Discount Tire Credit Card Application and Login

Credit cards are the needs of the people these days. People these days prefer these advance ways for the payment. Keeping cash with them is never easy these days. It creates problem as well in keeping it in the pocket or in your bag.

Another issue with these cash systems is that they are not secure to keep it with you. You may get looted or experience any other tragedy while having these cash with you. These cards on the other hand are fully secure and easy to use. They are accepted almost all over the world.

These cards are very easy to carry with you. You can keep these cards in your pocket or in your wallet as well. The best thing about these cards is that they are designed to meet your specific needs. All the cards are representing a special brand or service and helping you in it.

These credit cards also provide benefits in the form of rewards and other cash-back schemes. You can earn unlimited rewards by using the credit card by discount tire.

Discount Tire Credit Card

Discount Tire Credit Card
Discount Tire Credit Card

The specific card which is under discussion today is named as Discount Tire Credit Card. This card is around us since 1960.

It is operating in more than 900 stores across the country. This company is mostly known for the quality and low prices as well.

Almost all the consumers look for them when they need new tires. They are managed and supervised by synchrony bank which has its own name in the credit card market.

There are times when customer needs to spend a lot on their tires and car repair and they find it really appealing that no-interest will be charged from them for the overcharges spent on their car.

They will provide you with awesome rewards that too with APR financing to the customers of the credit card. They are giving APR financing to the customers for 6 to 12 months and that is what people look for these days.

Well, here you need to keep in mind some other factors as well because that can null the benefits which you earn from this credit card.

  • Avoid heavy charges

Make sure that you are paying all of your dues of time otherwise they will impose heavy penalty fees and high APRs which are going to disturb your budget a lot.

The card can easily be used at all the retailers which are affiliated with the credit card which also include some gas stations.

  • Pay on time

Make sure that you pay all of your dues on the time of the purchase to avoid all kind of APR rates which are around 26.99%.

There are different cards which are issued by discount tire so you can select the best suited as per your needs.

Discount Tire Credit Card Application

The application form of the credit card is quite simple as the other general application forms.

They will inquire about your personal information and ask for you mailing address and payment address as well because that is necessary.

Make sure that all the information provided to them is completely true. Misinformation can result in denial and create problems for you as well in receiving or sending payments to the credit card.

They also need your banking history and check your all the previous transactions in order to determine whether you are eligible for this credit card or not.

In this way they can also get to know your credit score and then on its basis they will issue you Discount Tire Credit Card.

You also need to mention to salary and all other income resources as well to the credit card. Make sure that you are mentioning real earning ways to the company because they are going to verify each and every thing from it.

Discount Tire Log in

They will also provide you a log in address as well which is used by the credit card members to access their account from their computer or mobile.

This is quite useful because then you don’t need to visit the office of the company again and again and perform all the major tasks right from the computer by logging into your account.

You can send and receive payments to each other using this online portal of the company. This will also make sure that you have a complete check on your account activities.

This online log in portal of the company has the complete record of all the transactions which are performed using your account.

You can also request a statement from them whenever you need one. This online portal of the credit card also helps you to edit the information which is given on the website.

You can change and even delete the payments which are submitted to the credit card. In short this online portal of the company will make sure that your computer, laptop or mobile act as the headquarter of the credit card company and let you perform all the tasks with just a single click.

Features and Benefits of the Credit Card

Mostly people who are looking for this card want to purchase tires for their credit card and then spread the payments to different timeouts and then pay on time back to the credit card company.

Special financing offer of the company is indeed a very special feature but when we look at the other benefits they are very few.

  • No sign up bonus

This credit card is not offering any sign-up bonus to their customer and there are no reward programs by this credit card which makes it a less favorite to those people who can afford the purchase of their tires at once.

However people who cannot afford it at once can easily use it and become a member of the credit card.

Another benefit of the credit card is that it can be used at many retailers all around the country. It is affiliated with many car care networks which can benefit the card holders.

For example if you are on a journey and your car break down at once, you can use the card for the complete repairmen of your card and get the benefit from it.

At the same time you can also fill your tanks with gas as well at all the stations over the country.

You are also liable to use the incentives and promotions of the synchrony car care networks which are located all over the country.

This also means that you can enjoy many discounts as well at the car care networks of synchrony. Another plus point of the credit card is that it is not charging any annual fee from its customers.

  • Financing In-Stores

The special financing by the credit card is something which can give you a lot of benefits. This will act as a welcome option for many customers which are looking to change their tires at once. The card is designed especially for such persons.

  • Different financing offers

If you are purchasing tires of more than $199 but they are less than $999 then you are automatically qualifying for 0% APR financing for the next six months but make sure that you pay all of your dues at the given time.

This is only applicable when you are approved for the credit card by discount tire.

If you are purchasing for more than $1000 but are less than $1499 then you are eligible for the special financing offer for the next nine months.

In case your purchase is greater than $1500 then you are liable for the 15 months special financing offer of the credit card company.

The best part as explained above as well that during this period you will not pay any interest charges at all to the credit card only if you pay all of your dues on time.

If you don’t pay on time then be ready for the heavy penalties by the discount tire. The late fee of the credit card is $35 which can become very heavy at times for you.

If you are meeting the deadlines of the company then you are going very good and should not have any worries at all.

In case you are not able to pay the charges to the credit card on time then you are liable to the late fee and heavy APR charges as well which are applicable from the very first day of the purchase.

  • Bad APR

The APR rate then would be 26.99%. This will totally negate all the perks which you are enjoying from the credit card. If you cannot pay them than choose some other card, which is also offering 0% APR and have no heavy penalties.

  • Perks for the Customers

There are many other perks for the credit card users of the discount tire. The special APR financing is the only major benefit of the credit card.

However, since the credit card is the part of synchrony network that is what makes it a good choice for all the customers.

You can benefit from all the offers and incentives of the credit card.

  • What can you earn from here?

One thing is very clear that the card will not give you any type of the cash backs. You can only benefit from the special financing offers of the credit card.

  • Fee for foreign transactions’

Well, this credit card is not going to charge anything at all to its customers for all of their foreign transactions. You can make transactions of your choice with this card as per your needs.

How to Apply Credit Score

The credit score these days creates problem for some of the people. This is why most of the customers cannot become part of many good credit cards.

They do not have any thing on their website about how much credit score is needed to become part of this credit card.

Even if you reach out to the customer care of the company, they will not provide you with any such information and says that apply for the card to see the actual details of the credit card.

All the online reviewers say that they do perform a check on the credit score of the applicants before issuing them the membership of the credit card.

However they are not very strict in this regard and can approve people with less credit score as well which makes it a good choice for the people who are having less credit score.

  • Credit score

Well, the approval is not guaranteed at all because some of the users have good credit scores and even then they were denied the membership of the credit cards. Even some guys with more than 700 credit score were declined so you need to be very careful.

There are many reasons which the company gives before denying the application like the credit score is very low or have very less resolving credit.

They also say that your credit history is general is very less so that cannot provide you the credit card of the company.

If you previously missed payments or have very low income or experienced bankruptcy than you are less likely to be approved by this credit card.

  • Some issues with this card

The card is not the perfect one as we explained before as well and it has some faults which you need to consider before applying for it.

The customers of the credit card only receive one start on the Yelp review page which is not a good sign for the customers of the credit card.

There are many users which are having a lot of complains about excessive fee deductions by the credit card. Sometimes they fail to send you the notification for the late payments and this way you can experience heavy penalties and APRs.

  • Fail to send statements

They even fail to send you the statements on monthly basis and the most dangerous thing about them is that they can terminate your account without even giving you any warning.

They do have a customer service but people are not satisfied with it and have a lot of problems contacting them most of the times.

  • Negative reviews

They have a lot of negative reviews on most of the review sites online and people don’t recommend them to other customers of readers.

They are very rude to the customers if you want to get information about the credit card and don’t have any account in the Synchrony bank.

They will not help you if you are just looking to get information and details about the credit card from them.

They put some questions on the caller first and ask their bank account number, date of birth and some other information and when find that they don’t have any account with them, they become less interested in them.

  • Bad mail service

People even tried to reach them using their email services as well to ask questions about the credit card approval but there was no response from the credit card customer care.

In short, this card can have negative impact on your credit score as a whole and if you are not having problem changing your tires then make sure that you are not signing up for this credit card.

Some other issues reported by the customers include that the cards are not applicable on all the specified locations which is another big problem for most of the customers of the company.

There are many negative reviews which affect the ranking and position of the credit card in the international market.


The special financing offer of the credit card is worth looking for but other features of the credit cards are not so lucrative for the customers.

They don’t offer any good services when it comes to cash backs, rewards or other benefits. They don’t have any reward or cash back program for the customer.

You can use this credit card if you cannot pay your dues on time then definitely go for some other credit card because this card is not going to help you if you are not paying on time.

You can experience heavy APR charges and late fees as well. These things can become quite heavy for you at times.

There are many other complaints as well which people have with the card and are mentioned above.

You can read all the reviews on other sites and then think thoroughly before applying for this credit card.

You must have got a good idea about the credit card so far by reading some of the benefits of the credit card. What are your thoughts about the credit card and how do you rank this credit card as a whole.

Would you recommend this credit card to others? Which are some other special credit cards which can help you change your tires and get special car care on other networks of the country?

Do mention these cards so that we can share information about them as well to our readers.