Disney Credit Card Login and Annual fee

What is Disney Credit Card? The changing world needs new things in it to stay up to date with the world.

Similarly, things are changing in the financial world. People need latest and up to date systems which can protect them all the aspects.

They need something which is more convenient and more secure for them. Credit cards came out as a good alternative and people are happy to use them for the daily needs.

They not only provide security but other comforts as well to the customers and make their life even easier. These cards are accepted almost everywhere in the world which further increases its value.

Disney Credit Card Login

Disney Credit Card
Disney Credit Card

Disney Credit Card after approval gives you an online resource to access your account.

You can access this account using the email and password. This online resource has your complete data and all the required information about your account.

You can easily keep an eye on all of your transactions and account history from this online resource.

This online resource can also provide you with your paperless account statements as well. The best thing about this resource is that it helps you keep an eye on your account and manage your budget.

You can also make changes to this online account easily. You can also update the information about the account from this online resource.

  • Statement credit by Disney

They also have different offers for the customers which help them get back some of their spending’s.

If you have a Disney premier visa card and you spend more than $500 using it during the first 3 months, the company will give you a chance to earn $200.

You can also have $50 from the Disney credit card but there are some terms and conditions for this offer.

Make sure that you have not received the new card member bonus from the company within the last 2 years.

  • Other earnings

Disney Credit Card also gives you other chances to earn using the purchases from the credit card. You can get 2% of the credit card as a reward by spending on the gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.

This offer is also available for most of the Disney locations in the country. All the other purchases from the credit card are also liable for 1% reward from the Disney Credit Card.

  • Perks in air travel

Different offers of the credit card are also available for the airline travel as well and can be enjoyed by all the cardholders.

All you need is to pay using the Disney Credit Card for any destination in the world and get a chance to win a reward from the Disney.

  • Parks and resorts

Disney also provides huge benefits to the customers on all the resorts and parks in the world. This means you are liable for all kinds of benefits on the shopping, dining and resort stays and all you need is to pay using the Disney Credit Card.

These rewards can be redeemed on the tickets of Disney theme parks as well.

  • Movies

You can watch all the latest movies of Disney and star wars and get rewards from the company on them. This sounds good because you can have your enjoyment and earn a reward at the same time.

  • Stores

Disney stores also give you the chance to earn some awesome rewards. Go and visit shopdisney.com and get the chance to win something from Disney.

  • Cruise line

The rewards are also available for using the line packages and all other onboard activities on the cruise line using the card of Disney.

  • Other prominent perks

The credit card of Disney had some of the best offers for you. The best thing is that you can start having the benefits right after getting the card from the company and enjoy it for the whole long year without any problem.

Disney is also providing some real and special vacation financing offers to the customers. You can plan your holidays and look for some suitable packages by the Disney.

  • Discount on shopping and dining

Disney Credit Card gives you the chance to get 10% discount on the selected merchandise. There are some terms and conditions as well; you need to spend more than $50.

Mostly these offers are available to the customers on the locations of Disney Lands and Walt Disney Worlds.

  • The chance to meet characters

Disney Credit Card allows you to have the exclusive opportunity to photos with the star wars and Disney characters. This perk is given to you when these characters are in some private locations of Disney and Walt Disney world.

Annual Fee of Disney Credit Card

Looking at the perks of the credit card the fee is justified. They are charging $49 from the customers as annual fees.

  • APR

They won’t charge you anything when it comes to APR and you don’t need to pay anything at all when it comes to an annual fee of APR.

  • Eligibility criteria

There are some terms and conditions by the Disney credit card which you need to fulfill in order to become a member of the credit card.

An address within the 50 states of the United States or the District of Columbia is necessary for the application.

All the accounts of the credit card are subjected to the credit approval. If you are not having a good credit score then it will not be approved by the company.

There are other limitations and restrictions as well on the card holders which are explained to them at the time of the application or you can also visit their branch for more details about it.

Disney Premier Visa Card

Disney Premier Visa Card gives you a statement credit of $200 to the customers. However, this product is not given to the customers which are current cardmembers of the card or receiving any other type of bonus from Disney credit card. If you are having any other card of the company then you cannot apply for it.

There are some cases in which the application process time is increased to ensure that all the provided information is true.

If you want to receive a statement credit of $200 from the company then make sure that you are making a purchase of more than $500 or even more during the first 3 months after opening an account with Disney.

Keep in mind that all the balance transfers, foreign currency, traveler checks, money orders, cash advance, lottery tickets, race track wagers, casino gaming chips, and other similar transactions are not included in this spending of $500.

The eligibility of this offer also requires the account to be open at the time of the offer. When you qualify for this offer it takes almost 8 weeks for the statement credit to appear in your account of Disney.

  • Credit statement of $50

Disney Visa Card also gives you a statement credit of $50. Here again, this offers is not valid for the customers who are already using a credit card from Disney or taking any other bonus from the company.

You can easily find the application form on their official website to get this card and get $50 statement credit from them.

The credit statement is awarded to the customers after their first purchase from the Disney visa card.

The purchase again does not include all the transactions, foreign currency and all the other financial terms mentioned in the above case.

You need an account for this offer and that too in the active condition. You need to wait for 8 weeks after your first purchase from this credit card.

Disney Premier Visa Card

Disney premier visa card is also a great resource for earning different rewards and cash backs from the company.

All the rewards and cash backs of the company, here again, are subjected to the approval of the Disney premier visa card by the company.

They will provide you reward of 1% from every purchase from the visa card which comes in the radar of qualifying purchases.

This card also allows you to earn an additional 1% as well from the Disney rewards. This reward is given to the customers for their purchase of every dollar from the locations which are owned and operated by Disney itself.

This additional reward is also applicable to all the gas stations, grocery stores, merchants and restaurants.

When we combine these two rewards by the company they become a total of 2% reward for the customers of Disney.

Disney premier visa card also gives you the option to get airline statement credit from the company.

This reward can easily be redeemed in return of the statement credit which is given to the customers for using the Disney premier visa card for their ticketing purchases.

There are some terms and conditions for the reward program and you need to make sure that ticketing purchase was made within the 60 days of the request of the redemption.

This reward for the airline statement credit cannot be redeemed by the redemption reward card of the Disney.

Your credit will be posted to your account within the next 7 business days after you made the request to the company and appear on your monthly billing as well.

Make sure that you are paying the full amount for all of your air travels until the approval of the statement credit.

Disney and chase also hold the complete rights to determine which customers are eligible for the offer and which is not.

  • Financing for vacations

Disney is also providing special financing offers to the customers for the vacations.

You can select from the variety of Disney resort packages and then determine which one of them is suitable and enjoyable for you.

All the packages and resorts are mentioned on their official website.

For financing by Disney make sure that these packages are booked by the companies of Disney only.

There are some other terms and conditions and restrictions as well which you can discuss with the company at the time of financing. The pricing and all other details of these special financing are available on their official portal and you can also visit their office and confirm everything before you plan a visit with them.

Secondly, when you become a member of the credit card, you receive all the information about all the important offers of the credit card and the company as well.

  • Perks on Theme Parks and Resorts

Disney provides you with a lot of offers when it comes to different resorts and parks in the world.

These all offers on the parks and resorts are subjected to the availability of these places.

There are some other terms and conditions as well which are explained to the customers after they become a formal member of the company.

These offers are given by the company and had the full right to cancel them anytime they feel like.

In order to receive these offers make sure that you are using a valid card of the company.

Certain items and locations at Disney lands and Walt Disney are not included in these packages of Disney for the theme parks and resorts.

If you are looking for a merchandise offer, don’t forget to mention the special offer to the company.

Disney also allows its customers to meet the characters of Disney and Walt Disney but for that, they need to provide their original and valid Disney credit card at that time.

Sometimes minimum purchase and separate admissions are also required by the company.

All these offers are for the cardholder only and cannot be transferred to any other person.

  • Merchandise saving at Disney

Disney also provides merchandise saving to the customers. Here again, all the offers are subjected to the availability and there are some other terms and conditions as well which are explained to the customers after they become a member of Disney.

In order to receive these discount offers from the company, you need a $50 transaction merchandise that too pre-tax.

You also need to mention the particular offer you are looking for and use your original Disney card or the redemption card for the payment.

The discount is not valid to your previous purchases and some other purchases are also not valid for this which is mentioned on their website.

  • Savings on Dining

Discounts are given to the customers for dining as well on all the eligible locations for the food and beverages.

All the alcoholic items and other tobacco materials are excluded from this offer and are not valid for the discount.

Make sure that you are paying using your valid Disney card to avail the offer of the company. These offers are also subject to the operating and closing hours of the places you are going for the dining purpose.

All these discounts are for the personal use only and cannot be transferred to any other person at all.


Disney is indeed a big name when it comes to the entertainment industry of the world. You can opt for them and have a lot of fun at their parks, resorts and dining areas as well.

They have some beautiful offers as well for the customers which are mostly given to the cardholders of the Disney.

The card is very easy to obtain and you need to fill a small application form and pay a small fee yearly for the credit card and then enjoy the perks of the Disney visa card.

The offers of Disney are very amazing for the people who are looking for some great time with their friends and family in the coming days.

If you are a big fan of the Disney characters than they provide you the option to meet and greet them as well.

Airline credit and services are also given by Disney which makes sure that you travel the whole world using their discounted offers.

The APR rates of the company are also easy to pay for all the members. Even if you are not having enough finances, they are ready to finance your trips and then you can pay them later in different installments.

Now that you have read all about the card and what all features are given by the Disney credit card, would you prefer this card over the other similar cards in the market?

I don’t think some other card can give you this much profits and perks and arrange your meetings with the Disney characters as well.

Even if you think that some other card is good as compared to this one and provides you more entertainment services, do mention that card.

Disney is the best choice for the people looking at their large number of resorts, restaurants and theme parks in the world.

Sign up for their cards today and enjoy all the perks of Disney credit card. You will not any other card in the market with this much benefits and low fees as well.