Discover Credit Card Review (Guide in 2020)

What is discover credit card? And what is special about discover credit card?

Would it be great to have a discover credit card login? Why do I need this? It enables one manage online payments and check card balances.

Creating the Discover Card Login

The task is too subtle and anyone can do it. Anyone! What will you need? A stable internet connection, a device which can connect to the internet- mobile phone or computer.  Visit the discover credit card official site to create the login.

Click “register your account”.  You will not pull many strings. Four options will pop up.  Either – credit card, banking, student loans, bank account. Click on credit card, which is the first link to appear on your left side.

Discover Credit Card
Discover Credit Card

discover credit cardBeneath the credit card tab, there is register link. Further, click the link marking the first step in creating the login.  A page with a list of the questionnaire will pop up, and if you hate to answer questions, you will find these easy

Commence the process entering credit card account information- the 16 digit credit card number, the expiration date and other primary card information. The details are on your credit card- the back or front side. You will just transfer details from the credit card to the Discover portal. Proceed to complete the process in a similar fashion.

When you have filled all the requirements, you will receive the confirmation message via mail. Click to activate your account. To get the credit card login.

Flaws with discover credit card Login Creation

This is a sequential process that one has to complete the first stage to proceed. Minus filling all the first stage credentials, you cannot proceed to the second step. If you can’t complete the first step, you will NOT create the login.

Notably, one must submit correct documents that are verifiable. The documents need to be factual. Before the credit card creation process is validated, the documented information will be verified and must pass discover credit card threshold. Take your time to ensure you submit only that is right.

Make an effort to submit supportive documents where necessary.  These don’t need to be original. Send scanned or photocopied documents.   For scanning make sure content is readable and the photocopies are of high quality. These are the possible flaws. Review what is sent and confirm if it’s readable. Don’t let the subtle mistake ruin the whole process.

For technical problems, contact the discover credit card customer service. Their contact is available online and will help with credit card login creation. You won’t contact them if you followed the previous instruction to the latter.

And once done with the first step, you will open doors for further banking services, credit card review services, customer service, offer information, credit card payment among others.

The discover credit card Phone Number

There are plenty reasons why you need the Discover credit card phone number. The customer service number is essential when making payments and can be used to access a wide variety of services. The discover credit card phone number is (1-800-347-2683. The number operates for 24 hours 7 days a week.

Besides making payments one can use the credit card to report for a lost or stolen credit card, confirm if payment has reflected on credit card account and close an account with the discover credit card.

Different Ways to Make Discover Credit Card Payment?

One can use the Discover credit card phone number to make payments. Though it isn’t the only method. To make a call for credit card payment may seem an upheaval task to a lot of people and that’s why there are other methods to ensure different clients’ needs are met.

Making Online Payment On Discover Website and Mobile App

To pay bills online is the best method. It’s fast, secure and one can access different statement online. You won’t need to burg Discover customer service with the different queries regarding credit card usage. However, you need to register for a credit card login credentials.

To access online payments, you need a credit card login user ID.  You can choose to either visit the discover credit card website or download their application. These are the only two methods to make online payments and you will need to keep your password and user ID secure

Now that you have registered for online access, proceed to login to the discovery account centre to locate the make payment button. Click on that link to make payment. You will be directed to input the given amount that you want to pay but there must be sufficient funds in your online bank account.

There are other discover credit card payments customization features. You can schedule to make payments at a later date, or set up a reminder on the date you are supposed to make payments.

Discover Credit Card payment Online via Bank Account

Commence by setting up an online account with your bank. It will be adept to provide the credit card account that you use to make payments. Similar to making credit card payments online, you will need to create bank online login information- banking User ID and password.

This way, you will be able to access all your bank account information online. You can verify your bank balance to determine if indeed you have sufficient funds.  Now that you have funds in your account, check the time it will take to transfer the funds from your bank account to the discover credit card

This will aid to avoid the late penalty fees and delays in time that the money will reflect into your account. If you made the payments during holidays and on weekends, the wait time will be longer than expected. Liaise with the credit card department to ensure that you don’t pay exorbitant late charges.

Go to the bank bill pay centre to input your discover credit card account and complete the process to make payments.

Making the Discover Credit Card Payment via Mail

The method suits clients who don’t want to jeopardize either their online banking account security or their credit card security. Though this method takes a lot of time, its worth if you don’t want to risk your credit card and banking security.

Remove the detached form from your monthly bank statement sent to your mail. The bank statement will contain all your account information and it’s a printed version of your online statements. Write a money order or cheque and send it along with the form. If you send cash, it may be too risky.

However, for this method to work, you will need to send your cheque or money order some 7 to 10 days before due date payment. This method will require one to be prompt to avoid the late fees.

Discover Credit Card Customer Service

The discover credit card customer service department assist client with the different credit card queries. Whether you have a macro or micro query, there are three options to use to get in touch with the customer service.

Furthermore, the credit card customer service operates for 24 hours 7 days a week and you can contact anytime. Their service caters for both the native’s and international clients and regardless of your geographical location, be rest assured that the credit card specialists will be available to help you.

Due to their large broadband of operation, it may be impossible to get a direct help with your query. Call traffic is imminent and you may have to wait up for a while before the available customer care agent’s irons out your query.

However if you are a techie, there is no need to wait for that long, try the Discover credit card live chart version. This is the fastest means that will get you direct assistance. The chat version link is available online. Visit their customer contact centre to get instant help.

Discover Credit Card Customer Service Further Explained

To contact the discover credit card department use the number 1-800-347-2863- this is for U.S residents. If you re outside U.S call via 1-801-902-3100 or 1-800-347-7449. You can address your mail to the Discover Financial services P.O. BOX 6103, Carol Stream, IL 60197.

Further email address to use include; Discover Financial Services P.O.BOX 30493 and the Discover Gifts cards P.O.BOX 52145 Phoenix, AZ 8502-2145.

The Discover Credit Card Mobile App

In these 21st century, many organisation and banks are publishing their own mobile application which help to access their services. The discover credit card has its own published app which expedite service delivery.

The app is not unique, it’s similar to other application in terms of usage, size and compatibility with other devices. The app supports android and iPhone based phones. Other devices that have mobile browsers are also supported by the application.

To download the app, visit Google Play , search for the discover credit card app using the search bar, the app will pop-up in the search result and further click download tab. Open the app and login using you’re the discover credit card login credentials. If you hadn’t registered, you will need to register first. The app can’t be installed on blackberry and windows version.

Things You Can Do With Discovery Credit Card Mobile App

There are a lot of payment solutions which are provided by the Discover credit card app. A s previously stated, you will need to login to your account to access the different features of the mobile app. There are two ways that one can login. You can use the 4 –digit password or fingerprint- for users with touch ID.

Latter one can view account statements, confirm the available credit card balance, payment history, make, edit or cancel payments and report a lost or stolen credit card. Having the credit card app may provide instant customer service and you won’t have to contact to confirm some petty account balance queries.

However it’s adamant to ensure your credit card account security. Periodically change the credit card password. This can be done in a span of two months or any time that’s possible. Set a strong password, which is unique combining characters, symbols, and lower and upper case letters.

This is just a pro-active measure on your side and the Discover credit card account set up has security set-ups in place which will shun away possible instances of hacking and phishing.  Even still with this and advancement in technology, it’s still vital to set a strong password.

The Discover It Credit Card Review

Now that you understand how to create the discover credit card online, using their mobile app and you are informed of different aspects about the discover credit card, it seem sensible to review the credit card. I will explain the credit card pros and cons and other card factors to consider before coming to a conclusion if the card deserve a thumbs up or down.

Discover Credit Card Pros

Once registered and verified, you are eligible to earn 5% cash back. Some of these places include the gas stations restaurant, grocery stores, among others. However, it’s vital to confirm the latter with the credit card department. You can visit their online site to check that which qualifies or doesn’t.

For other purchases that are made on unaffiliated sites, you will earn 1% cashback. This is an automatic offer that’s not restricted to purchases at particular joints. The discover intro offer is a fantastic offer that will cover all the other cash rewards in a span of one year.

The credit card allows purchases in ALL locations that accepts credit card payment. This is a plus factor as many of the credits cards restrict purchases to selected joints. With this card you can shop at among other outlets.

The interest rate range is excellent. Though it’s a variable APR ranging from 13.49%- 24.49% with no purchase and transfer intro APR, not so many credit cards will offer 13.49 % minimum APR rate. There are no credit card annual fee charges, balance on transfer is set at $ 3%. These offers are superb for individuals who want to bounce back from a bad credit card score.

Discover Credit Card Cons

This is one of the credit card that I have had to dig deeper to get some of their disadvantages.  I found that the card has a slight merchant acceptance in US.

Outside US applicants will have to wait for a long time for their credit card to get verified and basing on my statistics the acceptance outside US can be an upheaval task. Other credit card disadvantages that I encountered are logistics related common with most credit cards.

Discover Credit Card bottom line

Comparing the pros and cons we can conclude the credit card to be superb. There are cash rewards offers and the APR rate is among the lowest.

Discover Credit Card Alternatives

If you are not okay with some of the credit card features, you can check out on these credit cards. However most features are similar to latter credit card but it’s always nice to have a second option.  Review between the two credit card and determine the one that suits you.

Capital One Secured Master Card

This credit card suits guys who want to bounce back from a bad credit card score. The credit card allows a low security deposit than the discover. The card charges no annual fee perfect for guys who want to rebuild their credit card score.

The minimum deposit amount is $49 with a maximum variable APR rate of 24.99%. However the lower security deposit will imply a lower credit limit. Be sure if you will register for this card based on this offer and if you want a lower credit card limit.

The Visa Classic Credit Card

This is a Georgia’s credit card with a lower APR rate than both the discover and capital one secured MasterCard. There is no annual fee making it a premier credit card for people who want to bounce back from a bad credit card score.

However the stringent conditions that are required for joining credit card unions makes this card unpopular. For the latter cards- discover and capital one everything can be sorted out online unlike for the visa credit card.

The Uber Visa Card

This card featured among the best credit cards with best cash back rewards in 2018. Thought with a variable APR rate 16.49%- 25.24% a higher rate than the Discover , capital one and visa credit card,  some of the Uber Visa card rewards  can marinate the higher APR.

One receives 45 back on dining, 3% back on hotel and 1% back on all purchases.  If you further spend $500 within first 90 days of account opening, you will earn $100.  Not so many credit cards on this earth will go this far for jut cash rewards offers.

These are just a few of the credit cards that one can substitute for the Discover’s. However there are tons of other credit cards and these three are just like a bubble. Make sure to confirm that you are looking for before signing up for a particular credit card.

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