American Express Credit Card Login, Payment and Application

What is American Express Credit Card? Credit cards are the need of each and every person these days. We need them for our different purposes in life as far as our alternative to cash is concerned.

Nobody prefers to keep cash in their wallet as it fills up the pocket and you are never safe as well.

On the other hand credit card lets, you keep a single card and make all your payments with it easily.

You can make the payment on all the shopping stores, restaurants and online portals of different companies as well.

Another big advantage of these credit cards is that they provide awesome reward programs to their cardholders. This means that you get offers from them just for using their credit card for your own needs.

The card under discussion in today’s article is American Express Credit Card. Their website says that with the help of this card by American express you can make each and every day more rewarding just by using the card.

They have the good reputation in the market due to the powerful backing by a giant like American Express.

All you need is to sign up for the card and then enjoy all the perks of the card by using it in different locations in the country stores and worldwide as well.

American Express Credit Card Login

American Express Credit Card Login
American Express Credit Card Login

The sign up for the card is very simple; all you need is to provide them with your basic personal information and all the banking history.

On the basis of this banking history, they are going to approve your card and then let you enjoy all the perks of the company.

After registration with the company, you are provided with a user id and password which is used for the future log in process.

Online resource

This log-in takes you to an online resource of the company from where you can perform many tasks at once. You can make payments to different companies while shopping using this credit card of the company.

You can also check your card balance from this log in the address of the company. The best thing is that it also lets you make payments and transfers to other accounts as well.

This online portal also helps you in managing your rewards and all other cash backs for which you are considered eligible by the company.

This online portal is like a blessing for all the customers. They don’t have to visit the headquarter of the company or their parent bank each and every time.

They can perform all the tasks right from their home that too with just a single click on their laptop, desktop or mobile phone.


You don’t need to worry about the security as well because the system is very much secured and you can perform any task on your id without any problem or issue of information theft.

The company stores all the information related to their clients in a decoded form in their database and makes sure that it is protected at all costs.

The security is the priority of the company and it makes sure that all the information about the customers of the company is completely safe with them.

This card also lets you go paperless with the help of their online resource. You can have all the statements in your online portal which are similar to the bank statements which are given on paper to you by the company.

American Express Credit Card Payment

American Express Credit Cardamerican Express Credit Card
American Express Credit Card

They have very easy and quick payments plans for all of their customers. You can easily pay them the money through online services and use a cheque as well.

There are some rules and regulations for the payments for which you need to visit their website of the company for a detailed analysis and knowledge.

You also need to be very careful about paying the dues to the company before the last date. If the last date of the company is compromised then you can experience a penalty by the company as well.

When you send the money to the company using a cheque then it reaches them after a few days so make sure you send this money a few days before the last date of submission.

American Express Credit Card App

You can use the services of the credit card using their app as well. Their app is available on the android and apple store with the name of Amex app.

After signing in to your account in the app it lets you perform all the tasks easily. You can completely manage your account from this online application of the company.

American Express Credit Card Application

American Express Credit Card Application
American Express Credit Card Application

Applying for the card is very simple when it comes to American Express credit card. You can become a member of this service after providing them with all the details regarding yourself and your previous banking history as well.

For the application for the card, you must be over 18 as well. People who are under 18 cannot apply for this card by American Express.

You must have the permanent address of the country as well and an account in any bank of the country.

The previous banking history is very important for this card. People with bad credit cannot get the approval from the company. You must have good credit during the recent years to get approval from American express.

As the company is issuing many cards at this time due to this the criteria may change at times for the card. If the criterion is changed then make sure you are eligible for the new criteria and then get the card from the company.

Apply online

You can send the application to the American express online and after filling the entire information click on the Apply Now button and you are done.

It only takes a few minutes for filling the application form of the company. At average, you only need 10 minutes to fill up the whole application form of the company.

They are very quick in giving you a response as well. They will get back to you within the next 1 minute after you send the application online.

The company also has a tool which checks whether you will get the approval from the company or not. You can consult the tool before filling up the application form and get to know whether they are going to approve your application or not.

What do they need for application?

They ask for simple things from all the customers of the company which includes the personal information of the client.

The personal information which the company needs includes your email address, name, nationality, and date of birth.

They also ask for the contact details from the customer, this contact detail is then later used for reaching the customer when needed.

The contact detail will have your current address and phone number in it. In case the current tenure at the address is less than 3 years then you need to provide them your old address as well.

The last and the most important thing which they ask from the customers is their financial information. This financial information helps them determine whether you are eligible for the card or not.

This also helps them in deciding that which particular card is more useful for your needs.

You need to provide them with your annual personal income, all other types of household income, the status of your employment and all the contact details of your employment.

They will also ask for the years in which you started working and how long you have been with the job or the account in the bank and the building society you are associated with.

American Express Credit Card Phone Number

They are always available to assist their customers in all the possible ways. You can contact them in case of any problem using different means.

The easiest is to contact them using the phone number of the company which is available for the customers 24/7.

You can access the following numbers when needed.

Jet Airways American Express® Platinum Credit Card

You can contact American Express credit card on the following numbers.

1800 208 1223



These numbers are available 24/7 for all the customers.

American Express® Platinum Credit Card

The numbers for this credit card are

1800 419 1030

1800 180 1030


American Express® Gold Credit Card

This gold credit card has the following numbers which can be contacted at any times.

1800 419 2122*


American Express® Platinum Travel Credit Card

The following numbers can be contacted.

1800 419 2122


American Express® MakeMyTrip Credit Card

Use these numbers in case of any problem.

1800 419 0691


American Express® PAYBACK Credit Card

You can use these numbers if you face any problem with the credit card.

1800 419 0726

0124 6744144

0124 2801093

American Express Membership Rewards® Credit Card

The following numbers are available for the customers in case they face any problem.

0124-280 1418

1800 419 0167

American Express Credit Card Customer Service

The customer service of the company is available for all the customers. They can solve all of their problems with that too without any hectic process.

The customers can reach out to the company using the email address or by sending emails to the company directly.

They can also reach them using the dedicated phone numbers as well.

American Express Platinum Corporate Card

The toll-free numbers of the platinum corporate card are given below.


0124 280 1092

If you are calling from out of the country then please dial

+91-124-280 1092

Types of cards

Blue Cash Everyday Card

This is one of the featured cards by American Express which is used all over the world by its customers.

You are supposed to get a return of $150 from this card if you spend more than $1,000 in the first three months of the approval of the card.

This cash back offer makes it a good choice for all the customers. If they have a lot of spending on their list then they can clearly go for this one and get cash back from the company within the next three months.

Cash Magnet Card

This is another featured card by the company which gives you cash back up to $250. They don’t have an annual fee for the customers which mean you can use this card without any fee.

You can easily get cash back from the company when you spend more than $1,000 in the first three months after the approval of the card.

You can also have an additional $150 in cash back from the company when you spend more than $6500 in the first 12 months after the approval of the card.

This totally becomes $250 cash back from the card within the first 12 months of the credit card.

This cash back from the company is redeemed in the form of statement credit which can be redeemed.

The platinum card

The platinum card of the company is also a featured card which gives a lot of bonus points for the customers for making purchases using the credit card of the company.

This particular card also has annual fees as well. However, looking at other benefits of the card the fee is justified.

They give you a membership points up to 75,000 if you make purchases of more than $1,000 in the first 3 months of the approval of the card.

These points then can be redeemed easily using the platinum card of the company.

This card doesn’t have any interest charges at all. You need to pay all of your balance in full each and every month.

They will charge you an annual $550.

Uber rides

You can also earn Uber rides with this card by American Express. You are given VIP status by the Uber due to American Express.

You are eligible for more than $15 each month for the rides. During the month of $20 is given to the customers as a bonus.

When you combine these all bonuses it becomes $200 as savings in the year. This is for the basic card members of the company only.

The customers can also get reward points as well for each dollar spent on all the purchases during the whole year.

The customers are given 5 reward points for each dollar spent on the purchases.

You can also get points for flights and other issues.

Global benefits

The customers can have global entry and other benefits from the customers. This includes fine hotels and other resorts all over the world.

In short, the card helps you get full benefits from all over the world.

A free credit of more than $200 is given to all the customers every year for air rides.

Premier Rewards Gold Card

This is another card which is considered good especially for traveling. They will give you more than 50,000 points as membership points when you spend more than $2,000 in the first three months of the credit card.

They don’t charge you anything is the first year of the credit card. This means you can use this card for free in the first year.

After the first year, a fee of $195 is charged to the customers. Here again, you don’t pay any interest charges because all the dues need to be paid in the current month.


Now that you have the complete details of different cards and how they are working and what all rewards and offers can be expected from the card. Would you choose this card for all of your business needs?

This is indeed a good choice for most of the customers because they are backed by a strong organization and this increases the credibility of the card.

The best thing about the card is that they don’t charge any annual fees from the customers for the whole year. However, some of the cards have some annual charges as well but then they have many other benefits which overall cover the fees.

There are no other hidden charges as well in it which means you can use this card for free for all of your needs. The wide variety of cards they have makes them a good choice for the people.

You can get a card as per your needs from the company and then change you card as well when you feel like.

Looking at the current features of the card it is highly recommended to all the customers for all of their needs as far as purchases are concerned.

You have a clear idea about this card, would you go for this card? You must have used other cards as well in previous years. What do you think is the difference between this card and those cards by other companies?

If you would prefer some other card over this one please mention that as well so we could share details about that card as well to our customers.