payment date– This is the most crucial information that will be stored in the excardinfo database, to give you the exact date when the payment is made.

If the payment is a one-time payment, then the date is assigned by the cardholder.

There is also a confirmation mail that is to be sent in the case of onetime payment to the card holder’s mail id.

The Status of the Payment

The status of the payment is also displayed on the given exzcardinfo page.

The status being: pending, completed or canceled depending on the cardholder.

The date of last updated is also displayed to show the date when the thing was last updated.

The next feature that will be explained will be of the alert management on the ezcardinfo website.

Managing Alerts Overview

The ezcardinfo provides a service that helps you to track the payment and account settings using this feature where you will be navigating your account information through the email or text message sent to your cell phone.

There are two types of alerts

  1. Custom alerts: In this, you can modify and determine to alert you during the important transactions, accounts and personal events
  2. Standard alerts: This alert is usually standard and is obtained from the financial institutions.

How to View the Alerts in Ezcardinfo Account

  1. In the ezcardinfo website, on the left side of the menu bar is an option named Alerts.
  2. Click on the option to view the alerts page.
  3. You have got two options here. Manage custom alerts and manage standard alerts.
  4. Clicking on each of them will take you to the respective pages.
  5. In manage alerts page, you can create, disable, notify, and delete the alerts that you intend to
  6. While in standard alerts page, it lists the standard alerts that are already pre-defined by the financial institution. You can view those alerts and choose to either accept or decline the alerts.

The custom alerts can be set appropriately with respect to the important account information you need.

  1. A new statement is available
  2. A new statement is available.
  3. A payment is due soon
  4. The credit or cash limit is exceeded.
  5. The account balance exceeds the maximum allowable amount.
  6. Payments or credits have posted to the account.
  7. A single transaction exceeds a limited amount.

This alert can also be used to set important meetings, personal events or a reminder for birthdays and other important events.

In the same way, you can also manage your standard alerts, except that you don’t have an option to customize it. They are already pre-defined by the card holder’s financial institutions or banks that hold the responsibility to update you on few updates. The alerts are sent directly to your primary email address.

But there is an option for you to select the kind of standard alerts sent to you. For example, you can have alerts regarding the expiration date and profile updates.

You can unsubscribe to the alerts as well.

So to get the best of the features, do open an account on ezcardinfo.com and enjoy the exclusive benefits.