What to consider before getting the JCPenney credit card

Before you jump into making a JCPenney credit card account or contacting the JCPenney credit card customer service for activating your card, you should consider several things. Ask yourself whether you are a regular shopper of that store or you go there occasionally or for window shopping. If that is your ultimate shopping destination from where you buy all the necessities for you and other members of the family, it is going to be a wise decision to get the card as it will help you save money.

The department stores are in more than 1000 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, and they have a lot of brands such as Sephora, Nike, Disney, Michael Kors, etc. Ever since it started, it has been gaining popularity and success. If you think that you are going to shop a lot of things from here which will make your bill high, you should get the card.

The card will get you rewards. For every dollar, you spend you will get a reward point. The reason why you would want to sign up is that the process is easy. You can do it online through your PC with just a few steps.  There are a lot of special and excellent offers for those who are making a new JCPenney credit card account such as 15% discount on all items and 5% off on the main appliances. They continuously give out offers and discounts, but these exclusive offers apply to those making new accounts. Once you get your credit card, you will be able to get more offers and deals.

Getting The Jcpenney Credit Card

getting the JCPenney credit card

If someone manages to get 100 points in a month, they will get $10.  You can claim the reward from their online website or stores. The points will expire in the last week of every month, so if you are not able to gather 100 points, it gets renewed in the next month. If you collected 90 points in May and during June, your score will be zero again. Rather, if you shop in such a way that makes you get 100 points, you will be able to get the $10 from the store. There are many exciting cardholder’s programs and events where you can get huge discounts. If you are a regular or typical customer, you will not be able to get that advantage.

Now that everything sounds right, here comes the part where you might get confused whether you really want the card or not. The store has a high APR compared to many other stores, and if you fail to pay the balance, you will have to pay the late fees. Many research and theories are stating that you do not save money in the long run rather that company is using tactics to increase their profits. Therefore, you should decide based on the positives and negatives whether you want an account.