Children’s Place Credit Card Login, Payment and Customer Service

What is Children’s Place Credit Card?

Children’s place credit card is issued by Comenity which further improves the reputation of the card in the world.

The credit cards are everywhere these days. They are known as the identity to the modern banking and finance system of the world.

People prefer them over the ordinary payment systems used in the world. Keeping cash with you is not safe anymore due to so many problems in the world these days.

These credit cards are not only safe but give you many lucrative offers which are worth keeping the card. They provide you with bigger and better benefits than all others.

This card is made especially for the kids out there. They can have fun and use the card for all the places and buy the stuff which is related to them.

Children’s Place Credit Card Application

Children'S Place Credit Card
Children’S Place Credit Card

Make sure you have completely reviewed the card and all the information about it before submitting an application for it. Read all the terms and conditions of the card.

You need to be at the majority or the specific age which is required in your country for the approval of the banks. You also need to have a valid ID card as well to apply for the children place credit card.

The tax identification number is also very important for the application of the children place credit card. The mailing address is also very important and you need to provide street or rural address to the bank.

Once you apply for the card you agree that you are accepting all the rules and regulations of the company.

They will ask for simple information from the customers before issuing the cards. The phone number is also required by the company for applying to the credit card of the company.

All this information is very much needed from the customers. This helps the company and government as well in its fight against terrorism and other illegal activities such as money laundering.

All the basic personal information of all the clients is required by the company for verification. They can also ask for your driver license or any other government document for further verification.

Children’s Place Credit Card Login

The login of Children’s Place Credit Card allows you to perform many tasks online. You don’t have to visit the office of the company again and again.

After successfully logging into the account you can make changes in your account as well. You can change the information of the account which includes mainly personal information.

You can easily pay all of your bills as well as using children’s place credit card. They not only provide you the option to pay the bills but also provide you ease as well.

Using this credit card you can pay your bills online with a single click. The card also helps you pay your bills offline as well which include some stores in the country.

You can check the account balance as well using the online log in address.

  • Transaction history

This credit card also helps you to keep an eye on the transaction details as well. All the transaction history is available in your online account. You don’t have to visit their office every time.

  • E-statements

They will also provide you e-statements of your credit card. You can also have paperless statements from the company. These all features are available with the online log in of the company.

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These options give you the ease to check all the online statements easily with single click. You are having complete hold of your account using the children’s credit card.

You can have a look at all the purchases as well using the children place credit card. This online resource of the company is very beneficial for all the customers of children’s place credit card.

They will provide you with a password and username which can be used to access the account anytime. This online password and username can be used on any device to access the account.

They provide you with a single click access to the children place credit card. The simple tasks which previously needed your presence in the head office of the account are now available using the online resource of the company.

The tasks like paying your bills online, online statements are available on the children’s place credit card.

The accounts of the bank allow you to completely perform all the tasks using the online log in details.

  • Online resource

In short, this account of the company is an online resource from where you can easily manage your account. This management of the card is not from the office or headquarters of the company rather you can easily do it from the mobile screen or desktop as well.

Children’s Place Credit Card Payment

You can easily make payments to your children’s place credit card. They are taking payments using different ways which give you complete authority and ease with your account.

The payment sometimes takes a day or two to reach your account but that is not an issue. If you pay them after the business hours then the payments may reach them the next day.

If the payments are sent to the company before 8 PM EDT then they will be credited to your account the same day otherwise they are sent the next day.

There are some cases in which this payment may take up to 2 business days to reach the children place credit card from your personal account.

You can pay them the money of your own choice. However, it is recommended to pay them the minimum amount to avoid any issues in the late fees.

In case you have returned the merchandise but still, have the credit card balance then pay the minimum payment before the last date shown on your billing statement.

You can see your agreement for more details but you need to pay the payment before the last date to avoid any late fees.

  • Good standing accounts

Some customers are given leverage as well on the basis of the standing of their account. If your account is having good standing then you can have one additional day for the payment after the due date.

They don’t charge anything for changing the payment due date. However, there is a set frequency in which you can change the payment date.

You need to not that change the last payment date will not affect the previous One-Time payment schedules. You can go to the payment to change the scheduled One-Time payments.

This change in the last date take a few days before it gets effective.  It can take up to two statements as well. This means you will not see any change in the account center till those two statements.

They give you an additional feature as well which means you can pay them anytime during the day and any day during the whole year. There is no restriction for the customers when it comes to the payments.

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Payment outside the US

You can also make electronic payments if you are out of the country. You can get the additional details about the payment from outside the country from the customer care of the company.

  • Important information

You need to keep some of the information given to you by the company very secure and safe. This includes checking account number and bank routing number as well. This information will help you during the future payments to the company.

Fees for Online Payments

Children’s place credit card will not charge you anything for the online payments. They are completely free and always will be free for the customers.

Debit Cards for Payments

Well, the company is not supporting debit cards for the payments at this time. They cannot be used to make online payments in the account center.

You need a checking account number to make payments which are different from the debit card number.

You will find this number below the monthly statements or you can ask from your bank.

  • Delete a payment

Yes, you can easily delete a payment if the funds are not transferred to your account yet. However, this depends on when and how you made the payments to the company.

  • Using mail

If the payments are made using the mail service then you need to delete if 3 business days before the schedules and it may help you.

  • Using customer care

The time for the customer care is 7:59 ET and you can perform this operation at least 3 business days before the last scheduled payment.

  • Online account center

The time for this is 11:59 ET and you need to perform the action on the scheduled payment date.

For more information, you can visit the payment page and have complete insight.

  • Checking account

You can make changes and edit a checking account as well from the scheduled payment. However, you need to make sure that this is account is not attached with any currently scheduled payment.

In case the payment is not processing yet then you can change the checking account.

You can also adjust the available balance on the current day or even sometimes to the next day.

  • Paperless statements

They will also provide you with paperless statements which are a great benefit for all the customers of the company. In this way, you can keep a track of all the payments and transactions from your account.

This can be referred to as the online version of the monthly billing statements from the company.

The information in the paperless statements and the online billing is the same.

If you enroll yourself for this paperless statement then they will notify you every time when a new statement is ready. They will inform you about all the activities from your account.

This is completely safe and the best thing about the paperless statement is that you can go back anytime you wish to. They won’t charge anything for going back to the previous version of the statements.

  • Mails for paperless statements

You will receive an email from the company each time when the payments are ready. The email is sent by [email protected]

You need to add some addresses to your mail account to ensure that they don’t go directly to the spam or junk folder.

[email protected]

[email protected]

You can also view all these statements online anytime.

APR of Children’s Place Credit Card

The APR of the company is variable and it keeps on changing with the prime rates. You can view your credit card agreement for more details.

The updated APR of the company is always available on your billing statements. If your statements are not available online you can send a message to the secure message center and get all the details about your statements.

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APR and the late fees are applicable to your account when you are paying after the due date to the company.

The payments which are made after 8 PM EDT have credited on the next day to your children place credit card which means they are considered late payments.

In case you think there is some error and you made the payment on time then contact the customer care of the company and they will guide you in this aspect.

The best thing to avoid any kind of late fee is to make sure that you pay all of your payments to the company on time. Make sure you are not waiting for the last date rather pay them a day or two before the last date because sometimes the payments take 2 business days to reach the company.

Children’s Place Credit Card Customer Service

They are ready to assist you during the whole day. The customer support of the company is working to facilitate you in all the possible ways.

Plus, the team of the card doesn’t have any access to the information of the credit card which means you need to contact Comenity Capital Bank for this additional information.

Children’s Place Credit Card Phone Number

The above numbers can be contacted for the queries regarding the account. The hours in which you can contact the customer support using the phone service are given below.

  • Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00am-9:00pm ET

Saturday: 8:00am-9:00pm ET

They are closed on Sunday.

The customer care of the company is also close to other major holidays. These holidays include Independence Day, New Year, and Easter, Memorial Day, Christmas Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

You can make payments as well to the company using the permanent mail address of the company.

  • The payment address of the company for the payments is

Comenity Capital Bank

PO BOX 659820

San Antonio, TX 78268-9120

The overnight payment address of the company is also given below.

  • Overnight payment address:

Comenity Capital Bank

6550 North Loop 1604 East, Suite 101

San Antonio, TX 78247-5004

For all other information and correspondence, you can write on the following address of the company for the details and overview of your account. They will respond back to you within 2 business days.

  • All other correspondence:

Comenity Capital Bank

PO Box 183003

Columbus, OH 43218

Conclusions of Children’s Place Credit Card

You have an idea about the services and the offers the company is giving right now to its customers. They are considered good in the market for many reasons. This is a good option especially if you are looking to make small purchases for your children.

They are not charging a fee and the best thing is that you have many options to pay to the company.

The bonuses and the offers given by the company are not that much lucrative which can be considered a negative point but overall the card is really good.

You can use it anywhere which is a plus point for all the customers of the company. The additional thing in the credit card is that people having good standing can have many benefits and offers like they are given an additional day as well for making the payments besides the last payment date.

They are giving a dedicated customer care as well which means you can contact them for help anytime during the day and night as well.

The security features of the card are also laudable and you can trust them for the all the information and other account details. They will not share any information with the third party.

Looking at the information which is provided above what do you think about this card by comenity. Are the features worth using the card or not? What are the grounds on which you think this card is not a good option for using?

Considering the benefits and the usage of Children’s Place Credit Card which other card is good in your eyes? Share the name of the card and we will write a review about it to inform our customers.