Amazon Credit Card Login, Payment and Customer Service

What is Amazon Credit Card? Are you an Amazon client wanting to shop today? You need the Amazon Credit Card to pay for goods online. Amazon sells variant products online ranging from apparels, home accessories, and construction equipment to electronic devices. Amazon credit card is issued by the schcrony bank.

If you are Amazon shopper, you can choose from the diverse payment methods. You can pay for the goods using your credit card-primary method- gift card, Amazon pay, invoices etc. Credit card payment is best payment mode. One can order goods and pay online.

Amazon Credit Cards Benefits

Amazon Credit Card
Amazon Credit Card

Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

The credit card has no annual and foreign transaction fee charge and is suitable payment means if you reside in the state or overseas. There are different Amazon offers that you can redeem, and applying for the credit card will give you an easy process to do so.

Other of the credit cards salient features include stellar protection for unexpected setbacks. There are the purchase protection, extended warranty offer and auto rental Collison damage waiver. These offers make it easy to use the credit card.

The more you shop using the credit card, the more you will be eligible to apply and qualify for some of the credit card eximious packages. There is the visa signature luxury hotel collection where members can get VIP hotel status and upgrades and get hotel services for 24 hours and 7 days

Amazon Reward Visa Credit Card-How to Get a 5% Discount

There are different ways to get a 5%discount with the Amazon Credit Card. If you are a prime credit card member register for the prime membership and you will earn a 5%discount at If you shop using different credit cards, you will get a 3%discount.

Besides the latter, pay with your Amazon rewards Visa credit card at the Amazon checkout and you will earn a 5%discount at If you still keep your card in the Amazon Wallet you can get the 5% discount but the one account will verify if you qualify for the offer.

However, the 5 offer is subject to a lot of factors and you should understand how the reward charges work. If you either close your account, the 5% offer will not stand but you will get 3% instead.

Amazon Payment by Amazon Credit Card

The credit card has some of the best offers. If you are an Amazon shopper and you haven’t applied for the credit card, you need to rethink your stand as you can save a lot when shopping. You can access exclusive financing offer which ranges from 6 to 24 month period and comes with no annual fee.

There is the equal pay financing where you can choose for financing options for different purchases and possibly get a 0% APR if you pay the amount in full. The card comes with no annual fee and with a zero fraud liability package.

Still, you can become a prime card holder and enjoy the numerous card packages. There is the 5% discount offered on purchases and you can still access the different promotional offers.

Amazon Credit Cards Pros

You will get the 10% sign up the gift certificate that one can earn using the store credit card. Once approved, the money will be loaded into your account. However, you have to review first if the credit card will suit your needs compared to other Amazon Credit Cards.

There is also the 5% cash back discount that is awarded to prime members. This will imply that with the every Amazon purchase that you will make, you get 5% of the amount spent. This is one of the best credit cards that come with the best offers.

However, to become a prime member, Amazon requires you to spend at least $1,980 worth of shopping. The amount is easily attainable for prime shoppers who buy frequently at the Amazon outlets

When you use the Amazon Credit Card, you will not pay any annual fee. The wavering of the annual charge must save you some money especially if you shop at the Amazon frequently. However if you need to climb the Amazon Credit Card ladder, get different rewards, you will sign up for other Amazon credit cards that come with different charges.

Amazon Credit Cards Cons

First, there is the zero percent deferred interest financing. The rate may not be good news for your credit card wallet. And if you don’t pay on time, you may end paying the extra charge. However, there are high perks but are only valid if you pay your bills on time with less than one dollar omitted, if not, the offer becomes invalid and you stand to pay the higher interest rate.

Amazon APR rate is unacceptable basing on some of the breath-taking credit cards rates that are being offered by other micro companies –and offered by Synchrony Bank. Their branding, big name, big company but the credit card is not providing customers with the best interest rates

The credit card regular APR rate is 27.24 – higher than the 26$APR that most synchrony operated credit cards provide. Comparing that to the average credit card and store charges of $17.83 and $24.83%. The rate is too high and it’s unacceptable.

Also once you sign for the Amazon credit card, you will not get instant rewards but you have to work your ass off to benefit from some of the rewards. You will need to upgrade to other credit cards and get the reward programs and it doesn’t come automatically as other credit cards do this.

Some Amazons Cons to Consider

Also, you can only use the credit card to shop at Amazon store only and if you are not that much into Amazon the credit cards may not suit your other purchasing needs- at your grocery store or restaurant

Their credit card has low approval standards and this will mean that there are other buyers who will only sign up for the credit cards for fun. This may jeopardise online security opening doors for cases of hacking and phishing

The Amazon credit cards do not use the smart chip technology. Most of the credit card nowadays use the technology to guarantee security with credit card payments. But it’s unfortunate that Amazon credit card has not applied the technology to guarantee seamless and secure shopping experience.

Amazon Credit Card Apply – How To Get It Done.

To apply for the Amazon credit card, you must meet some requirements- similar requirements you need to apply for different credit cards. The legal age required is 18 years but Alabama and Nebraska residents are 19 years. The age limit will depend on your government, country, the state set credit card qualification conditions.

Follow these process to get the job done. Visit Amazon site and you should have a credit card in mind by now – the one that you will apply for. If you stumbled on the Amazon page by default, check the offers, and see if you can buy what they are selling

Sign in – if you hadn’t and use your Amazon credit card login information. If you are a newbie to the site set up an account immediately. These won’t take long and the process is an easy one to accomplish.

Fill in all the prerequisite details and ranging from your contact info, cell number and proceed with the next steps until completion. Please check to review the contact you input before sending these. Accuracy here is key as it will expedite your application process.

Check the terms and condition of service- not so many people do this. Read to see what you will be able and unable to do. Review the terms and this is on the final page and submit your application. The procedure is the same for the difference of the Amazon credit cards.

Amazon Credit Card Login

If you are to seamlessly access different Amazon offers, pay for goods online, you must create the Amazon Credit Card Login. Visit the official Amazon credit card site. Register to get the Amazon credit card user ID and Password

Enter your personal details like name, date of birth, postcode number etc. The personal details are easy to fill and there are boxes where you will record your personal information vital for credit card registration. Proceed to the next steps to complete the process.

The vital process of creating the Amazon crediting login is the editing of your payment options. You can click on your account – top right corner when online and add a suitable credit card. You will input all the relevant data- as you will be directed- necessary for the credit card billing.

The credit card login creation is put in a way that only valid and required detail is inputted. There will be the use of asterisk marks to indicate the relevant boxes that are a must fill. Furthermore, you will be redirected to input correct details – the system is customised and it will request for given details once you input wrong data.

Rewards of Amazon Credit Card

Why should you create the credit card login? First, you will be able to receive up to time updates of the various offers and discount. One can take advantage of the offers and purchase in bulk reducing shopping expenses.

You can manage your credit account information by yourself and online. Instead of bothering the customer care desk with numerous queries, you can directly correct your own credit card data and verify other details.

Amazon Credit Card Review

Despite the big name ‘’Amazon’’ you will be surprised with some features of the credit cards. You will be able to determine if indeed the credit card is worth your while and your dollar. As usual credit cards come with up and down features

Hardly will you find a credit card with no cons. The interest rates, flexibility with shopping- do the credit card allows the user to shop at other premises and customer care service is usually put in line here. This comprehensive review will cover the different aspect of the Amazon credit cards.

Amazon Prime Store Cards

The card suit individuals who shop at the Amazon store regular- you cannot use the Amazon credit cards to purchase in other stores-. The prime issuer of the credit card is the Synchrony bank and your credit card score must be good to get accepted –The credit card is not for guys who want t revamp their credit card score.

You will be able to earn 5% back on Amazon purchases that are less than $149. Some of the other credit card offers include: receiving a 0%finacing when you purchase goods worth $599, get a 26.24 APR rate, pay no annual fee and receive a four-month equal pay.

However, some of the credit card benefits may slide off and be obsolete if you fail to pay the given balance in full. It will be vital to understanding that the zero financing offer is subject to defer interest and you may end up accruing some extra charge if you fail to pay on time

Amazon Credit Card Customer Service

If you are not able to get help with your credit card queries, if you are shopping at Amazon and need product clarification- how to use – or to return the products, there are a wide variety of amazon customer contact number.

These customer service contacts are available via call, email, mail and live chart and they are responsive to customer calls via any channel. However call traffic may barricade instant access to the amazon customer care desk but it usually doesn’t take long before a next available agent receives your queries.

The amazon phone customer service number is 888-280-4331. The call has an average wait of 23 minutes and operates for 24 hours and 7 days. The best time to call is 8; 30 am, however this may be subject to call traffic

If you reside outside US, you can call the Amazon international free number 206-266-29-92. Other contact number that m ay help are 866-216-1072. Still there are other available call version to call like the 1-866-634-8379. There are other active social media channels like Facebook, Instagram twitter where you can get help.

Still by visiting Amazon official website FAQ page, you will learn on the different ways that you can solve different queries – purchase, credit cards – product queries- without calling the customer care department.

Some of the common queries that customer address and which solution can be found online ether on FAQ page , Amazon Official page are mostly payment queries, Order queries , return of fund queries , account setting  and credit card  upgradation. In one way or another you can get your issues sorted out through calling sending an email or just using your amazon contact preferred means.

Amazon Credit Card Credit Card Phone Numbers

In case you encounter problems while using Amazon credit card accounts, you can also reach out to the Amazon customer service. The credit customer service is available via email, call live charts and you can send them a mail.

The prompt part is the customer response to client’s queries has been effective and up to date there are numerous positive Amazon credit card customer service review. Of course you must find one or two bad reviews but the credit card customer service is excellent.

For Amazon reward Visa signature card issued by chase bans and Amazon business rewards visa card still being issued by chase bank call 1-888-247-4080 and 1-800-346-5538. The call is operational for 24 hours 7 days a week.

If you store the Amazon store card, Amazon cooperate revolving credit card issued by the synchrony bank, call 1-800-346-5538 and 866-634-8380respectively. The former number is operational for 24 hours 7 days a week an d the later operated from Monday –Friday  from 9.00 a.m-6.00 p.m. central time. However if you register online, you won’t need to call these number as you can view your account online and correct all the missing information or forward a query.


If you don’t shop at the Amazon store frequently, there are some credit card that will suit your needs however you will not benefit from the privileges that the frequent Amazon shoppers accrue. The good thing about Amazon credit card is the inclusivity concept

Thought they have partially covered the one –time – shopper’s interest, they give them something to smile about as they can apply for credit card that will suit their interest. They can store the card and shop when necessary still get some rewards

But if you are that much affiliated with Amazon and buy their goods all year round, the 5% shopping back offer on purchases can really work wonders on your wallet. You will get plenty of offers – almost all- upgrade your credit card to premier versions for better interest rates. The most touching thing is that Amazon has plenty cheap products to choose from and you can buy a lot with the little amount.

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