Bank of Missouri Credit Card FAQs

Bank of Missouri Credit Card primarily dubbed as the “Fortiva Credit Card” is among the highest rated credit cards in Missouri and also a reliable credit card especially for those who have a not-so-perfect credit rating. The Fortiva Credit Card is issued by the Bank of Missouri, which operates in the state of Missouri while the credit card services of the bank under the name of “Fortiva” are available all over the world where the services of MasterCard are accepted. Bank of Missouri is one of the major banks in the State of Missouri in the United States of America.

It is known to be one of the oldest banks in the United States in terms of the number of years of operation of the banks in the United States. It has been more than a century since the Missouri bank was founded under the name of “the Bank of Perryville” while over the course of time, the name of the bank was changed to the bank of Missouri. The high value of the bank in the state and mainly in the primary area is due to the continuous growth, which has been undertaken over the course of the last century. The bank today has a strong presence in Missouri with a huge clientele, which puts its trust in the bank.

The bank has around 33 branches in the state of Missouri while its credit card services are offered by MasterCard under the name of Fortiva. We will discuss the credit card services of the bank in details but before that, we will state some of the interesting facts about the Bank of Missouri, which are listed below:

  1. It is one of the oldest banks all over the world as it was founded in November 1891 having a life of almost 127 years.
  2. From 1891 to 1902, it was the only bank in the Perry County of the state of Missouri, which shows that it was offering services all over the state when very few banks were present.
  3. The Bank is known to be the bank of Missouri, but originally the name of the bank was Bank of Perryville. However, in the year 1997, the bank was renamed as “Bank of Missouri”. After this, a number of various services of the bank were initiated such as”The of Missouri Investments & Retirement Planning Group”. The started to offer loan and credit services to banks and individuals.
  4. Missouri bank has been listed under Banking and Financial Services in its business listing.
  5. It is one of the oldest and largest banks in the state of Missouri in the United States of America.
  6. Bank of Missouri Corporation has its headquarter located in the State of Missouri of the United States of America while there are a number of branches of the bank spread all over the state.
  7. The bank operates in 23 different locations with branches in the state of Missouri in the United States America. The is now offering extraordinary services in various fields.
  8. Some of the services offered by the bank are primarily in the field of “Credit Card, Business Loans, Investment, and brokerage services”. Thousands of businesses and many hundred thousand individuals are availing these services.
  9. The first loan offering services office of the bank was opened in the Jackson, Missouri area in the year 1998.
  10. The bank is a fully independent community bank wholly owned by one group and it is not traded on any stock exchange in the country.
  11. Bank of Missouri is one of the biggest employers in the state with thousands of employees currently working for the bank at its different locations all over the world.
  12. The company also has one of the biggest customer bases all over the world. There are around 25 million customers’ worldwide getting benefits of the services offered by the bank.

Bank of Missouri or Fortiva Credit Card

Bank Of Missouri Credit Card
Bank Of Missouri Credit Card

Bank of Missouri offers a credit card dubbed as the “Fortiva Credit Card” in order to assist the customers in paying for the services that they need from shopping stores and chains in the country where the payments through the credit cards are accepted. The users can swipe the credit card and make payment. The amount which is due at the store or shopping center will be charged and added to the bill of the card. The payment of the card will have to be paid at the end of the month.

Some interest rate will apply which varies for the users and the services which are availed by the users. When the users make payments through the fortiva credit card of the bank of Missouri, there is a possibility to get some discounts on the values of the purchase. The discounts and benefits are available in different forms such as cash-backs, discounts, reward points etc. applicable as per policy of the bank. It is, therefore, necessary that the users of the card are fully acquainted with the benefits which are offered by the credit card in order to make full use.

We will discuss in detail the benefits of getting the Fortiva credit card if you are a regular customer of the products and services offered. The credit card of Bank of Missouri is powered by MasterCard, which is one of the major payment and transaction processing companies in the world.  We will discuss the general portfolio of the MasterCard payment processing company in order to educate our readers.

Types of Fortiva Credit Card

There are two main types of Fortiva credit card, which help the individuals who want to use the cards for personal or shopping purposes. The two types of credit cards are as below:

Fortiva Personal Credit Card

By using this credit card, the users can get various services. This provides a complete solution for personal services catering to the needs of an individual.

Fortiva Retail Credit Card

By using this credit card, the users can get various services on a number of retail shops in the state of Missouri and all over the world. This provides a complete solution for retailing services catering to the needs of an individual. A great number of retail stores accept this credit card, hence, bringing ease to the life of the bank users.


It is one of the oldest financial electronic funds transfer services providing corporation all over the world as it was founded in 1979 having a life of almost 39 years. When it was founded, it was known as “interbank” or “Master Charge” but in the later years, it was renamed as MasterCard. It was founded in the State of New York of the United States of America. Headquarter of the company is also located in the New York state. It has been listed under Financial Services in its business listing.

Credit Card Services of VISA

The bank is offering a wide range of services in the field of Finance and Insurance including credit cards and payment services. It is one of the major transactions processing corporation in the United States of America as the corporation is currently processing more than 100 billion transactions every year having a capital value in trillions. More than 25, 000 financial institutions all over the world are now offering the cards powered by MasterCard Corporation. The VISA financial Corp operates the entire world as the services offered by the company are employed banks all over the world.

The Company is listed in the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol “MA”. It is also a part of the S&P 100 and S&P 500 index. The company also manages huge capital and it has yearly revenue of around $12.497 Billion while the net income of the company is usually in the range of $4 billion. The total assets owned by the company are in the range of $21 Billion.

Bank of Missouri Credit Card Benefits

As discussed above the credit cards offers a number of benefits usually in the form of cash back rewards, discounts, reward points etc. in order to help the users buy more with paying less. Hence, we will educate our users regarding the benefits of this card so that they can get the benefits, which they deserve.

Top Services and Perks available to the users of the Fortiva credit card

  1. Smart Chip: It is one of the most secure and protected credit cards in the world as the bank uses a smart ship in order to protect the payments made using the card. The card is protected from unauthorized users, lost and theft so that only secured payments can be made using the credit card.


  1. Minimum Credit score Requirement: The credit card is available to the users who even have a not-so-perfect credit score and only a “Fair” credit score requirement is mandatory in order to avail the credit card. This is a great opportunity for the people of Missouri who can get the credit card even if their credit card is fair. The credit score of the individual improves over the course of time and it can be accessed from the online account of the user.


  1. Cash Back: Fortiva credit card offers the cash back rewards as various other commercial credit cards in the world. Cashback is a source of amazing discounts for the people as it lets them get the prices at discounted rates as well as purchase more stuff by paying less. Cash backs are offered when something is purchased through the credit card. It means that some amount is returned back to the users, which can then be used in purchasing other stuff.

The cash backs are instantly available which means that the users can redeem the cash back reward immediately without having to wait for any processing time.


  1. No Limit to Accumulation of Credits Rewards: There is no limit to the amount of cash back, which means that any amount can be accumulated for making the purchases. More cash back amount will be accumulated for making huge purchases so in this case it is advised that the Fortiva credit card may be used as much as required in order to get as much reward as possible.
  2. Discounts: Some of the highly lucrative discounts are available for the users of the Fortiva credit card on purchase of stuff from the shopping stores and e-commerce sites in the country and all over the world. When the users purchase something using the credit card of Bank of Missouri, they get a percentage discount depending upon the value of the purchase. It is to be stated that the discount is available on the purchase of an unlimited quantity of products.


  1. No Annual Fee: Fortiva credit card is highly lucrative to the users as they can get the credit card and do not need to pay an annual fee. Most of the Credit Cards in the world require some annual fee to be paid for using the credit card. The annual fee has to be paid no matter if you use the card or not. The annual fee run in several dollars which is usually a huge amount for certain users. However, in the case of Fortiva credit cards, no annual fee needs to be paid which saves quite a few dollars for the users. No annual fee or any other additional charges if the dues of the credit card are paid well in time.


  1. Cash Advance: Fortiva credit card allows you to take the cash out from an ATM. Most of the credit cards do not offer this service and allow the users to take the cash advance from the credit card but the Fortiva credit card does that. This is a great service considering that sometimes the users need cash money in order to do something which cannot be done with the credit card swiping and hence the Bank of Missouri facilities them in this way. Only a reasonable amount of fee has to be paid which is usually very high in other cases.


  1. Online Account Management: The users of the credit card of the company have access to an online account where they can manage their purchases and make payments as per their needs. The online account allows the customers to stay organized as per their standards.


  1. Zero Fraud Liability: The users of the credit card zero fraud liability, which means that when an unauthorized purchase is made through the credit card of the store, the store refunds the amount irrespective of the value. When the credit card of the person is stolen or lost, the credit card can be protected immediately and no liability will be transferred to the individual. This is one of the best services, which have earned the trust of the customers.


  1. Foreign Transaction Fee: When the users travel around the world and try to make a purchase with the help of the credit card that they are using, high foreign transaction fees are applicable. These foreign transaction fees are usually high which scar the usability of the card outside the country.


  1. Additional Services: There are a number of other services and protections, which are offered to the users of the Fortiva credit card. Some of the additional services are the insurance claims for a number of products.


  1. Customer Service: The customer services offered by Bank of Missouri is one of the best among all the credit card services provider. The customer services are offered 24/7 and the users can ask Solutions to their issues at any time. The customer service has been best rated by the users as judged by the reviews on the internet.

How to Apply for Bank of Missouri Credit Card?

You can apply for the credit card of the bank if you reside in the area where the services of the bank are offered.  When you apply for the credit card, you need to visit the website of the bank where the credit cards are listed. The link to the website is                                                {}

Here you can choose the type of credit card, which is best suited to your requirements from the 2 different kinds of the credit cards listed. You have to select between the Fortiva credit card and a Fortiva Retail credit card. The terms and conditions for the two types of cards are different so you should read about them first before proceeding with the application.

Once you have decided which credit card you want to get, you can move forward by applying by clicking on the “Apply Now” option.

When you click apply on the button, you will see a form, which you will have to fill. There are a few steps, which you have to complete before submitting your information. Here you are required to enter your personal information as well as other required information for the formal processing of your card.

Once you have submitted, the work on your request will be carried out and you will be contacted when your application is approved.