Citi Bank Credit Card Review (Guide in 2020)

What is Citi Bank Credit Card? And what is special about Citi Bank Credit Card?

The American giant bank offers a lot of credit cards to different U.S.companies. A lot of their credit cards carry an affordable APR rate and are being used by a lot of clients not only in the U.S but in other countries.

The most outstanding part of the Citi Bank Credit Card is that it gives their consumer a wide range of the different credit cards where they can choose one that suits their needs. The credit card caters to the needs of the individual clients – even those who want to bounce back from a bad credit card score.

How To Create A Citi Bank Credit Card Login.

Citi Bank Credit Card
Citi Bank Credit Card

Since the bank offers different types of credit cards, you will need to choose one that will suit your needs. The credit cards have different features but the outstanding fact is that they cater to the diverse client’s needs.

Once you registered for the credit card and obtained the Citibank credit card information, you will need the latter’s details to complete the set up for your online account. For authorised users, have with you your primary card number date of birth d your social security number-last four digits.

Now with the details in hand, you can seamlessly register for online access. Proceed to click the register button and you will be directed on how to fill the prerequisite boxes to complete the Citibank credit card login process.

After you are done with the latter process-and successfully registered, you will receive your credit card ID and password. These will be your key to access the online credit card services and you will use the same to sign in to the Citi bank online credit card portal.

How To Secure Citi Bank Credit Card Login Password

Once you are done with the latter process, you will receive the Citibank credit card login credentials- User ID and Password. The bank will recommend you to set a strong password for the security and safety of your own account.

If you didn’t set a strong password- possibly you were in a hurry to get done with the credit card login process- you can mend your password later.  Change the password using a combination of Upper, lower cases letters, numbers, symbols …etc.

To avoid periodic instances of inputting your password each and every time you want to log in, you can save your user ID and password on your device. This will ensure that you can further login without the need to re-input the password.

Benefits of Creating The Citibank Credit Card Login

The process will enable one to make payments seamlessly.  You will just login to check your account balances, transfer payments in less than two minutes. Furthermore, you will be able to manage your credit card accounts.

Notably, you will be able to get a one-touch customer service experience. You will not go through the hustle of calling, sending a mail to just confirm payments and manage your account. You can check if payments have been debited or credited to your account.

Still, you will get the first-hand information on all the credit card offers- this will pop up in your news feed and barely will you not take advantage. This also allows you to get possible payment changes instantly and adapt to the same.

Different Way To Make Citi Bank Credit Cards Payments

Registering for the Citibank credit card login is the first step that will streamline the way you will make payments in future. However there are different methods that can be used to make the credit card payments and if you are not comfortable with one, you will still have another option.

To make the Citibank credit card payment online, you will have to choose from the two options through which one can make payments. You can make payments using the Citibank account via using the different bank account

The Citibank account holders will be able to make payments from the saving and current account. There are Citibank credit card banking infrastructural set up that can seamlessly make the latter to happen

Citibank Credit Card Payment From Citibank Account

There are three different ways to pull this through. First, one can make credit card payments via the online banking platform. You just need to login to your account as instructed above. Notably one can also send some standing instructions

The methodology will enable the Citibank to either pay the given amount due and consequently, the payment will be debited from the account. These will be done as per your instruction and the pro part is that you will not have to worry about late payments. The bank will make the payment on time.

Furthermore, you can make payment using your mobile phone – mobile banking. First, download the Citibank mobile app- available on the Citibank app-store or any affiliated sites. Proceed to log in and conveniently make payment

Citibank Credit Card Payment Using Another Bank Account.

You can use the NEFT – National Electronic Funds Transfer to facilitate a non-Citibank payment, You will just need to gain access to your bank account, fill all the prerequisite details and seamlessly transfer funds.

The payment method is not as fast as the Citibank and the same cannot be used to make the instant payment.  However, the citi bank has set some infrastructural set up to facilitate instant payment. You can Use E-pay, the Electronic Clearing system and the Visa Money Transfer to hasten payment

Citibank offline Credit card payment

To pay offline, you can write a cheque drop the same at the Citibank drop of locations. However, this may take up to seven days for the amount to reflect on your account. Still, there are the Citibank ATM machines and you can drop your payment anytime.

One can deposit the cheque or cash into the drop machine. Make sure you adhere to the ATM instruction to make the payment process a success. For cash payment, the sum will take 2 days to reflect on your Citibank account but cheque payment will take 7 working days.

Citibank Credit Card Customer Service

The Citibank credit card customer service iron out different client’s payment queries. Since the company is a multinational with a lot of clientele base in different parts, Citibank operates different lines through which their credit card customers can contact for assistance

There is the Citibank free toll number where clients can call to record cases of a stolen or lost credit card if you want to confirm your account details or have problems with the ATM payments. The free toll number operates for 24 hours 7 days.

There are also different other ways to get in touch with the Citibank customer care support. Besides calling, you can send an email, mail or visit their official website page, fill in a contact form to submit query- this will take a lot of time

The bank has activated social media channels- Facebook, twitter Instagram…- where one can get updated on account changes and different offers available. Still, the mobile app is a good way to get the customer service.

Learn About Different Citibank credit card Customer Service Contacts.

I fancy using the live chat as it will not keep me waiting for a long time. Citibank has a live chat centre where the customer can chat with the credit card department, address their issues explicitly and get solutions. Its fast reliable and the best means to get fast customer support

For credit card banking queries, you can call 1-800-374-9700 and similar online banking support number for the customer with the hearing impairment is 1-887-693-0372. If you need to confirm your application status still apply for an account call 1-800-745-1534 or 1-800-992-9893- for people with hearing impairments

For the general credit card support and servicing call 1-888-201-4523. If you don’t have a credit card and need to apply for one call 1-800-950-5114. For the application of your costo credit card and the checking of your application status call 1-877-343-411585 or 1-866-210-0617 if you have hearing impairments.

Citibank Credit Card Customer Service – Contact by Mail.

The following addresses will enable you to make payments via email. If you want to make payment via the regular send the mail to Citi cards Louisville, 40290-1037. For clients who want to send emails for overnight delivery and express payment, they can send the same addressed to Citibank express payment 6716 Grade Lane building 9, Suite 910 Louisville, KY 40213.

For general correspondence queries address your email to Citibank customer service, 6500 Sioux Falls, SD 57117. For payments via regular mail using the costo anywhere visa card sends your mail to P.OBOX 780019 Phoenix, AZ 85062-8019.

However, to expedite the credit card payment by mail process, you will need to send your credit card payments via mail in the correct format. The fast the mail is received the immediate the processing will commence. The payment will last for a period of between 5 days if the credit card is not sent in the proper format

Citibank Credit Card sign-in- Why You Need Secure Sign In.

For the secure signing into your account, you will have to remember your user ID and password. However, if you are not using your PC or you are using a public computer, you don’t need to click on remember your user ID as the process may grant access to unauthorised people.

To further ensure that your identity is protected, you will have to periodic change your password within 30 to 60 days. This can be easily done in the online service centre. But remember that the failure to access your account for a period of 18 months, may lead to the closure of the same account and you will have to register afresh for a new account

The signing of is vital as it enables one to easily pay for credit card bills and manage personal account online. However it will vital to ensure the security of your account and in case you suspect malicious activities on your account, you can call the Citibank customer care department for help. There are a lot of Citibank credit card contacts that will help you get assistance with any queries you have.

Apply For These Citibank Small Business Credit Cards.

The good attribute with the Citibank wide range of the credit cards is that they cater to the different needs of the clients. This implies that if you are starting a new business soon, or running a well-established company, there is always one type of credit card that will suit your need.

Most of the business card credit cards will enable one to separate personal and business finances. Thus some will apply for the different credit cards to suit their different needs.

Apply For the Citi business advantage platinum select World Master Card

The credit card high peaks enable the client to earn several benefits. If you use this credit card frequently, you can benefit from the limited time offer where you can possibly earn 60000 points American airlines bonus airlines miles advantages. The offer is valid for the first three months of the account opening

Furthermore, the credit card charges a variable APR rate. The rate varies between 17.24-25.24% and the more creditworthy you are, the more often you will receive the lowest APR rate. Most of the frequent user of the credit card end up paying an APR rate of 17.24%- one of the lowest credit cards APR rates

Apply For The Costo Anywhere Visa Business Card By Citi.

One can earn cash reward with the credit card which is designed exclusively for Costco members. The purchase rate APR is 16.74, however, the rate is subject to one‘s credit card worthiness and One will not need to pay the annual fee

Depending on one business need, one can choose to either apply for one of the reviewed business credit cards. However, you will need to contact the Citi customer service credit card department to explicitly clarify on some of the offers.

Understand these City Bank Credit Card

As the Citibank doesn’t only offer the business credit card, you may need to review the following credit card to see if they will meet your needs.

Citibank credit cards- The Citi Double Cash Card

The card comes with some breath-taking offers for the new shoppers. If you applied and gotten approved, you will earn a $100 cash back bonus after you qualify for the purchases. The credit card charges a variable APR rate but ranging from 14.99 to 24.99%.

The rate will be subject to one credit card worthiness and the more you shop using the credit card the lower the APR rate that you will pay. This is the best cad for individuals who want to bounce back from bad credit card score. Not much credit card will offer an APR rate of $14.99%

Apply For Citi Simplicity Credit Card

There are some of the credit cards offers that are worth your application. There are no late fee and penalty charges implying that one can pay to have a good time to build on credit card score. The eradication of the card annual fee ensures that you don’t succumb to fines and bad credit history that will damage your credit card score.

However, their interest rate is good and range from 15.49-25.49%. The rate may not be commensurate with the citi simplicity credit card of a low of 14.2 APR rate, but not plenty credit cards offer an APR rate Furthermore, there is the balance transfer fee charged $5 and there are no annual fees

The City Thank You Preferred Credit Card

This is a good credit card that will enable you to have much fun and reward yourself from some of their breath-taking offers. With every purchase that you will make, you will earn points and you can comprehensively redeem the points via the thank you reward program.

There are dining and entertainment offers and the APR rate of 14.99 to 24.99 is good APR that will rate, However, you will need to check on your creditworthiness to ensure that you don’t end up paying the highest APR rate

Why You Need To Have The Citibank Mobile App

With the lots of the Citibank credit card offers, you will need to download the Citibank credit card app. The app will enable clients to open up credit card account easily. Still, the clients will have to access all their credit card accounts on one arena

These will help most of the bank clients to improve their banking wellness and they will be able to manage their online account. The excellent part of the app is that it will provide the non-customer with the opportunity to view all the services and offers available and they will proceed to create a citi –bank credit card account.

In conclusion, with the lots of the Citibank credit card, you will definitely a stealer and up-to-date means of accessing their customer support. The mobile app, credit card login and other contacts will get you the aid you have been looking for.

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