Some Common Issues with the Walmart Credit Card (2020)

While the Walmart credit card is beneficial to those who own it, there can some problems related to using it. If you already have the credit card for a long time now, you should know. If you are someone who does not know about the problems they can possibly face in the future being the credit card holder of Walmart, you should see ahead and know what is coming your way. In that way, you can solve beforehand and not worry about it if it is a trivial problem.

Poor customer service

It is truly upsetting when a company such as Walmart treats their customers poorly. It is not easy to tell when it is suitable to make a complaint. There may be a lot of times where the explanation you want is not being obtainable, and you unquestionably want to get angry. It can be sometimes difficult because people confuses bad customer service. If the employee was unable to solve their problem, that is not worthy of complaining but if they were rude to you or did not even pick up the call, that is a problem. Complain to the authority if any of these situations occur

  • The person at the support did not listen to you
  • They interrupted or cut off your c all without solving
  • They blamed it on you without providing any help, support or assistance
  • They were not reachable

Walmart Credit Card

Walmart credit card

Unable to access the card

It can happen that you are shopping at Walmart. You picked out several items and when you are going to pay, they tell you that you are not receiving discounts as the card did not work. The problem is that the chip readers do not work and the shoppers have nothing to do about. They can wait while the cashier is inserting their credit card but there will be no results. The new chip ensures that the card is secured. To maintain full security, they are lowering the efficiency of the cards. What you can do is, understand that is the result for improved security and it lowers risk for identity theft. Protecting from theft is a new adjustment thus it will take time to make this system smooth. There are lot of struggling adapting to this new technology.

Attaching late fees

Customers complained that even though they were not late at paying the fees, the credit card said they are late. That is why they had to pay more than they should. First of all, the interest is way too much for some people and paying the late fees when you are not late is being scammed by them. You can contact the customer service for this kind of problem. If you think that this is an issue you never want to deal with, do not get the card. Most customers complain about the interest. They say that they have to pay an extra $1000 dollar each year for nothing. Instead, if you had the money with you, you could spend it on anything you like. $1000 can get you a lot of things from Walmart or any other store.